Bangladesh Riot: Audio Coverage



    [UPDATED Audio Bulletin: 2 by Tasneem Khalil with the latest updates on anti-military riots in Bangladesh.]

[Bulletin: 2: Elements]

  • A campaign against journalists, intellectuals and activists.
  • Closure of all the universities for an indefinite period.
  • Censorship has been imposed on the media.
  • Mobile phone networks shut down from 5:30PM-7:00AM.
  • Bangladesh virtually disconnected from the outside world.
  • All Internet traffic routed through BTTB.
  • Dristipat, E-Bangladesh, Mukto-Mona, Blogspot might get blocked.
  • 3 journalists from CSB news arrested for broadcasting

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      13 journalists/reporters from different media are being picked up by police when they were leaving from their work-place tonight. They showed their IDs but the police refused to accept them. They took them to Mohammedpur thana [Channel One]

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      Talk shows and newspaper headlines discussion are canceled. None of the TV channels are showing them.

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      Strawberry (and also Channel One) reported:

      No safe passage: journalists arrested, beaten during curfew

      Scores of journalists have been arrested or beaten by the army during the first few hours of the curfew. Army officers arrested three journalists of — Liton Haider, Biplob Rahman and Asif Ahmed Rommo — as they were heading home after work. They were stopped at a checkpoint, 200 metres from the office in Dhanmondi. After the arrest, the driver of the autorickshaw they were travelling in returned to break the news that the three were taken away by uniformed officers even after they showed their press ID cards. Earlier, a group of army personnel beat two journalists as they were standing outside their office with colleagues.The army also severely beat Sanaul Haque, a New Age photographer, the newspaper’s acting chief reporter Shahiduzzaman told

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      Say “NO” to army. Say “No” to a civilian-backed military government.

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      It seems TK [Tasneem Khalil] is upto his “dodgy” and “manufactured” journalism once again. This government is not backed by only military, but civil society as well. They might not be perfect, but this is the best option we have compared to the past dysfunctional order. As for TK and his high moral ground, before we take his word as the Gospel truth, let’s ask him: what happened to the 1.5 million you were given for the Yunus report? This is an example of conscientous journalism, once again, I suppose. Let’s also ask another question: Where are you now? So you are reporting “on the ground” in Dhaka sitting in Sweeden- indeed, TK never fails to surprise us with the “authenticity” of his news feeds.

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      Truth Seeker I have seen your fatal comments for a long time in Salam Dhaka or Drishtipat. $15 Million? Do you know by making such comments you are insulting yourself in a public thread. If I am not mistaken you are seating in Australia. From there do you have access to Bangladeshi bank reports? One advice for you. if you want to lie, fine, but make sure you have some proof. But my friend don’t write any stupid things which you don’t believe. That’s why while there is no freedom of press such type of venom is being spread. Kindly visit HRW website and you will know the actual condition of Tasneem.

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      Truthseeker, apni etodin por kotha theke hazir holen? Apnar insideoutbd ar khabar ki? Update koren na keno? Kichu truth janan amader kosto kore. Lets talk truth(LTT)

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      Hey Truthseeker, I checked out your blog and noticed you have a post dated May 29, 2007 where you announced that you would tell all about Tasneem! Well, its been almost three months and I don’t see a follow-up to your “Coming soon…” post. What’s up? Having some trouble with your investigative journalism skills? Where is this big scoop that you were touting? Perhaps you need to torture some more to get the “information” you need, eh? Instead I see that you are going from blog to blog making the above claims as if you are a grafitti artist. “Truthseeker”, what an ironic name! 🙂

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      Due to problems in the BTTB submarine cable, access to Internet is temporarily denied. It took me 2 hours to threaten my ISP to provide me my service. This is getting to my nerves now.

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      Only Three Notes

      Just listened to the second podcast! I must say that this is getting a way out of control. By censoring media they would loose support in every aspect. The CTG government is in panic and taking useless actions. Censorship just distances the government from the general public and they lose the trust of the people.

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      I’ve just got my internet back. GPRS/EDGE wasn’t working either. I’m hearing that the curfew will be reduced to 6PM to 6AM from tomorrow. Also, it’s now quite obvious that the American government is supporting army and CTG. British government yet to decide if they should follow Americans. The chance of having a fair election is very thin, we may probably end up with a national government.

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      Tasneem Khalil

      I will keep this simple. I have taken off 2 comments from the discussion that contained foul words directed against two other commenters.

      I am absolutely against moderating comments in EBD apart from fixing the language. However, we are not going to allow foul, obscene comments in our threads.

      It was my editorial decision that I chose to publish comments that were clearly based on personal attack/smear against myself. In fact, I will be more than happy to see a list of all the “allegations” against my name. And anyone who is interested can use this space for that purpose, without any editorial oversight/impediment.

      To all others — my friends and comrades — here goes a request: please be patient, you need not waste your time, energy or taste. And please refrain from using any language unfit for a healthy discussion.

      To conclude: my sincere and personal apologies to people against whom foul words were used. That slip in our moderation is regretted.

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      Hey you edited mine but I don’t mind 🙂 I don’t know if anyone else said anything after me. Sorry for my words but as you know, I lose my temper in lightening speed 😉 Very sorry again.

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      Folks, The Daily Star reporters were beaten up by the joint forces. It is the Editor of DS, Mr. Mahfuz Anam who bragged, they paved the way for Army take-over. Once my villager grandpa said ,”If you are fated to be beaten up and if no body comes up to reward your due, then you yourselves will be crazy looking for and bring them by yourself to get your allotted assault.” Now I see my grandpa’s hyothesis came to be true. Hasina ended up in jail and DS’s reporters being beaten up is their ill-earned reward. Thanks.

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      Thanks for little editing and spelling correction of my post.

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      Angelmorn: there are no problems in BTTB connection. Its “them.” I am surprised GrameenPhone has opened its service. I had to wait till 3:30AM to get online.

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      Blinded pilot

      I posted this comment in Drishtipat blog and it was promptly deleted due to complaints from E-Bangladesh.

      I believe that E-Bangladesh is nothing but an anti-establishment blog. It is shameful to see how they promote violence with a sincere tone in their voice. Some of the reports of violence against innocent people by the army have no basis or reliable source.

      In Sachalayatan I have seen news postings that do not make any sense. Bloggers and reader are posting hateful comments against any sort of constructive comments. Calling Dr. Kamal Hossain, the writer of our constitution rajakar, because he dared to give a negative interview to BBC Bangla about the anarchy and not supporting the violence as the leader of blue party (Awami wing) Anwar Hossain did. Emotional people writing emotional stuff without thinking about the real consequences. I get a shiver down my spine just thinking how bad it would be if CTG has to step down. Let CTG try to accomplish their goals by their stated date 2008. If they don

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      Blinded Pilot: I think you have very less knowledge of the definition of national security. Basically it seems you are a supporter of this unelected, fanatic regime and only like to complain without proof. Please provide some URL proving that E-BD is promoting Violence. This type of fatal comments make you funny in front of people. What a nice nick: “Blinded Pilot”!

      “Because he dared to give a negative interview to BBC Bangla about the anarchy and not supporting the violence as the leader of blue party (Awami wing) Anwar Hossain did.”

      Where did you get this information? Dr. Kamal said Anwar Hossian did violence? If you wish I can sent you the BBC interview also. Or we will communicate with Dr. Kamal’s office. So stop your stupid propaganda machine.

      “How would these bloggers like it when our own parents, brothers, sisters are going to be killed due to the anarchy? Some of these bloggers are actually doing more harm than those Awami and BNP thugs.”

      Chorer maar boro gola. How many brothers, parents are killed due to bloggers? Some times you people are so funny that you forget right and wrong.

      Attention Admin: I request you to publish more of such comments for our entertainment.

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      Blinded Pilot

      I congratulate the editors of E-Bangladesh for not deleting my post when I blatantly attacked your publication. Thanks.

      Rezwan Bhai, I read your blog frequently. With this opportunity I forward my deepest condolences towards Tasneem Khalil. I was horrified with what happened to him. I believe he was the victim of a situation created by raping of our country by both BNP and Awami for last 15 years. Now I will move on to defend my position.

      What a nice nick:

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      [Note: Strawberry, I am sorry. I gave this a second thought and am taking off this portion of your comment. It clearly is libel. Since you are behind a nick I am not confident about how this can be defended by you or me (as your editor) if challenged. I myself am a victim of these kind of allegations where I receive millions of dollars from “certain people” from time to time. I hope you will understand this action. — Tasneem]

      Blinded Pilot aka Boishakhi, I am aware of your caliber and sense of responsibility, judgment, knowledge. I’m pleased to have you here in E-bd as well. At least we’d be reading some heedless mumbling time to time.

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      Blinded Pilot

      Strawberry, you brought up questions about my identity. I will address that first. I have read comments by Boishaki (I think in Dristipat). I don’t know his stance. If he talks like me than good for him and I guess it solidifies my position. I ask the editors of e-Bangladesh to ping my ip address. That should clear up any confusion. I don’t know how to do that. I am sure Rezwan bhai knows. On that note you can also check Dristipat website. I post comments there with the same nick.

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      No problem Tasneem bhai, though I’m pretty sure of the source as the person was offered money as well and had been told that the person I mentioned earlier received the payment too.

      Blinded Spot, there was only ONE comment in DP about e-bangladesh and I read it before it was removed. It was from Boishakhi only. I use three IP addresses so I know very well how easy it is to make up names and claim different identity.

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      It is painful, it is unfortunate, and it is bad luck of our nation that we could not be united on the issues of national interest.

      A, B, C, X, Y or Z whoever we are, can’t we say spade to a spade?

      Can we say, AL or BNP did not rule the country well as expected from elected governments?

      Can’t we say Ershad was an autocratic ruler but did well in many grounds? Can we say, the spirit of Zia was worthy but the method of his complicating political vision was not praiseworthy?

      Can’t we say, Jamat must be eliminated?

      Can’t we say Sk Mujib the founder father of the nation?

      Can’t we say we need to make a framework of common grounds within which the nation should be united to pursue for the development in all regards?

      Can’t we work together, leaving our lust, greed, evil desires?

      Can’t we be united to fight against the evil wishes of WB, IMF and ADB?

      How long we suffer, our kids will suffer, poor will become poorer and Tarique and his fellow ‘thieves’ will make mammoth size assets within and outside the country?

      Finally, the waste of time required for personal attack on the grounds of different opinions may be avoided which can be used in nation building works.

      There are no foreigners within army, police, students, teachers, politicians, businessmen, government service holders etc, but there are attitude of foreign rulers within some of us. Just love for the nation can eliminate all evils from us.

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      Blinded Pilot

      Dude, I have few other comments in there but nothing significant. My big one got deleted and I reposted it here.

      I don’t think I can convince you about my identity unless both I and the Boishakhi appear in front of you. Even then you might call either one of us fake. I can’t argue about what you said on having 3 IP addresses. I realize that it is pretty easy to do. Mashuqur Bhai had some trouble like this on the Salhuddin Shoaib Choudhury subject. One dude was writing comments under dual nick using the same IP.

      However, if I and Boishakhi were the same dudes we will be living in the same city. I urge the editor to clear up any confusion by looking up my IP and Boishaki

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      Blinded Pilot

      ALO, I totally agree with you. We have to move forward from the all or nothing politics. I sincerely believe CTG is taking steps towards it that is why all the politically involved people are getting restless.

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      Blinded Pilot, you’re indeed blinded! I actually cant figure how some of you would pick such names to match your self on blogsphere!

      I guess until anyone breaks your legs, you would laugh away saying all the stories we say are fake. Why should I tell you the name of the person who “witnessed” such brutality? So that you would run to papa army and ask them to beat this person to pulp? I’m no such fool, and there’s a reason I used this pseudo name so could give away true stories of such brutality without hurting people I know by folks like you and your army buddies.

      By the way, I should tell you that one of my ISP says I’m from USA. Another says UK and the one I use the most is from Bangladesh. So yes, I don’t believe when people say, “Hey we are from two different cities” 😉

      And look! Who’s telling me to get back on track. I wasn’t going to go after people like you if you didn’t try to hurt a few good men here in e-bangladesh. Of course, they are strong enough to defend themselves or just shrug off some useless whimpers, I will not just sit by and watch you bully my friends with utterly disgusting fake stories.

    27. Author Image

      Blinded Pilot

      Of course, they are strong enough to defend themselves or just shrug off some useless whimpers, I will not just sit by and watch you bully my friends with utterly disgusting fake stories.

      Dude, what fake story did I cook up? I just analyzed the situation. My analysis is going against your belief, that

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      Zahid , I think it is useless to make Mash party in favor or against you. Thanks that you admire the quality of his writeup while some guys are giving stupid threats to him. Basically I am a fan of him too.

      Strawberry asked you some thing and you have answered it. E-BD is open to healthy, meaningful discussion and publishes everything except shallow personal attack and any tendency to change the direction of thread. So I hope you will contribute with more on topic. Because we are not here to give any judgment.

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      Blinded Pilot

      Thanks buddy. I am not going to comment anymore unless provoked.

      [Note to Strawberry & Blinded Pilot: I really enjoyed your chit-chats. You both are very good in engaging in interesting discussions. As Tanoy already mentioned, can we please use your gifted ability to debate and discuss with logic on topic. BP: Some of your comments were taken off as those were responses to other comments that faced the axe too. — Tasneem]

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