So this is what success looks like!!

Nayeem Hossain

Nayeem Hossain

Flash Back
I was talking to a friend of mine, who is a big believer in reverse psychology. If he says he doesn’t believe in God, means he’s praying five times. He is so much into this stupidity that now if something good happens to him, he just can’t enjoy the moment. I was tired, from life and his stupidity so one day just couldn’t hold myself back. Being a jerk as I can be lashed with some weird comments and he just stopped responding my IMs. Couple of days later he said, man what can I do, in my family we don’t know what success looks like. That just slapped me from a false pretext I have around me, that confidence comes from within. Well it doesn’t, not 100%. Surrounding has a lot to do with it. I can see it in the Bangladesh Cricket team and with the overall country.

We went to play in the West Indies, with no intention of winning a single game. Trust me, no matter what those boys are saying now, they were just “hoping” not to get humiliated and increase the pressure on them. But it’s turning out to be the dream Caribbean honeymoon that every newly wed dreams off. We are winning everything that’s thrown at us and rewriting history everyday, well we are pretty used to that as a nation though!

Now how is my blabbering about my friend and Bangladesh cricket related, well it’s in the feeling. We just don’t know what success looks like. We have so much negativity in ourselves embedded that even the biggest optimist would make a comment about how the batsmen got out rather then just enjoying the moment. Yes, they are playing with a team who are not even good enough to make a movie about replacements, but at the end of the day, day in day out our boys are going in the field and finishing the expected.

Our cricket is like that cousin of yours, who all of a sudden sounds weird, wants to hang out with you asking about what type of music you listen. The attitude is childish yet confusing to you, should you give him a lollipop or a CD? You just don’t know either to take him as a buddy or a cute baby boy. Your uneasiness annoys you and you just decide to bully him so he doesn’t try to be around you. Same is our team, trust me. We are not the minnows anymore, we “should” be better then the likes of Scotland and Ireland but we are not mature enough to fight against the big guns day in day out. The big boys just don’t know how to approach us, take the guard down and they got knocked out on occasion but feels a 10 round fight is just too much effort against us. So guys like Chappels and Co. makes adverse comments and feels comfortable about their own uneasiness of seeing that kid in their park.

We started unprepared, true. We were thrown in the rink to fight a heavy weight match when we were practicing for feather weight boxing games, and as expected got some KO punches. At first we took the approach of crying that we are not getting enough bruises, when were getting them, we said keep on punching we’ll learn how to block someday. And in the mean time, our national negative DNA cell burst into celebration for another chance of self satisfaction for predicting the obvious failure. And when all of a sudden got some success, we quickly turned our attention to find the other teams failure. Then to prove our prediction right, we started expecting becoming a master Jedi overnight, and when they couldn’t we said the magic words, “I told you so, not good enough”.

I think we have said enough of it, just like everything else our cricket system is a mess but somehow we are still managing to function at some level. What level, that we have to decide and look forward, but the first thing we need to do is stop thinking negatively and face the chin music. Just say it, we are here to be bruised coz I’m only 9, wait till I become 19 and I’ll show you what I’m. If you can’t, big deal! The world will not come to an end, it can’t be worse then what we are right now!!

At least the quite confidence and boldness of the Shakibs’ and Mushfiq’s souting of “finish it in this over” gives me a hope that someone in that country really are learning to stand on their feet and bully at least for once, for success. So today I want to share the joy of our success. Today in just a lame sport, who knows tomorrow in What??

PS: I should stop criticizing Bangladesh team too 😀

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    Let’s hope they give us a stable baseline of hoping and expectation 😀

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    Raza Murad

    BD Cricket Team played very well. They did not pick up trophy but to me their are the real winners of the tournament.

    Being a Pakistani from Lahore, I wish BD Cricket team all the best in days to come. I am eagerly waiting to see Shakeeb’s Eleven in action the Cricket Stadium of my city.

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