ISI proves it

Polash Datta

Polash Datta

In the beginning it seemed to be another blame game between two rivals. Though the news was not unearthed by a Bangladeshi media, there was some scope of suspicion as you cannot believe blame as long as it is not proved. But in the end the ISI chief says his agency did it with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

asad durrani
asad durrani

Yes, I am talking about the ‘ISI-BNP money’ controversy. Being a Bangladeshi national, whether you are a supporter of BNP or Awame League (AL), you should not be happy to accept the info that a Bangladeshi political party, in this case it is the BNP, took donation from the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan.

A quick fact summary for those who are not familiar with history: Bangladesh was a province of Pakistan till 1971. It was liberated on 16th December, 1971 following a war with its ruler Pakistan that prolonged for nine month. Nearly three million East Pakistanis were killed in that war. While East Bengal (now Bangladesh) had been urging for regional sovereignty, Pakistan attacked people of this part on 25th March, 1971. If you are interested can Google for Operation Search Light.

Just after 20 years of that blood shaded war, we have to face such a truth that a political party did not hesitate to accept money from that Pakistan. This was first reported by Khaleej Times based in UAE that was followed by newspapers in Bangladesh. Then the ruling AL began to bully the BNP. Even the leader of the AL, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, called for deportation of BNP chief Khaleda Zia to Pakistan. BNP replied to this and demanded proof.

Unfortunately they got the proof, but it’s not the AL or government that provided the proof. It’s the ex chief of ISI- Mr. Asad Durrani! And where did he admit this- In the supreme court of Pakistan. He was summoned by the court and questioned on Friday on ISI role in funding political parties in home and abroad.

Ironically acting secretary general of BNP, Mr. Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, showed the courage to deny the allegation even on Saturday. And we have no report if a single journalist asked him to comment on Durrani’s court statement.

That’s where we stand. The politicians keep on lying, and journalists keep on to report those lies.


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    While it’s shocking that BNP was(or is) potentially funded by ISI, the response is what gets it away. As I hear(, Mirza Fakhrul accuses AL to have been funded by Indian money.

    This bastards will never answer to the question they’d ever be asked. They’d always answer it they way how the other party should respond to the same question.

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    Irshad Haque

    Reporter Polash Datta Babu didnt search d credibility of d source of Khaleej Times !! Dat reports were published by one Dipanjan Roy, a Delhi correspondent of our Prothom Aloo !! What is d source of dat news ? Actually, is there any proof of dat so called affidavit made by ex ISI Gen mentioned d name of BNP or anybody here ?? Yet it is not examined & no proof even & it is a news manufactured by few over interested people deputed by ill motives !! Dada babura, plz produce d proof 1st & den talk.

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    Abdul Latif

    The ISI has never accepted Bangladesh’s birth as such in 1971. Since then it has repeatedly tried to destabilize democracy in Bangladesh through its implants within Bangladesh. Its biggest success came in 1975 after its assassins within the Bangladesh army killed Sheikh Mujib and his entire family. Since then it had handsomely funded terrorist parties like the Freedom Party and many fundametalist Islamic Jihadist terrorist outfits. The ISI even attempted to wipe out the entire Awami League top brass on August 21, 2004 in collusion with Tareq Rahman and other fundamentalist terrorists now residing in England.

    ISI’s links with BNP and Khaleda Zia are now recorded in the Pakistani Supreme Court in Asad Durrani’s confessions. Khaleda Zia and Tareq Zia are the biggest threat to democracy in South Asia.Tareq Zia is a prosecuted money launderer and terrorist implicated in the gruesome grenade blasts in 2004.ISI has already destabilized democracy in Pakistan and its link within Bangladesh may do the same here.

    ISI’s meddling in politics by promoting the military-industrial complex has spelt disaster for the Pakistani nation. The whole region including China and the US should not try to hide what is an open secret about how the ISI screwed up both Afghanistan and Pakistan. ISI harbors even today some of the most dangerous global terrorists within their military establishments.

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    Find any Hindu guy in Bangladesh, and start mocking them calling “Dada Babu”. Salute to your patriotism.

    The author specifically mentioned “This was *first* reported by Khaleej Times based in UAE”. It’s not like the whole report is based on what *only* Khaleej Times has to say.

    Smarten up. Don’t become a next gen Fakhrul Or Jalil.

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    If ‘Dadara’ are considered ‘babus’, there is nothing wrong with it! Perhaps the mocker considers himself as babu (gentleman). Those who mock others, are themselves the object of mockery. They mock because they are violent in dealing with the truths. The more one mocks, the more violent he is. Those who mock perhaps do not know that they are also the descendants of ‘Dadababus’.

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    Sabrina Islam

    You are missing the point here. The allegation is that Durrani made these admissions in court. However, both Durrani and the Pakistan authorities have said there was no such admission in the testimony. We should now be looking at who fabricated this report and why?

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