Khaleda’s War Cry to Unseat Government



BNP chairperson and leader of the opposition in Bangladesh parliament has issued a war cry to unseat the government through Arab awakening type mass upsurge. Addressing a gathering of party loyalists and aligned groups on a day long hunger strike in Dhaka Khaleda announced that there will be no more hartals. Instead she will lead rallies with people to unseat the democratically elected government through Arab awakening type mass upsurge. She also announced that no election will be allowed to be held in Bangladesh without Caretaker Government. She and her party and alliance would resist any action to provide transit to India through Bangladesh.

Khaleda Zia is the leader of the opposition in the parliament. As elected MP she is enjoying all facilities and privileges as the member of the parliament. She has abstained from Parliament and did not join the recent discussions and dialogues on the constitution amendment. She has declared actions for scrapping constitution provision of care taker government following the verdict of Supreme Court declaring it illegal. So her statement favoring continuation of Care Taker Government directly goes against highest court verdict. Any sensible citizen has legal and constitutional right to sue her for her statement. Khaleda perhaps forgot that her alliance had landslide disaster in election held under care taker government. In recent times in no election under present EU there have been any credible allegations of state interference. So her statement favoring CTG and her declaration of no election under EU is unconstitutional. BNP or any party may or may not participate in any or many elections. But in reality BNP does not have organizational strength to oppose any election.

Energy crisis, power and water crisis are fall out of Khaleda’s own failures. In her last term she did nothing to meet emerging massive deficits. The depth and diversity of the crisis is so acute that it is taking more than expected time. Khaleda if she is peoples leader must suggest how to improve the situation .Instead she has let out her B and C teams to oppose government initiatives to explore and exploit own resources.

Flying in and out of Shahjalal International Airport has now become risky for unplanned city growth. A carefully planned international airport at Suitable place can turn Bangladesh an important hub of global air links. Why Khaleda has to oppose the initiative for a new modern International Airport?

Why she should oppose special economic Zone in Sylhet if it creates massive job opportunity and ease massive trade imbalance with India?

Her declaration for not pursuing any further hartal type destructive program has not emanated from her love of people. She found that recent hartals apart from creating nuisances brought no mileage for her evil design. People not only responded but also resisted. Senior party leaders refused to join street agitations during hartal. But in any case we welcome her statement and hope that she remains true to it.

Present government has been voted to power through fair, free and credible general election for 5 years term . Despite some failures it is trying relentless to reconstruct Bangladesh that Khaleda government left behind in 1996. No one can bring any Khaleda Government type corruption against any. Government has initiated many milestone projects in Energy, Communication and other sectors. Relation with different countries including neighbors has started to improve. Many disputed issues with India are on the advanced stage of getting resolved. Teesta river water sharing treaty. Land boundary demarcation and exchange of enclaves may happen soon. India, Nepal, Bhutan may use Bangladesh ports. Several initiatives have been taken to ease grid locks in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Implementation of Dream Padma Bridge will start soon. Why leader of the opposition instead of raising her disapproval in the parliament is behaving like paper tiger on the street? Can she tell what Bangladesh looses in allowing transit for India through Bangladesh? Why Bangladesh must not utilize the opportunity of gaining economically from it? Why Khaleda is not placing her proposal for resolving issues with India in the parliament?

Present Government has advanced slowly but steadily on the trial process of criminals against humanity. It has surfaced involvement of her two sons in money siphoning, involvement of her eldest son in August 21 massacre. People understand her heart burning for protecting the corrupt syndicates, plotters and masterminds of terrorist activities of her time. But people fail to understand what she meant for upstaging a democratically elected government through Arab Awakening type movement.

Perhaps the little informed leader does not know Arab Awakening is staged against corrupt autocrat regimes which very cruelly are trying to suppress spontaneous people’s movement. When her own son’s area alleged in corrupt, money laundering and abetting killers and terrorists how she can lead any such movement against still a very popular government?

Rather people must join movement to bring back all criminals and corrupt element that have fled from Bangladesh after carrying out massive corruptions and siphoning off people’s money. People must rally around initiatives to try War criminals and masterminds of terrorist activities killing innocent people.

Khaleda must thank present government that if after acting like a novice and spreading hatred and venom against ruling government she is not being put behind the bar for voicing disapprovals of highest court verdict. She is better advised to join parliament and try to keep government honest through honest objective criticism. She must also come up with better alternative proposals in the parliament and wait till next general election for taking peoples verdict.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Dear Mr. Saleque, We have heard all you said from Sheikh Hasina several times. I am disappointed that you are using E-bangladesh as a political forum. If it’s a mouth piece of any particular political party, please spell it out. Please refrain from mindless debates, I am sure you relize that we Netizens are not really dumb. We all know what transpired with amendment of constitution….and many others. Awami League has established itself as an Islamic Party, they betrayed the country and our aspiration. We seriously neeed to talk about democracy in this forum, not “gibot” about Khaleda or Hasina. Let’s start talking about the processes one by one. Let’s talk about promises those political parties made thru their menifesto. Let’s go after them to honour their promises.
    The country is not owned by those two ladies. It’s our’s, and let’s take charge. Let’s work for “Democracy” and “Bangladesh”. Bangladesh survived without Bangabandhu or Zia, she will survive without Sheikh Hasina or Khaleda as well. Let’s talk Democracy and give it a chance………….

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    Khondkar A saleque

    Mr Sheikh Zia , democracy means right to express opinion and patience to listen others. You write your opinion and let others express theirs . Do not know what makes you think and opine that I am trying to make E-Bangladesh apolitical forum? I am sure editor of E-Bangladesh would not have allowed that. You please start showing us your pathway. I have past experience of working closely with all government over 28 years since 1977 -2005. Which of the statement of my write up you like to dispute. I want discussion on this topic in this forum.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Mr. Saleque, Thanks for your reply. I did not say anything about your democratic rights, that’s right to express one’s opinion. Of course you have the right to express your opinion. But once expressed and published for public viewing, we all have the right to look at it, critically if needed. If you have missed my point, what I was getting at is to talk about the process ( read Democracy ) our politicians followed to bring in changes , say for example amendment of constitution, reprinting constitution. Please go ahead and let’s talk about it, point by point…say Bismillah…
    ” Flying in and out of Shahjalal International Airport has now become risky for unplanned city growth” – I am an aviation professional and this is the First time I have come accross something like this. I am not aware of any ICAO, FAA, EASA or even our own CAAB audit finding to this effect. Yes, we may need a new airport for future capacity constrains, but to label SIA risky must be out of ignorance or motivated. Yes, we can talk about it too.
    Let’s talk about the processes, we may end up contributing something for our struggling democracy…………

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    R Chowdhury

    Mr Sheikh Zia, reading your comment is like a breath of fresh air. I do not understand how either of the two leading parties can claim to be democratic when it seems they are a far cry from being civilised. I believe that Bangladesh is due a much needed party who are dedicated to the welfare and future of its people. I can only hope that the young generation of the country can educate themselves to one day stand with its people to form a real government who are not interested in point scoring or ‘tit for tat’ debates that do nothing but cause anomosity amongst its people.
    The question is how much longer will we have to wait..??

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    Sheikh Zia

    Thanks for your comments Mr. Chowdhury.
    ” ….a far cry from being civilized.” – Tell us about it!! If we have to believe our Begums, both are liars, corrupt,jealous and what not… That’s how the Begums label each other on daily basis. Taking a cue party hawks have joined in as well, some are using blogs to emaluate their leaders. Our young generation just learned how to address and treat “opposition” ( read Joynal Abedin Farooque )- if this is what “Respect” is, Democracy is of course a far cry.

    Almost one third of the constitution now can not be amended….We the people as owners have lost that right !!! You can’t even change “Bismillah…” , “Islam as a state religion..” . In fact you can’t talk against any of these… that may by amended constitution be regarded as a treason….What a tragedy …What a tragedy for Democracy… It’s on a death bed …I only hope people like Mr.Saleque will start loving Democracy and start building a “Civilized Nation”, where we will have respect for fellow citizens, even for those who are in opposition.

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    Khondkar A saleque

    I would have prefered to stay out of debate. But Mr Sheikh Zia comments make me participate again.First as aviation professional can you cite me any interntaional airport which is located in such a bulit up area as SIA.In recent times several high raise buildings around airport were identified as hazards and were recommended for knocking down . But nothing happened. If you have access to Civial Aviation authority please go and check . They have recieved some warnings from ICAO or FAA for not letting any new high raised structure around SIA. Is there really any scope to expand SIA? Can you deny requirement of a new International Airport in a right location?
    Given the present situation and Bangladeshi tradition it is a wild dream to even think in foreseeable future any party other than BAL/ BNP/JP will mass support to win any general election . We must be practical.True major parties need massive reforms and reconstruction. I have respect for everyones opinion . Bangladesh is still much more civilised than many civilized nation. Look at UK , look at USA . Are they really doing great service to humanity. Jullian Assange has exposed the uncivilised nature of the so called civilized nations? I hope we will all talk sensibly and responsibly.
    Bangladesh politics need refinement . Angels will not come soon in Bangladesh to purify all souls . We have to live with what we have and try and improve slowly.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Thanks for your reply Mr.Saleque. You again missed my point. If you care to read my previous post in detail, you may notice that I have said that we may need a new airport due FUTURE CAPACITY CONSTRAINS. What I was debating is your comment that SIA is risky. As I have mentioned before I have not come accross any official documented evidence to say that SIA is risky with current level of utilization. Please let us know if you have any such document available with you. We still have plenty of available capacity.

    Your comment “In recent times several high raise buildings around airport were identified as hazards and were recommended for knocking down . But nothing happened.” – Those High rise buildings were made violating all sorts of rules and regulations. Do we have to shift the airport just because we failed to knock down those unauthorized buildings ? Shouldn’t we take actions against those who failed to implement the recommendations ? Is it already a “Moger Mullook” ? Sorry, can’t agree with you.

    ” Is there really any scope to expand SIA?” – Our first cost effective ojective shall be to ensure optimum utilisation of available capacity. As I said, we still have plenty available. I am firm believer of expanding city of Dhaka. By utilizing our existing railway network, we can expand the city and can do it pretty quick. High speed train link can bring Bhairab, Narshingdi within 45 minutes distance from Dhaka.This is what the priority is, not expansion of SIA or a new airport. An expanded city will eventually need a new airport, but we have time for it. Dhaka is simply shockingly choked, we need to do something on real priority.. let’s not play politics with it.

    Finally I can see a ray of hope and agreement when you say ” Bangladesh politics need refinement . Angels will not come soon in Bangladesh to purify all souls . We have to live with what we have and try and improve slowly.”…I guess your comments inclusive of both Begums. Yes, we do need to contribute in a positive way so that process of improvement begins ……Let’s do it.

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    Khondkar A saleque

    Thanks Mr Zia. Yes we can discuss on how to bring qualitative change in our rotten politics. This has to be made through extensive dialogues among all stake holders. How that is possible? You must agree taht politics in Bangladesh is unfortunately centered around two Begums both of whom are leaders by defaults- fall out of August 15th , 1971. We can not deny the constitutional right of any Bangladeshi to enter politics including two Begums. But we can not also deny that they lead two very strong opposing streams and are considered the symbol of unity in respective stream. But then why so many Phds, Barristers and intellectuals que behind them ? What makes so many NRB groups form very active group of supporters of the two ladies? Sometime some programs for and aginst the ladies in foregn countries create serious embarrassment for the Bangladeshi communities living abroad. But anyway , people elect them through adult franchise.For the last four terms the two ladies are running the sate affairs excepting two yearsof CTG. We must accept them.However, they must be made to realize the peoples power . Once they are in power they are surrounded by a group of her masters voice who separates them from the masses.

    Both the leading pary have eduacted mass of informed leaders. There had been some moves during 2006-2008 to democratise the parties. But the initiators of those moves did not discuss these at the party forums and tried to exploit the situation arising out of 1/11 to their own benefits.. Ladies including several senior politicians were taken behind the bar – some for genuine reasons , others on very weak pleas. A certain group tried to malign all politicians and poltics. Respected personality like Prof M Yunus was unsuccesfully dragged into politics. What nation got out of it? We must try to find out why inititives of a few to make qualitative improvement of politics failed?We must take lesson from it before making another futile excercise. Enter nation is painfully divided into two feuding force. Third voice is still very feeble.
    We welcome any intiative for creating a platform for lively dialogue on pathways for truely democratization of Bangladesh. But the bottomline must be respecting all opinions .Bangladesh is blessed with some very well accomplished political thinkers . Some persons somewhere must take the risks of doing some meaningful works.

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    Democracy Watch

    ‘Sheikh’ ‘Zia’ has hatred or both the parties. He is trying to equate AL with BNP which is ridiculous. He is a spokesperson of the opportunist third party in the country. Badruddoza has realized that he or his son has no chance of retaining their seats if they stick to the failed Bikolpo Dhara. So its obvious that the BNP and Jamaat with whom he was more at ease is his right place. Colonel Oli also was a BNP rebel and the strength of these two righist pro-BNP/Jamaat or pro-BNP forces equal 0+0+1=1 which hardly has any bearing on AL’s 3/4th hold on the parliament.

    Khaleda Zia’s anti-democarcy stance will only strengthen the hands of illegitimate juntas lie the one in the past. She will be at a more awkward situation if a similar unconstitutional regime takes over plunging the country further into turmoil.

    This illiterate lady must not be compared with Hasina. She has already said that she will trash the constitution. This shows her ignorance and total disrespect for democracy.

    She also has two criminal sons known by the whole world as terrorists and money launderers.

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    Normaly it is not correct or what should we say a mannered practice to become a party to a debate going on between two learned analysts. Even then we are a bit allured or tempted to interseperse a few words here because we are a bit interested in the article above and comment made by Mr. Sheikh. Going through the article we felt that the author made a melee ensue to construe the blind and blunt efforts of the opposition BNP to unseat the ruling Govt. unreasonably on personal reasons as it was not a demanding issue at the moment when the Govt. was trying to solve the problems and build the country. He has mentioned about the persisting problems of gas, electricity, water as inherited from the past BNP Govt and efforts are being persued by this Govt. to set them right. But the opposition BNP is creating impediments in different ways on the ongoing march forward. Failing to collect moss with Hartals the BNP Chairperson had a show of hungerstrike and declared from there that she would launch a mass movement in Middle eastern style to unseat the Govt. The main reason for it is the amendment of the constitution and with that deletion of the CTG system from it and the other reasons she cited were all vogue. The author did not find any lucid reason for this type of movement to unseat the Govt. when there were other ways and means to take it up and correct it without creating troubles for the people and incurring huge loss to the country. But Mr. Sheikh did not find it a well thought of article in this arena and he wanted to discuss DEMOCRACY. Though he said or tried to prove that he was above the politics being practiced by the two venerable ladies in Bangadesh yet he said, …the citizens were not dumb and they could very well read the fusty proclivity behind the amendment of the constitution and …..others. We did not really understand what did Mr. Sheikh mean by “what transpired the amendment of the constitution”? However, let us take it like that he did not actually like the amendmend of the constitution more because it did not make the country secular and it really had polluted the ideal of the AL as a party. Yet we cannot just connive at his reacive attitude taking a bit side with the opposition or we may not eschew from taking him as a spokesman of the side who opposes the amendment of the constitution and particu;arly scrapping the CTG system from it. He could not hide it or he could not take the disguise proerly. However, we are interested to say that we agree with him, both the ladies are tested failures and there should be emergence of new leadership in the country to take over the country and DEMOCRACY he means to say. We appreciate his idea, but does it require to debate on the process of constitutional amendment, the way it took place, the printing of it etc etc? Can this debate remove these ladies from politics and install new ones in their place? We will be happy to know,if comes forward from Mr. Sheikh as to how does he want to take lead to replace these two ladies? We may have wide range of discusion on his propositon if this paper permits us.
    Thanks Mr. Saleque and Mr. Sheikh. So nice of you. Last but not the least, please grow the mentality of discussion but not the dirty polemics like these two ladies.

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    Concerned Citizen

    This is a democratically elected government. If its unseated through conspiracy by the BNP-Jamaat evil axis and their allies like Bdoza-Oli crap who have been kicked around by Khaleda’s son Tareq BNP will be the biggest loser. Its hope of getting into power through the back door again will vaporize.

    Bangladesh has bigger problems that need immediate attention by the media. The influx of village folks into cities and an exploding population should be their number one agenda instead of focusing on destructive politics orchestrated by the war criminals Jamaat and their subservient financially dependent ally BNP.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Thanks everyone for your contributions. All I wanted is as I mentioned in my first mail – ” Let’s talk about promises those political parties made thru their menifesto. Let’s go after them to honour their promises” . Yes, that’s how we can start practicing Democracy, and start contributing establishing it. The key issue is getting our priorities right, as active NRB netizens we can act as a pressure group….yes, we can only try.

    I am not drawing parallel between any parties,but we surely need more than one party for democracy to succeed…..Democracy will remain a dream we don’t have more than one party, I hope I don’t have to elaborate on it. The task is to make parties conduct themselves with certain degree of civility and responsibility. Emergence of a third force? It happens all the time ….JSD did not born out of 1975…if there is a need it will happen…Muslim League vanished and Awami League ruled …….lack of democracy will encourage despots to venture into politics…….and we have witnessed it many times.

    I don’t have to be supporter of opposition to oppose ” Bismillah…….We are Secular”.

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    Sheikh Zia

    I can’t do much about the believers of Bush doctrine “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists”, I am a non-believer. You don’t have to take side to believe in democracy. Similarly I don’t have to take any side to oppose ” Bismillah……..We are secular”. I don’t have to take any side to oppose “Islam,the state religion”. I don’t have to take side to demand definition of basic structure. I don’t have to take side to ask why almost one third of the constitution can not be amended now. I don’t have to take side to ask why will it be a treason if a citizen questions certain acts of the constitution. I don’t have to take a side to try to protect my fundamental rights.

    I am with AL if they implement their promises made in their menifesto. That’s precisely what I have said in my first response post “Let’s talk about promises those political parties made thru their menifesto. Let’s go after them to honour their promises.” Unfortunately New Airport was not not a priority before election. Here are more on new airport :

    “We will be happy to know,if comes forward from Mr. Sheikh as to how does he want to take lead to replace these two ladies?”- All we want to do is make major players practice democracy,and democratic process will surely bring in qualitative changes in leadership style, and who knows it may also bring in new leadership with fresh ideas. As active netizens we can act as pressure group to bring in much needed qualitative change. Wholesale “GIBOT” will only promote hatred…..we have better things to do…love Democracy.

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    Khondkar A saleque

    Now the discussion is getting to a ponit where we can definitely make contribution to make political parties act more responsibly to serve the people, serve the nation. But we must also have the guts to call spade the spade. If elected peoples representatives enjoying all rights aand previledges do not play their role in the parliament and spread mallice why sensible citizens must not boycot them? Why opposition must not plead their points in the parliament? How politics and democracy will survive if all do not act responsibly to make parliament truely functional. Democracy does not mean treasury bench alone. Opposition is equally responsible for success and failure of democracy.
    As Mr Sheikh Zia agreed that he did not mean to draw analogy between tow begums , we must agree that History has set destiny for both of them .We are not short sighted. We know background of both and aware of some historic development. History tells us that BAL and BNP can not be compared apple to apple.One party formed through struggle of the grass root masses and other from the womb of a military dictator .One has a golden history of several achievements and other a track record of conspiracy,infghing and sponsoring of terrorism.
    No one denies the requirement of a third platform to keep the two opposing stream honest. But where is that third forece. Left politics is rotten with opportunism. Bikalpadhara and LDP are off shoot of BNP . Dr Kamal Hossain is misguided . We may like or not Ershad with his virtues and vices will continue to tilt the balance.
    Mr Zia, you have both Shekh and Zia in your name .An unique comination . Please tell us where to start. We must not waste time targetting each other. We all have a role to play. Bangladesh has enormous potential. We owe a lot to our martyred freedom fighter friends. We have to try and advance our nation to make our pledges true.

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    Madani Akhond

    Hello Mr Sheikh ZiI have some experience with the day this present SIA Or ZIA airport’s work started. If you are an aviation expert & were involved with this SIA/ZIA airport management then I am suprised how did you say there was no risk involvement there with SIA/ZIA.
    You must remember(You wrote you are aviation personnel) MR Mahtab the then Engineer-in -charge for ADA which was supervising the construction of this
    SIA/ZIA airport.
    Fort your information this SIA was built assuming there will be scope for high raise buliding & the run ways must have a bearing weight no more than
    the half of the present load it is taking, you should go & check with the
    authority that this runways are now becoming more of a risk than other risks.

    You should know modern aviation(I am living in a Western coountry & have experience of seeing such massive air port construction) needs a lot of other
    facilities to ensure smooth operation of large air crafts which the present
    SIA/ZIA can never meet & to add such facilities you need to demolish or move a large part of Uttora sattelite city which is virtually impossible.
    Brother Sheikh Zia, I am no BAL or BNP, just an ordianry person.

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    Madani Akhond

    Mr Sheikh Zia here is more for your information about SIA,

    “Foreign airlines operating from Zia International Airport (ZIA) in Dhaka have complained that ZIA has become too risky.
    Potholes in the taxiway, cracks on the runway, missing landing lights and malfunctioning navigational equipment and radar systems have made flying in Bangladesh a risky operation while the SIA’s geographic location makes it unavoidable for most airliners flying from east to west and vice versa.
    Officials in the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) said over two dozen complaints have been filed by different airliners such as Saudia, British Airways, Emirates, Thai, Singapore Airlines on the condition of taxiways and runways at Zia International Airport (ZIA). But the situation is unlikely to improve within the next one or two years, they said.
    While the state minister for civil aviation ministry is very keen on purchasing 10 aircraft for Biman Bangladesh Airlines—a losing concern—he pays little attention to the improvement of civil aviation facilities which fetch the government nearly 2,000mn taka a year, it is being alleged.
    The only major project in the pipeline to improve aviation infrastructure is a 3,000mn taka Danish funded scheme, which has already been delayed by a year now.
    “Bangladesh’s aviation related infrastructure is one of the poorest in the world although it produces big returns and potential,” said a source in the aviation industry.
    The CAAB’s workload has multiplied over the years but its manpower has not increased or been trained to meet the growth although the CAAB does not need much additional manpower, he added.
    Due to the geographic position Bangladesh naturally attracts air traffic. Over the last four to five years, air traffic has increased two fold but there had been no improvement of navigational system or basic infrastructure.
    CAAB sources said they handle 250-300 flight navigational clearances every day fetching around $30mn annually.
    “The condition of the 4km taxiway at ZIA is worse than that of any road in Dhaka city. Every 10 yards you can spot potholes that have been recently repaired on a makeshift basis. It needs complete reconstruction. But as this is expensive, the government does not allocate enough funds for a complete task. The makeshift repairs do not last long,” he added.
    “A similar condition prevails on the 11,000-foot runway. It has many cracks. In addition, its landing light system is down. The runway is supposed to be equipped with landing lights every 500 feet. But often we don’t see lights even every 1,000 feet,” he pointed out.
    To ensure navigation safety, the airport is equipped with a navigation aid that relays different signals to incoming and outgoing flights. One of its components—Very High Frequency Omni Range Finder (VOR)—helps aircraft navigate from one airport to another. Its second component is the Instrument Landing System (ILS) that helps pilots land using instruments.
    The third component is the Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) which shows the distance between the aircraft and the airfield.
    “This equipment is 15-20 years old and goes out of order frequently, posing a major safety hazard. We have tabled a taka 40 crore project to modernise navigation aids. But it has remained shelved for three years. We are now operating by frequently repairing the equipment,” the CAAB source added.
    If the ILS is out of order, no pilot will land at ZIA in bad weather and will divert the plane towards Chittagong.
    Out of the seven airports, only ZIA has two radar systems—a primary and a surveillance radar system. Both the radar systems, which were purchased second-hand 15-20 years back, are out of order most of the time.
    “None of the three radarscopes (a vital component) of these radar systems are functioning properly. Years ago, it did not matter much. But now as Bangladesh’s airspace has become congested, it has become very difficult for the air traffic control room to maintain separation between aircraft,” said the CAAB source.
    Flight separation is a system that ensure airliners do not fly into each other.
    “Now it depends entirely on pilots. Almost no other country in the world lacks such radar,” he added.

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    I think BNP’s days are numbered. It owes its existence to right wing religious Islamic fundamentalists funded by hardliner Arabs like Bin Laden and ISI of Pakistan. The US and India have united to wipe out extremism from South Asia. It is also in China and Russia’s interest to see that radical Islamic fanaic fundamentalism is quashed in the region.

    Tareq Zia and Coco are well known all over the world as international terrorists and money launderers. It is impossible to imagine in our wildest dreams that these criminals will be allowed to rule Bangladesh in future by he international community.

    If Tareq or Coco ever comes to power that will spell doomsday for Bangladesh. These two cold-blooded mass murderers will be ill-fated like Saddam and Gaddafi`s sons gone astray.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Dear Bro Akhond,
    Your comment ” If you are an aviation expert & were involved with this SIA/ZIA airport management then I am suprised how did you say there was no risk involvement there with SIA/ZIA.” I never claimed to be an Aviation expert or being involved in SIA/ZIA airport management. All I said is that I am an Aviation Professional. Pls check.

    Your comment ” “Foreign airlines operating from Zia International Airport (ZIA) in Dhaka have complained that ZIA has become too risky.
    Potholes in the taxiway, cracks on the runway, missing landing lights and malfunctioning navigational equipment and radar systems have made flying in Bangladesh a risky operation while the SIA’s geographic location makes it unavoidable for most airliners flying from east to west and vice versa.
    Officials in the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) said over two dozen complaints have been filed by different airliners such as Saudia, British Airways, Emirates, Thai, Singapore Airlines on the condition of taxiways and runways at Zia International Airport (ZIA). But the situation is unlikely to improve within the next one or two years, they said.” – Does any of these warrant abandoning SIA? Can’t we get potholes,cracks, malfunctioning runway lights, navigational aids, Radar, etc repaired? Do we have to close down SIA because of above defects ? Don’t we have an organization to look after them ? Yes, foreign carriers do have complaints, but if willing we can address and rectify them. Had SIA been rated risky by any regularatory authority like FAA, EASA, I am sure lots of crriers approved by those regularatory authorities would have ceased operation to SIA. You simply can’t use an unapproved runway. We just can’t chop off head because of headache !!
    You are right about existing inefficiencies and utter irresponsibilities displayed to maintain SIA to an acceptable level. Yes, we can talk about it.

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    Sheikh Zia

    Mr. Saleque , thanks for getting to something where democracy takes shape. Yes, a working parliament. BNP’s boycott of parliament can not be supported and does not contribute anything for democracy. We have seen boycott games before, and it simply not acceptable. On the same note treasury bench must conduct themselves with responsibility and take a lead to make the parliament functional. Spending hours after hours on “Gibot” and self praise leaving priority national issues in drawers is not helping at all. Got to go now. Will come back and talk on this bit more.

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    Haider Ali

    Totally disgusted at seeing BNP wooing GAAMCHA and KULA party. Don’t know about the sign of Oli’s party! It is natural that BNPs offshoots will rejoin her as they have no influence in the parliament as their numbers are O(Kader Siddiqi) + 0 (Badruddoza and Mahi) + 1 (Oli) = 1 only!

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    Ariful Haque

    I have no respect for Khaleda Zia and family. Her sons are terrorists. She wants to put the sacred constitution into the garbage.She is such a filth that sher has united with the war criminals of 1971. She should be tried for treason and her sons prosecuted.

    Tareq should be brought back from London and put on trial for the August 21 grenade blasts that killed many including Ivy Rahman, the slain wife of President Zillur Rahman.

    Coco should be brought back from Malaysia along with the millions of dollars he and her corrupt mother took out of the country to Saudi Arabia and Malayasia.

    They must not be spared for crimes.

  22. Author Image

    Madani Akhond

    Yes Bro Sheikh Zia, you got it right, those risks don’t warrant abandoning SIA or ZIA-at least for now under the prevailing economic situation of
    the country.
    But bro that so called FAA & EASA had already warned us & are going to take
    actions in near future if some steps are not taken by end of this year.
    You should check this if you want, well again to get to this point you will
    need a very good political access to reach the persons involved.

    After all new airports means more money more profit for Western Coutries
    Your FAA & EASA etc are their cousins, but of course they do look after well
    & don’t make any compromise for any security risks.

    The govt of Bangladesh tried to convince them with a promise of having a better airport within next 10 yrs or so & in the mean time the Govt has
    assured them of taking care of the prevailing risk factors within that 6 months. If you happen to go inside the SIA, just look around for those workers trying to fix those bits & pieces of those problem areas.

    I was trying close & remain off from this topics, but this forum is a
    bit interesting & topic really deserves some inputs & this was my 2 cents.

    Thats all for me, at the end yes,we need an airport of 21st century & Inshallah Bangladesh will have it in near future & this is the demand of the
    time , not a poltical issue for BAL or BNP.

  23. Author Image

    Madani Akhond

    Ok Bro Sheikh Zia here is a little excerpts of those warning by FAA.

    “CAAB have to carry out their job in full transparency and accountability, he warned. … FAA threatened to suspend allotted air-frequency and landing slots if it failed to ….. The flight will take-off from Zia International Airport at 11 am after a …… Lufthansa Technik will ensure adherence to EASA standards. …

  24. Author Image

    Sheikh Zia

    ” “CAAB have to carry out their job in full transparency and accountability, he warned. … FAA threatened to suspend allotted air-frequency and landing slots if it failed to ….. The flight will take-off from Zia International Airport at 11 am after a …… Lufthansa Technik will ensure adherence to EASA standards.” … FAA downgraded Bangladesh to Catagory 2 due non-compliance of ICAO safety standards. It’s not because of conditions of SIA,there are whole lots of other issues like issuance of AOC, Personnel training & licensing and many more …

    Please ref following US govt link, go to FAA website and you will see why BD was downgraded to Cat 2.

    ” AVIATION SAFETY OVERSIGHT: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has assessed the Government of Bangladesh’s Civil Aviation Authority as not being in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards for the oversight of Bangladesh’s air carrier operations. Further information may be found on the FAA’s website at FAA’s safety assessment page.”

  25. Author Image


    In a way you are trying to say we must kepp continuing to run SIA despite
    these risks & other factors & don’t even think for a new airport which the
    present Govt tried to build as this Govt is BAL Govt & Saleque Sufi is like a BAL spokesman.
    Sir ,Pl don’t colour this issue a political one.

    The New airport will be eventually there be it BAL govt or BNP Govt as this is not the issue for Bangladesh only , there are major international players plus there are more realistic reasons which is sure to warrant another new airport. Thats not my opinion, but….leave it….!!!

    I had some informations about this issue & because I know a little about the back ground of this issue I just participated. For your little information the new airport issue is nothing but a long time agenda of Bangladeshi Master plan originated almost during the time of Pakistani regime.

    There were many manipultions in the master plan from then on, but sorry its not possible to talk in this short timr & space.

    You may be a aviation prfessional & may have an excellent career there, but you may not know everything about it & I also don’t claim to be the all knowing Jack.
    Let me stop here & you are entitled to have your own opinion & I respect that.

    I won’t go further just for the sake of debate only.

  26. Author Image

    Sheikh Zia

    Dear Mr. Madani Akhond, Thanks again for your comments. You may have jumped to conclusion without reading all my comments. I didn’t say that we never need another airport, eventually we will require one, but it’s not a priority at this time, we can still do away with SIA for some years to come. This is what I said in one of my comments in the thread – ” …..This is what the priority is, not expansion of SIA or a new airport. An expanded city will eventually need a new airport, but we have time for it. Dhaka is simply shockingly choked, we need to do something on real priority…..”

    We have so many things on our priority list… Saving Dhaka from choking with traffic and population, Health care, Hospitals , Universities , Schools , Colleges,Creation of Employment, Energy …. and what not. We better spend our hard earned money where it’s needed most…

    Thanks for participating in the debate, I am hopeful something good will come thru these debates. You too are right to have your own opinion, and you have my respect too.

  27. Author Image


    Br Sk Zia we better spend our money where it’s needed most, yes, everybody understand this, but while you can spend thousands of crores for buying fighter air crafts, more world class accommodation for a particular group of
    people who is not doing anything productive for the country, we don’t question that.
    Your priority list will have so much problem to build an airfort which is evetually a must for any developing country like Bangladesh, many neighbouring countries are hoping to see a world class airport in Bangladesh just for their own benefit, let alone for Bangladesh.
    The FAA & EASA plus other experts say that the existing infrastructure of airports in Bangladesh is not sufficient to meet the future air traffic demand. Shahjalal is the busiest airport of the country which handles 80 percent of the country’s total air traffic.

    They also said the airport has a single runway, and its annual passenger handling capacity of 80 lakh is inadequate. The size of its passenger terminal building is too small for implementing the modern five-level security detail, they argued.

    Besides, the airport is surrounded by urban residential areas and the cantonment zone which restrict its future expansion possibilities. Shahjalal is also not capable of handling modern jumbo aircraft like Airbus 380, they added.
    In this era of civilization almost all developing countries have a back up airport in case of any emergency. The master plan of Bangladesh had this options too, the experts say SIA could be used as a back up in future.

    If Bangladesh wants to be an important Asian gateway for Western and other countries then it has to compete with rapidly growing countries like Singapore and Malaysia, and it needs to grow. At present, Singapore airport cannot cope because of the present rush of air traffic. This may happen in Bangladesh also in spite of the expansion of the present airport.
    Future global business and international travel will need developed air traffic facility all over the world. To face the future challenge, the government and the country should prepare themselves from today.

    The new airport will also open a huge employment opprtunity for so many.
    It will create a very wide impact for other associated industries thereby huge employment, just check with Bangkok new airport & other asian developing

    It really shocks me when I see so many poticalization of each & every national issue in Bangladesh, I am living overseas for more than quarter of a century, many times went to Bangladesh to do something, but seeing so much
    politics in everyphere of life haunts me till today, but still I hope, one day PEOPLE will understand.

    Thanks for your patience, I have no poltical ambition or association, just want to see Bangladesh doing well & in that line I was dreaming to see a
    wrodl class airport in Dhaka & the day I came to know this is going to happen, I was overwhelmed with joy, but poor politics killed it right way.

    May Allah(SWT) bless us all.

  28. Author Image

    Khondkar A saleque

    Gentlemen who are debating over SIA may read a report published in the Daily Inquilab today. I have noted that some readers here tried to tag me BAL spokesman without explaining which part of my post gave them that impression. The readers must focus on matters I discussed . However it is heartening to note that there seems to have some consensus about requirement of a new International Airport.
    My intention of writting the post was to underline the unnecssary announcement of BNP Chairperson to wage street agitation for unseating a legal government .

  29. Author Image

    Abir Ali Khan

    I have just toured Mymensing, Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail recently. The road to Mymensing is at very bad shape at four spots for 2-3 kilometers totaling about ten kilometers in all that takes at least 2-3 hours to commute by car or bus. This adds up to the usual 3 hours that was normal when the road to Mymensing was in good shape. Now it takes over 5-6 hours to go to Mymensing.

    I don’t know what the communications minister or the LGRD minister or the AL general secretary does. The late Syed Nazrul Islam was a famous son of Mymensing. Abul Hossain is thoroughly incompetent. He has totally mismanaged the communications sector.

    During my trip to the Mymensing belt I was suprised to see the abundance of crops and vegetables and the greenery of the Mymensing belt. There’s no reason for prices to soar in Dhaka markets when the produce in those regions are very cheap. The cost of transportation and other costs cannot justify the inflated prices in Dhaka’s bazaars. Here the Commerce minister is a total flop. Colonel(retd) Farook does not understand the fundamentals of commerce. He and Abul Hossain (a former clerk at TCB who was sacked in 1974 for corruption) are ridiculed by the masses as a clowns put on show by Hasina hurting AL’s image badly.

    The AL government should immediately sack the Commerce and Communications ministers if they want to salvage the AL from disastrous performance in the next elections in less than 3 years. These two are thoroughly incompetent.

  30. Author Image

    Zia Masud

    The biggest problem that the world faces today is an ‘exploding’ population in the underdeveloped countries. The poorer the country the greater is the birth rate. An unsustainable exponentially increasing population is at the root of all evils. This is what the donors must understand. Their stress should be on population control in poor countries through strict family planning and welfare activities.

    At independence in 1971, Bangladesh’s population was 75 million. Today it has almost doubled. But the country’s land and resources are limited. This puts enormous pressure on a country about the size of the state of Wisconsin of the US. Its unthinkable to imagine that a dimunitive country like Bangladesh has a population more than half of the US population. This unbearable population leads to socioeconomic decline, illiteracy, political and social strife and vulnerability of the poorest section to religious fundamentalist indoctrination in spite of remarkable efforts by the liberal and secular present government with positive results.

    Bangladesh has been in a deep slumber for the past fifteen years to tackle its population burden. Family planning has remained in the back burner while rural areas have seen women of child bearing age between 15 and 20 giving birth to two or three children by then and unskilled illiterate village men having 2-3 spouses in different areas they migrate to in search of low income jobs like day laborers and rickshawpullers in cities.

    Bangladesh would have been a ‘Golden Begal’ as envisaged by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Rabindranath Tagore if we could restrict our population at under 100 million now. Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the recent years but a huge population eats away all its precious resources like natural gas, oil, timber, coal and agricultural produce.

    Therefore, all donor and government projects must address the population factor that erodes all our acheivements.

  31. Author Image

    Khondkar A saleque

    Dear Zia Masud , thanks for bringing here a very pertinent matter. Bangladesh must address very postively the population growth issue. Till 1990s the birth control/ fmaily planning initiatives of Bangladesh were admired by international agencies. But since 1990s there has been steady decline in family planning activities. So many NGOs and so many citizen groups are active in Bangladesh. But unfortunately we can not effectively motivate masses on family planning. Our population is now not less than 160 Million. It is lamost impossible to cater for such a huge population with humble resources on a small land of Bangladesh. The population of Dhak only about 15 million . Just imagine if only Dhaka population could be restricted to 10 million what difference it could bring to city life.
    We want meeting of minds of all cross section of people to bring down population growth rate .Other wise no government will be able to meet the challenges of freely growing population.

  32. Author Image

    Javed Zaman

    This population boom must be faced by the government head-on right away. Sadly enough, the media swoops on political issues that divide and devastate the nation but they hardly ever/never bring up this dangerous issue. The media is more interested on adding fuel to flames. Most of these poltical debates centred around irrelevant issues like hartaals and agitation are sheer nonsense, unproductive, destructive and inciting. A government elected for five years must be allowed to perform without hindrance from any sector to fulfill their promises. These late night hopeless talkshows hosted by politicians and so called experts including ex-advisers and opportunists hardly suggest anything positive or forsightedness.

    The approach to the population problem has to be multi-pronged. As an example if you take the low income population serving the posh areas of Dhaka living in the outskirts of Gulshan, Baridhara and Banani the situation is precarious. As more greedy unscrupulous developers grab their lands these poor people are forced to rent places at high prices. They may resort to violence in future if their situation deteriorates further. This is where the government needs to intervene. This government was expected to address the housing problem of these people long time back. The housing and works minister should have built several hundred thousand low cost apartments for these poor people in he outskirts of Dhaka and sold these units on a 30 year very low mortgage (taka 500-1000)rate to them. Similar initiatives couldhave also been taken in the transport sector to help CNG autocab drivers with ownership of their vehicles.

    All major metropolitans in Bangladesh must have an ID for their inhabitants and the populatio must be controlled and monitored. Mass influx and exodus of people from villages must be addressed at the highest national policy making level. All ministries in Dhaka must be decentralized. For example moving Food and Agriculture and Irrigation to Rangpur and Rajshahi, Maritime transport and port to Chittagong and Khulna, Communications to the least developed highways district and so on.

    Only then Bangladesh can hope to join the bandwagon of Asian nations like India and China making great strides in socioeconomic progress. We should also ask China and India to invest heavily in our infrastructure development to meet the growing needs of both the giants and the region at large.

  33. Author Image

    Sheikh Zia

    ” We want meeting of minds of all cross section of people to bring down population growth rate .Other wise no government will be able to meet the challenges of freely growing population.” –

    What’s the function of government ? Policy formulation and implementation is government’s task. Family planning is not favourite with policy makers any more, that’s the trend for over a decade now. BNP with it’s “Islamic” jote friend stayed away from family planning, Awami league with it’s new found “Islamic” love staying away too. They invented other priorities over population control. If we have to succeed in controlling population, government in power must be committed to do so, like China did. Government must lead from the front with active participation from all strata of population. Government must take the lead to motivate people, government must give it a priority it deserves….

  34. Author Image

    Javed Zaman

    Although it might sound rude and painful Dhaka city must remove all slums and bostis. These are haven for drug traffickers, terrorists, murderers, muggers, addicts and all kinds of evil operators. This can be done by first making a list of innocent people living in those areas and then rehabilitating and relocating them in low income government funded housing projects.

    The criminal gangs must be busted and criminals living in those slums indicted and/or rehabilitated. The lakes and waterways must be ‘RESURRECTED’. Any illegal structure like the BGMEA baban must be brought down at the same time so that the sum dwellers get the message that no one no matter who he or she is has been spared.

  35. Author Image


    Unfortunately family planning is something very foreign to poor section of the population, it didn’t work under any formulation of policy by any govt.

    Untill or unless those poor class people are not given any sort of proper
    entertainment during the late evening hours like allowing them watch TV or
    any other sort ,they will only engaged with that unprotected/uncontrolled sex during that time & time. This is just bringing unwanted pregnancies to so many young girls who inturn giving births to so many children.
    This was found from a field level study by some NGOs.

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