Plastic Surgery in Bangladesh

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Guest Blogger

Plastic surgery is becoming a world wide phenomenon. It’s difficult to estimate how big medical tourism will get, but by 2012 the industry is estimated to reach $100 billion. Bloomberg Businessweek gives a rather fancy nickname to this new development in tourism: patient outsourcing, giving one an idea at just how big plastic surgery tourism will get.

Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia and India are reaping the rewards by targeting plastic surgery patients more than any other medical tourists. The rationale is obvious. Whereas preventative medicine will increasingly become more popular, it is to vanity surgery that tourism countries are looking forward to.

Like its cultural cousin  India, cosmetic surgery is not exactly an established industry in Bangladesh. One needs to go to quite a few exotic place names like Uttara, Gulshan and Dhanmodi. The prices for rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelift and Botox injections are as cheap as you would expect when you factor in cheaper cost for the proper skills.

In Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, you’ll find a space-age branch of Apollo Hospitals. It’s accredited by the JCI and looks every bit as modern on the inside as on the outside. The Joint Commission International Accreditation gives tourists the assurance of only the best quality medical care and competent specialists for every procedure performed. The Apollo Dhaka is currently the only such facility in the entire country with such accreditation, but with this one hospital succeeding, more similarly modern facilities are to be expected.

Would you go to Bangladesh for Plastic Surgery?

Apollo Dhaka is equipped to handle various cosmetic surgery procedures. Though not as popular as Thailand, Bangladesh has the means and the skills to perform plastic surgery procedures from cleft palate repair, blepharoplasty and even minor breast augmentation.

Hetty Proudhonne, is our guest writer who works in Plastic Surgery Guide.

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    Jojo Payne

    Would you go to Bangladesh for Plastic Surgery?

    No. 1. Why Bangladesh? 2. Why not a dozen better places?

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