The Language Trauma by Our MPs’

Shafiqul Milton

Shafiqul Milton

The main opposition in the Bangladesh parliament, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), broke its 77 day old silence on 18th May. BNP allies also stepped in to the parliament on that day, which was not a bit unnatural. But the nation did not know that the opposition lawmakers will give them the fortune to experience the unprecedented language abuse in the parliament.

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On the 18th BNP lawmaker Riana Kantar Ranu attacked the prime minister, home minister, state minister for law, a former chief justice and an incumbent High Court judge with her distasteful filthy words. The language was so abusive that no sensible civilized person can repeat a part of those even to give hints of the degree of vulgarity.

On the next day we had to see another chaotic day with distasteful language used by other woman lawmaker of the same party. O that day it was Syeda Ashrafi Papia, of BNP, who, by her uncivilized wordings, had succeed to force the Speaker of the parliament to switch off her microphone.

The approach and attitude shown by the honorable members of the parliament have frustrated the whole nation. The unparliamentarily behavior of these lawmakers helped us to realize the hopeless and unsecured position of our democracy. Use of foul language in the parliament by lawmakers had upset its speaker too, who wonders if expunging them remains his sole task.

The speaker did not only switch off the microphone, he had to say, “Under no circumstances such ugly words should be pronounced in Parliament. Try to use decent language.” The Speaker said all the offensive words would be expunged from the proceedings. However, the session was aired live through Sangsad Bangladesh television and Bangladesh Betar.

Using unparliamentarily language at the Jatiya Sangshad has become a popular culture in Bangladesh, so the tradition of being absent in the parliament for long time. As a result, there has been established a proven believe that the opposition parties join at parliamentary sessions only for their own interest of securing the position and the time they stay at the session spend it through attacking the ruling party.

But in democracy, the duty of opposition party is more crucial than the ruling one. The people expect to see them making constructive argument at the parliament on nationally important issues. At the same time, the parliamentary members of the opposition parties should not forget that they are not only the opponent of the government but also the elected representative of the people and the people want them to see in attempt to convey the unheard message and crying demands of the mass people to the government.

So, instead of uprising the mass interest, when a MP get engaged in filthy language exchange, they not only dishonor the nobility of sacred parliament but also cheat the aspirant general people those who elect them as their representative.

Both of the leaders and members of the ruling and opposition party speaks for development of Bangladesh and the citizens of the country would like to believe their aspiring words. But, they must not forget that development become sustainable with the assurance of good governance and good governance gets ensured with the functional parliament. Theoretically it is identified that the key functions of parliament is representation and regime maintenance, legislation, oversight of the executive and conflict management and resolution.

But in practice, members of our parliament is less proficient in performing these functions, rather more efficient in uplifting conflict through the use of abusing language.

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    Mohammad Jane Alam

    I am totally agree with this report. Both, the rulling part & the oppositions to be very careful about the words while expressing their opinion. Parliament is not the place for the uncivilized people. Anybody violate the parliament manner by abusing others to be ousted from the parliament. Anyway, BNP law makers has returned back to the parliament to save their financial bebefits only, they have no commitment to the nation except to save the 02 corrupted sons/war criminals.
    The whole nation, to be aware about this party & their allies.

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    Riyajul Haque Raju

    It becomes a part of our political culture to utter obnoxious word when they criticize government. The national parliament is the center of our hope and aspiration, seems to be the place where our representatives give voice for the people. From the article it is clear to us that opposition leaders( Female) are expert in quarrel which often takes place among women in village for silly reasons.

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