Arab brutality in the name of Islam

Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

Arab brutality in the name of Islam
Last Friday eight Bangladeshis were beheaded at the (In) Justice square of Riyadh for their alleged killing of an Egyptian and looting a ware house. Amnesty international claims that the Egyptian was killed during a clash between those eight Bangladeshi construction workers and another group of people, and that the clash started when the Bengali workers tried to stop the other group from robbing electrical wires from the construction site. Any of the above two versions of that fateful day could be right.

The brutal Friday beheading was carried out according to the Shariah law of Arab kingdom but the accused Bangladeshis were denied the right of their defense.

Ironically, this same Shariah law has been seen to be flexible in case of allegations against US, UK or Canadian citizens, in which case such capital offences are usually settled with blood money, connection or diplomacy. Many such reported and recorded incidents prove that the so-called Shariah law is not exercised in a neutral manner and is quite susceptible to nepotism. In the name of Islam the Saudi royal elite enjoys this kind of cannibalism even in the 21st century, while the rest of the world turns a blind eye to it. This also explains why the wave of Arab Spring has not been able to hit the (In) Justice square of Riyadh.

Such human slaughtering can be seen replicated by Islamic radicals in other countries. When the western society is shifting from capital to humane punishment, the Muslim holy land continues with its biased justice system that denies the poor their right to legal defense.

Conservative Muslim elites of Arab justify this primitive behavior as a necessary deterrence against rampant crime. But statistics in Arab countries show no decline in the rate of crimes; and all this while citizens of rich countries easily circumvent the Arab law by means of wealth and influence. Any interpretation of the Shariah law that presents itself as biased and capitalist must be challenged as a crime against humanity.

The weakness of Bangladeshi diplomats has once again been exposed for they failed to defend the case of their eight beheaded countrymen. The ambassador should be asked to clarify this failure.

Almost two million workers are earning remittance for Bangladesh with their hard work in Arab countries. Our embassy is there to look after the welfare of our workers. If they fail to perform, then why should we sign their salary cheques with the blood of eight ordinary citizens of Bangladesh?

Riyadh has appeared hostile towards Dhaka ever since the liberation war of ‘71. It only recognized Dhaka after the killing of Bangabandhu, and has been providing refuge to our war criminals till date. UAE is known to sponsor Moududi and Wahabi radicals in Bangladesh, only so that it can retain its free-port crown.

In these countries themselves, domestic violence against women is kept hidden under the garb of male chauvinistic interpretation of religion. Workers from poor countries are treated as slaves, while female migrant workers are often abused by the rich natives. The sanctity of Arab land has been repeatedly abused by its feudal rulers and their crimes against humanity have come to over-shadow the glory of Islam. They are nothing but a bunch of exploiters who run private harems, but try to teach ethics to the world by beheading the poor.

Which Islam would approve of such uncouth discrimination between a rich Canadian and eight poor Bangladeshis? Beheading poor people publicly and releasing rich people secretly, portrays double standards even in the practice of religion. That too in a country of the Holy Kaaba, where Muslims from across the world go for Hajj. This is the very state that earns millions from religious pilgrimages every year.


The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    What shame have the Arabs have? Bang afraid r poor so the Saudis have taken advantage of them.
    Saudis citizens are the most brutal people on earth..and they call themselves Musalman….what a shame..their religious elders are all ” homosexuals” shame on them……sad day for bangladeshis. rip amen

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    Sheikh Zia

    It was a brutal, barbaric and utterly deplorable act.

    “The weakness of Bangladeshi diplomats has once again been exposed for they failed to defend the case of their eight beheaded countrymen. The ambassador should be asked to clarify this failure.”- You are right but bit misplaced. As reported in the media, we know that our honourable President appealed for clamency, which means our ministry of foreign affairs and government was very well aware of the impending tragedy. It wouldn’t be fair to put the whole blame on the Ambassador alone. I would say it’s a dismal failure of our Minister of foreign affairs and Minister of Expatriate Welfare. If you can recall British govenment’s campaign and legal battle to free two of their citizens sentenced to death in Saudi in 1996,their legal team worked thosands of hours, British Prime Minister led the fight and they won, those Britishers went home paying the blood money.

    You correctly mentioned earlier ” Ironically, this same Shariah law has been seen to be flexible in case of allegations against US, UK or Canadian citizens, in which case such capital offences are usually settled with blood money, connection or diplomacy” – Yes, our diplomacy failed miserably. I am still not sure why we failed to wage a media campaign to prevent the tragedy. As Government was aware ( President’s letter! ) media could have been alerted,we could have waged a global media campaing using FB, Tweeter, Blogs, appeals etc. etc. We simply failed to use the tools we had at our disposal.

    No comments yet from Dipu Moni and Gowhar Rizvi !!!!!!

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    My dear bangladeshi friends, death punishment for apostasy (crime of leaving Islam) and blasphemy (criticizing Islam or prophet Muahmmed) is a part and parcel of Islam. Please do some read/research about the origin of Islam and it’s hostile takeover of Ka’aba. Islam has always been cruel to “others”. It is nothing new. What is sad is the stockholm syndrome being displayed by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who are in the grip of this ideology.

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    The Saudis (King, their family, the policy maker) are the most corrupt, most racist, womanizer, a gutless, senseless, cock sucker asshole. I have nothing else to say. These bitches will burn in hell, if there is one?

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    Promote Bangla

    Bengali’s Have suffered and are still suffering ! Its so sad that even today, We cannot provide justice to our own people.. This is INHUMAN what they did !
    Shame !
    বাঙালী হয়ে গর্ভিত… কিন্তু আর চাই না এই অমানবিক অত্যাচার… জাগো বাংলা।।

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    To all and particularly asdf.
    This is a law of region not the law of relegion. Yes, they are using name of Islam but Islam has never taught this discrimination. And my dear muslim brothers and sisters beware of thess asdf type of people they may be unaware of the history or may be deliberately trying to defame islam. So we have every right to protest against the injustice, but not against islam. Islam brought humanity, eqality, justice to the world. You read the history at the dawn of islam. what was the condition of public and women in the civilized world of rome and persia?

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    If you see All of Arab country they have no life.. Every one of Arab country they don’t have democracy always fighting because of sin the are doing day-to-day basis. Killing is on there blood F****G uncivilised bad name on other Muslim people in the world…..

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    Very sad, regardless how you view it. There is no justice for the poor; Muslim or not.

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    Hey ikhwan,

    “Islam brought humanity, eqality, justice to the world.”

    Your takiyya is weak. You left out the part where Islam was spread through genocidal war and foced conversion, and that a woman is never equal to a man in Islam, and that all non-Muslims are forced to be Dhimmis or pay the Jizya or both or convert or die.

    And you’re wrong, we have every right to protest Islam…that’s real freedom, something you and your ilk will never understand…which is why most Islamic nations are backward and full of violence and why non-Muslims are disappearing at an alarming rate.

    Ask yourself, why is it folks immigrate out of Islamic nations and not into them if they’re so terrific?

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    Islam makes xtianity look docile.these dipshits need to learn about separation of misuse and state

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    Muslims to the MAD end ….no guts….no guts to leave islam …. No guts… no guts to take an educated leap out of islam ….no guts to leave islam behind and save his future family… guts to leave islam….no guts…muslims have no guts. Even evil osama had no guts to leave islam even though he saw that islam was evil and willed and instructed his kids not to jihad which is at the core of EVIL islam…. The evil osama guy knew islam was evil but again no guts to leave islam…no guts…muslims have no guts to do good…no guts…muslims JUST have no guts. Period. WHAT MUSLIMS HAVE IS ONLY SHAME AT BEING MUSLIM AND SHAME FOR NOT HAVING THE GUTS TO LEAVE EVIL ISLAM. SO THAT SHAME THEY HAVE TO LIVE WITH SO THEY ACT PROUD. ISLAM IS STUPID AND KEEPS IT’S FOLLOWERS STUPID TILL THEY DIE. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    …..And slowly and surely the whole planet is waking up to the fact that muslim or Pure muslim is a term for a very very evil person.
    “Women should be exposed to the day light three times in their lives. When they are born, when they are married and when they die.” – islamic saying.
    “Our mullah told us that when we carried out our suicide attacks, all the people around us would die, but we would stay alive”
    If muslims could leave islam without being extinguished by other muslims how many muslims would be left on the planet ? Answer : Zero or none. It is only the threat to one’s life that keeps islam evil and populated. These scared muslim slaves of invented allah are doomed forever in the dead hands of the madman who invented evil allah and brought a curse on everything and everyone islam touches. Islam haram. Repeat after me …islam is not halal (good) , islam is haram (bad). Understand?
    Islam is the problem. Islam has to be abolished. As long as even one human is a muslim this planet will never see peace. Take my word for it.
    Islam is the problem. Islam makes people evil. This is a fact. Evil people are a big drain to our planet’s resources like a raging fire. For our planet’s limited resources and our safety we should extinguish each and every fire once we have identified it as evil. Feeding a fire is suicide and not good for our planet’s resources.
    So in the end what will happen to islam? Will islam just vanish? Islam has to be abolished.
    So in the end what will happen to islam ?
    Will islam just vanish?
    “They said nothing’s better than paradise and you can earn that by extinguishing non-believers.”
    “They prayed all the time and read the koran so i thought they were good people.”

    So When will muslims be allowed to realise that islam is haram ?

    And how will muslims realise that islam is haram?

    Only when the SUPREME COURTS start questioning the demented koran loudly and in full hearing of the planet will muslims see mohammad’s mad trip. The answer is in and by our SUPREME COURTS ALL OVER THE WORLD in the very end. Islam needs a QUIT-ISLAM movement. In the end I think non-muslims will win. Any culture built around one medieval book is doomed to implode. Many muslims would’ve left Islam already if there was no death-threat attached to leaving. All we need to do is give muslims the freedom to convert out of Islam and it will eventually disappear aside from a small hardcore group of radicals who can easily be lobotomised.

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    Soon the whole world will be muslim. Superb.
    Children will be raped legally because mohammad did it. Too good .
    And murder will be sanctioned because mohammad did it. Super cool.
    Women will lose their faces and their identities and all dignity. Fantastic.
    What a glorious age it will be.
    Smelly beards and semen stains on clothes will be high fashion. So good.
    Islam is glorious. Islam is the one . What a planet it will be. Allah o akbar allah o akbar….allah o akbar…. Islam is on the march….allah o akbar….

    When the whole world turns muslim and the real muslim age will start that will be the final passing of our lovely age that we had always thought that it would last forever and we’d live on mars and have fancy toys and all would be happy and lovely ….but we hadn’t the guts to stop islam and then every one had to turn muslim OR DIE and hell started and suddenly we were and will always be in the seventh century barbariaty and before we know it we AND OUR CHILDREN were the imposed dynosaurs thanks to islam …. The days of logic had long passed … Passed ….passed…

    And what the brits and the yanks and all all all non-muslims don’t understand is that the islam juggernaut is going to show the world just how it’s going to happen to everyone else…as the british scream and shout at islam to behave islam is just not listening …as islam boot-crushes the UK first and turns it’s head and attention to the next nearby victim…the rest of the planet will feel fear and fear only…then it’s just a matter of time…. The full world will be muslim.

    Welcome to the glorious age of islam…our sweet and dear great grand children will be in it as muslims.

    The teenager of tomorrow is named Mohammed, and he takes his inspiration not from the constitutional laws, but the vile Koran. His heroes are not MAHATMA GANDHI or Winston Churchill or George Washington, but that bloody butcher of men and raper of women and little girls, the Islamic self proclaimed prophet Mohammed. He thinks of non-muslim girls as whores, of non-muslim culture as corrupt and worthless, and feels he owes no obedience to its laws or its governments. The word ‘Islamophobia’ makes him chuckle. He likes the idea that the natives are afraid of him. “They should be,” he thinks. They should be indeed. Because ISLAM IS EVIL AND EVIL IS RISING.. ….thru him …….

  13. Author Image,7340,L-3953628,00.html
    ‘Researchers say babies born with low vitamin D levels may have an increased risk of developing schizophrenia later in life.
    ‘The three-year study tested blood samples from babies in Denmark and found having low vitamin D levels doubles the risk of developing the disorder.
    ‘The findings could encourage pregnant women to get more sunshine or take a vitamin D supplement. {And NOT wear a burka or niqab! – dda}
    ‘Professor John McGrath, from the Queensland Brain Institute, says the study is further evidence of vitamin D’s link to brain development.
    “Many years ago we thought it was totally implausible to prevent schizophrenia, it seemed to be such a mysterious, poorly understood group of illnesses,” he said.
    “I think this new result suggests that maybe it will be possible to prevent schizophrenia.”
    Now, let’s think about it. Yemen. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Afghanistan. The more rigidly-Muslim Muslims, everywhere; generations of women totally covered-up whenever they go outside.The likelihood that many or most of those women are Vitamin D deficient is high; and if they’re Vitamin D deficient during pregnancy, then their babies’ brain development may be seriously compromised.
    It should be noted that at the end of a news report on women being forced to wear hijab in Gaza University
    the following information was included:
    ‘Lack of Vitamin D because of veils”
    ‘A Jordanian study published this week asserted that 87% of women between the ages of 18 and 70 in Jordan suffer from a lack of Vitamin D as a result of insufficient sun exposure and not enough milk consumption.
    ‘The researchers linked this phenomenon to wearing the hijab. ‘According to the findings, **92% of women who wear a hijab suffer from a lack of Vitamin D** ‘This figure increases to 96%, according to the survey, when it comes to women who cover their faces as well with a niqab.”
    Put that information together with the results of the Danish study and it appears that those who wear the Muslim female slave rag, whatever form of it they wear, stand a very good chance of scrambling their babies’ brains. SO THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE A WOMAN IN A BURKHA REMEMBER THE INSANE CULT OF ISLAM IS FORCING WOMEN TO LITERALLY BREED VIOLENT PSCHYCOS.

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    1. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology. Religion within Islam is used as a tactic to achieve the ultimate goal of Islam which is an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide and under Sharia law.
    2. Sharia law is an all or nothing. A Muslim can’t pick and choose which parts of Sharia they desire to adhere to. 90% of Sharia law may be peaceful, but it is the 10% that innocent people must ‘fear’. This part pertains to the intolerance of other religions, the hatred of Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who do not adhere to Sharia law, and physical Jihad. All Muslims are not required to physically fight their enemies, but ‘All’ Muslims must assist in equipping and financing their brothers and sisters who are engaged in physical Jihad. For a Muslim to choose not to do so equate to him/her being an Apostate of Islam; again this is a death sentence for the accused.
    3. The innocent people of all races, religions, and cultures are at war with Islam. This is the hardest and most difficult concept for people to understand. The Muslims who committed murder on 11 Sept. 2001 were doing so in the name of Islam. The 4000 plus men and women who have been murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed in the name of Islam. Maj. Hassan from Ft. Hood who killed several people did so in the name of Islam. The same materials being studied by Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Taliban are the exact materials being distributed across America and INDIA and everywhere that muslims reside…. and provided to innocent young Muslim children to study in order to be ‘Pure Muslim’. PURE MUSLIM IS A TERM FOR A VERY VERY EVIL HUMAN BEING.

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    I will request the Bangladeshi government to bring back all the Bangladeshi workers from Saudi Arabia as response to this brutality. Bring them back and give them job or other migration opportunity in other countries.

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    nayeem hossain

    I really wasn’t prepared to write about this. I know nothing will come out of it, yet I’m writing. Probably to justify my anger to myself. I’m not a religious person. But, I do believe everything happens for a reason. Even the believers agree to this. They’ll just tell you it’s the will of the almighty. If we take that analogy and accept it, then there has to be a very good reason why god always had to send all of his prophets to a very concentrated location. Now we all know there were hundreds of civilizations all round the world, but according to all the established religions (or the bigger ones!!) all of them evolved in Middle East. After I see Saudi Arabia and their brutality I can see why. These people really need some salvation!!

    We have death penalties in many countries. Some hang people, some use lethal injection, electric chair, firing squads and some use “crossfire”. In last hundred years there has been an outcry worldwide to ban capital punishment. Some argue eye for an eye won’t stop crime. They will tell you, people used to be hanged in public, revolutionaries used the Guillotine in public to ensure order, but that didn’t stop criminals from committing crime. Public execution started to fade out late 1800s in Europe not because they were not effective to spread the fear of law, but because it’s inhuman.

    Dignity is the key word. Human cherish their dignity more than anything. In Africa, in ethnic clashes men use rape as a weapon. It’s a way of taking the dignity of a clan away from them. Their will to fight for respect is depleted. Why do you think we cover dead bodies? A dead body is no different than the table it might be on. It’s not what it is now, but what it represents. I’m sorry to say, but a person who doesn’t have the basic understanding of human dignity and can’t respect that basic right of others, can’t demand to be known as a dignified person himself. Traditions change with time. There was a time when children used to entertain the wealthy sexually. Men used to sleep with servants even in Bangladesh. They were all traditions. Why did we change those? Why don’t we just bury girls alive right after birth, or why don’t we keep slaves anymore? All of these changed because of one reason. We, the representatives of the civilized world value human dignity.

    A dying man has only one wish, only if he could live one more day. Even if you have to kill one to set example to many, you have no right to take his dignity away from him. If you think you can do that, then you might be a mammal but not a man 🙂

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    Muhammad Arefin

    Eight poor Bangladeshis beheaded on a single day! This is unbelievable! Its a hate crime unparalleled in history. No wonder the most brutal and murderous terrorists originate from this uncivilized land. Crime deserves punishment. But that doesn’t mean that the criminals have to be slaughtered alive while their torsos writhe in a headless manner.

    Inhumane, brutal, uncivilized, barbaric images like these are responsible for beheading of many victims in the hands of fanatic Islamic murderers in many countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia.

    Eight people beheaded for the murder of one. I am sure many of them did not deserve the medieval death penalty befitting of the Dark Ages when reason and logic was pummeled to the ground by the evil forces.

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    Sheikh Zia

    @ Editor, e-Bangladesh, How are you allowing all these craps of Dr.Music to be published ? I am shocked.

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    Abul Azd

    I am utterly shocked and could not able to sleep yet for this horrific cold blooded myrder of 8 young people, this is very very degrading and insulting to all Bangladeshis, in the name of Islam Saudi did this horrific things and no reaction from any of our political leader, only Bangabir Kader Siddiqui told government to withdraw Saudi diplomat from Bangladesh, I salute him.

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    Adnan Akbar

    This is right, they are doing according to their rules and every body know about them. You should raise your voices against inhuman behaviour to prisoners in different jail like Guantanamo and Kandahar. The prisoners are also humans, but you guys are talking about few Bangladeshis, how about innocent people killing in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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    Unfortunately, the ruling class in Arabia, remains rich, uneducated and arrogant, and will continue to hand down unequal justice so long as they have to the money to do so. It is what it is…when poor uneducated and/or educated people go there to serve the arrogant, uneducated rich, lazy Saudis, they know immediately that they are enslaved labor and they remain at risk of the country’s unequal justice system. Culture versus Religion remains the main crust of disharmony in society in any third world country today.

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    Adnan Akbar

    If you kill someone you have to pay for that. If anyone think they are whatever, then stay in their country. Don’t blame them and see your homeland first that what is going on there. Ther are not corrput, no justice at all, people killing each other for different reasons, land mafia, drug mafia, kidnapping, police mafia etc etc. Make your homeland ideal then talk about others

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    I was absent from reading e-bangladesh for sometime. I was mortally shocked to watch this brutality in the net. My sadness has turned to anger & I found
    this forum a place where I can vent my anger.
    This inhuman act of brutality in the name of Islam should be first
    stopped & then bring all those Saudi Rulers to justice by the people of the
    civilized world. I as a muslim pray to Almighty to bring these barbaric people to justice without further delay. They must be stopped to use islam
    The author has written beautifully how these buthcers are manipulating these
    sharia law as per the status of the different countries, o my poor Bangladeshis, I don’t know what crime did you commit, but for sure it doesn’t need eight people to kill only one person, not all eight people can be punished for the same crime. Sharia, sharia , where is sharia in this world, no where, it is not possible to implement it 100% anywhere now, it was an very age old system, was needed to control those barbaric people of Arab peninsula, 164,000 thousands prophets & religious leaders were neccessary to control these barbaric people of Arab peninsula, we the Bangladeshis or the muslims of Indo-pak orgin needed only a non violent preachers ,all those Sufis or saints like Shah Jalal, Khan Jahan Ali & all others.

    We are not surprised to see this inhuman act, because we know the history of Arab peninsula, we know what Ayyam e Jahliat means,you are nothing but the followers of those barbaric people, this is the way you used to treat each other.
    You are the one who is constantly bringing shame to our religion, you deserve
    to be punished by Allah(SWT).
    Stop this animal like practice in the name of Islam, you got no right to do
    so, Stop stop stop & go to hell.

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    Dear Adnan Akbar
    Are you justifying this brutal beheading?

    My country Bangladesh is poor, yes we have a corrupt system, we have so many problems, but sorry mr Adnan, the state of Bangladesh never used the religion to commit a barbaric act like this.
    You are justifying this brutality how?
    Do you know everything about what happened on that fateful day or night?
    Are you sure all of them were responsible? Did you ever hear their version of these beheaded bangladshis? Were they allowed to make any statement what
    we all could see?
    But who knows, only those people who were prosecutor, judge at the same time.

    No Mr Adnan no body was ready to pay the blood money, the victim family were
    probably not happy with the scant amount of money offered, because the defendent Bangladeshis were poor, Bangladesh is poor, Bangladesh got a lot
    of money from the Kings of Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh had to shut up, Bangladesh is no USA, No UK. So the Sharia is only for the poor, for Bangladeshis or Pakistan, India & Indonesia.
    Mr Adnan they address you as ” Rafique”, the literal meaning of this word
    is something, but they use it only for you, they never use this word for another Arab. These are the people who are first to be blamed to bring so much shame to our religion.
    Mr Adnan wake up wake up , ask your heart, you will hear something oneday.

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    hey DR Music, please atleast so some respect to so many readers/writers here,
    majority of them are followers of islam & majority of us very strongly beleiving that Islam is peacful religion, for the act of these barbaric people of a place, you can’t make such blanket statement about our Prophet
    & religion or any any religion.
    These brutal beheading is also condemned by 99.9% readers & everybody had
    a mature way of showing their anger, but what you are doing in the name of
    freedom of speech is just hurting majority of the people, so I don’t see any difference between your way of writing & those who committed these brutal

    Please stop this. Please try to be more mature.

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    Muhamed liar

    Is Islam a peaceful religion ? I don’t think so….Islamic arab kill and rape women or maids from many countries like Bangladeshi, Indonesia etc….Islamic is really cruel and long as islam still lives in the world, there is no rahmatan lil alamin…

  27. Author Image


    Mr M Liar
    Your last name is your real name & it says everything,
    islam doesn’t mean Arabs only, mr Liar understand?

    you are so much in dark that there is no difference between those Arab rapists & you.

  28. Author Image

    abdul ahad

    great thought of islam being buried under saudi brutality.saudi lose their authnticity in leading muslimworld.

  29. Author Image


    Please beware of user “asdf”. User asdf appears to have a malfunctioning brain that is totally unable to accept the correct history, religions and countries in general. Users like asdf endup becoming extremists and often die in jail or by committing suicide.

  30. Author Image


    saw this old headline and rememberd how Iqbal thought that in making a political space for the muslims of british occupied india, Islam could shed the majian crust that arab imperialism had imprinted upon it.

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