Bangladesh press war crime charges against Islamic leader

Saleem Samad

Saleem Samad

Bangladesh investigators press war crime charges against Islamic leader, accusing him of genocide, murder and rape during the bloody war of independence in 1971 on Monday.

Bangladesh chief prosecutor Ghulam Arif Tipu accused Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, has been also accused of “crimes against humanity, looting, arson and forcible conversion to Islam.” This is first charge against a war criminal since Bangladesh was born four decades ago.

Tipu said that investigators of the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) have completed probe and submitted a 4,074-page report. The probe has found compelling evidences of war crimes.

Sayedee is detained along with other seven other war crime suspects from his Jamaat-e-Islami party and from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The opposition argues that the government is marginalizing

The war crimes tribunal, a special court created two years ago to try people suspected of atrocities during the independence from Islamic Pakistan, will hold a hearing on Thursday to decide whether the charges will be taken into cognizance.

The official liberation war documents claim that nearly three million people were killed during the nine-month long struggle and another 400 thousand women were sexually abused by marauding Pakistan army and their armed militia mostly recruited from youths of Islamic religious groups.

Meanwhile, the New York-based Human Rights Watch on Tuesday said the amendments to the rules of procedure for the International Crimes Tribunal have failed to international standards.

The international rights group has said the changes are needed in areas such as requirements for a clear articulation of the crimes, the due process rights of the accused, and victim and witness protection, the organization writes on its website.

Bangladesh law minister Shafique Ahmed on June 19 said the trial of two Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, among the seven charged could begin in July. “The rest may face trial in August,” the technocrat minister commented.

“We want these trials to succeed in bringing the people responsible for the horrific crimes of 1971 to justice,” said Brad Adams, Asia director of the organization.

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3 Responses to “Bangladesh press war crime charges against Islamic leader”

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    Khondkar A saleque

    I agree with the thoughts of the author excepting the caption of the write up. Delwar Hussain Saydee must not be tagged as Islamic leader. His works are not approved in Islam. He is a preacher of conflict and confrontation.An alleged criminal against humanity can not be called Islamic leader.

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    Bangladesh hate cry stands on insanity & immense blood shed.
    How stupidity it is to state”Islamic Pakistan” So this man is so stupid that he does not know the meaning of Islam. Read & know about Islam before you
    propagate hate cries. Islam stands alone for peace..Talk about unruly people. When a person acts against the teaching of Holy Quran , his belief in Islam is questionable. Islam is a holy word which propagates” Love for humanity”.
    Therefore all of us must learn to maintain the purity of the word”ISLAM”
    which means peace.
    Bangladesh from all political sides devoured by insanity. Writing 4074 pages against a man : Means they have no other work than preaching hatered.
    If after the Islamic Conquest. Holy prophet had ordered to search & pick up
    the Anti Islamic quresh & Jewish, Islam would have died long ago.
    These hate mongering leaders donot care for humanity or true teaching of Islam & holy Quran . They are oblivious about their own death, they are cocksure that they will survive longer by hate crime. ALLAH has given us a little respite ,that per chance we mend ourselves. So stop propagating hate. Bangladesh is full of hate & a hatemonger will tell endless lies.
    I read the news about” Million of Birangonas” but when hundred of Banglashies were ready to marry them, very few were found.
    only ALLAH knows the truth .Learn to fear ALLAH for life is given to propagate Shahada & truth & loving the fellow humanbeing.

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    Sallem has highlightd the fact that souls of 3 millions killed by Islamic of Pakistan army and the locals recruited by them will never rest untill the perpetrators of these crime are aptly punished by binging them to court and charging them for their war cimes.
    “The official liberation war documents claim that nearly three million people were killed during the nine-month long struggle and another 400 thousand women were sexually abused by marauding Pakistan army and their armed militia mostly recruited from youths of Islamic religious groups”
    It is unfortunate that some responses to the article give indication that the islam practices by Islamic Republic of Pakistan is peaceful when it is nothing but. Bangladeshi’s should be thankful for its creation otherwise what was known as EAST PAKISTAN then would now have been suffering same shameful and hateful existence brought about by pkistans Islam as practiced there. They have not even spared their best friendly nations such as USA, UK and China where they created havoc by training Jihadis to blow up those nations and their economy simply to blackmail them. Once they were indians, obly 64 years ago and they sent Jihadi group after Jihadi group in order to kill and maim hundreds as you saw the proof in Mumbai attacks in 2008. Had Bangladesh still been part of that nation they would have been ashamed now. Only unfinished business that remains is to bring Pakistani generals and bosses to the International court of Justice or new International Criminal Court for their war crimes committed against the populatin of Bangladesh prior to their Independence in 1971. Bangladeshis should be thankful for not being part of that Pakistan and be thankful for their creators.

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