National Women Policy and Islam Traders!

Sazid Khan

Sazid Khan

Dr. Humayun Azad once said that ‘Bangalee + Muslim’ is a disease. This is an incurable infection. There is no antibiotic to cure it. Religion here is used to personal and political convenience. God is traded here all and sundry. People can be easily blackmailed here in Bangladesh emotionally. If anyone mixes the flavor of religion to a product the product will be selling like hot cakes. Once I read in a marketing book that nothing sells better than sex. That means if anyone mixes sex with any commodity this will have a boom sell. The thing is if you use religion in Bangladesh people will be prejudiced to obey you. And this trade is being operated here without making any sense or adding any value.

Mufti Amini is an entrepreneur of Islamic trading corporation in Bangladesh. He has become a buzz word now a days. Like all other political parties who trade Islam his motto is to say Bismillah before any wrong doing. If you say Bismillah before any misdeeds your action will be purified according neo Islamic Democratic Politian. Even if you rape any girl just say Bismillah before it and this will not be counted as rape rather it would be Islamic love making. However my main story is about the national women policy and the Islamic parties incongruent to it. After the approval of the national women policy on March 7 Mufti Amini called upon a hartal disagreeing with it. His main argument was that this policy is conflicting with Quran. Under Islamic law, women are entitled to only a quarter of what men inherit. If adopted, the new policy would give every offspring the same share of a father’s inheritance. For the adversaries of the new policy, this is a complete violation of the Qur‘an and unfair towards men. But Mufti Amini could not reveal any section of the policy which is conflicting with Quran.

Mufti Amini played a worm up picketing match on the first April before the hartal he has called on fourth of instant. In Chittagong he deployed the students of Madrashah for besiege the city. His followers had a severe clash with the law and order enforcing agency. Mufti Amini never scanned the policy. Among 49 sections of the policy there was not a single word which goes against the Islamic law. The main opposition party BNP has played a fishy role in this hartal. They did not support the hartal publicly but they said any clashing law against Islam should be negated.

If we closely look into the economic scenario of our country we will see that women are playing an enormous role in keeping the wheel of development active.  In many families women are the principle wage earners. But when the question of inheritance comes up the discrimination starts. Mufti Amini is afraid of the distribution of wealth among men and women. He clearly knows that women will be more empowered if they get capital and assets. Empowered women will be able to contribute in decision making. Then these types of Islam traders will be powerless.

High time has come to prevent the Islam traders. A nation cannot go further keeping her female citizen economically paralyzed. People like Mufti Amini and his collaborators should be publicly interdicted otherwise they will misguide the illiterate people of the country blowing an Islamic smoke in the society.

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    Sabuj Ahmed

    Whenever we like to comment about Islam then we we should think that is our comment is legal or not before comments.

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    If writer want to say before rape any girl just say Bismillah then it will not be counted as rape rather it would be Islamic love making. Here this type of writers are creating many Prova in Modern society who are debuting sexual intercourse in publicly and getting encourage from this kind of writers to show Prova’s hairless vagina publicly.

    Writer has no knowledge about Muslim property distribution or inheritance Muslim law that’s why he mentioned Under Islamic law, women are entitled to only a quarter of what men inherit. writer did not mention here who is woman ( is she daughter, wife, Mother, Sister, Grand mother, Grand daughter, Step sister, Step mother ) When a name of writer knows very little then he writes much.

    When Mufti Amini is wrong in his methodology then writer and nation need to coach him proper way.

    Bangalee + Muslim’ is a disease in our society but how writer will cure it, If Rajib shown his Penis to publicly it would not most popular compare to show publicly Prova’s Vagina.

    Let control the society first by man, if girl can get power to rape a man then Make concept man & woman Equal.

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    Khondkar A saleque

    Currently two issues are bothering the nation.National Women Policy and Probe Committee Report on Share Market Scam. Lot of speculationns in media are confusing Bangladeshi nation. Some so called Islam loving criminals are exploiting the sentiment of innocent Bangladeshis .Governments failure to let masses know the provisions of Womens policy is allowing Religion traders create nuisance.
    Government should be smart enough to let both National Women Policy and Probe Committee report on the website for Bangladeshis at home and abroad read these. Today or tomorsahre market scam on the website to let masses know about these.

    Why Government can not invite open debate of National Women Poicy. Let opposers identify clearly which provisons contradict Islam. We know Islam is a very scientic religion., It has several provisions which guarntees equal right of men and women. We moderate muslim will also not tolerate any contradictions of any law of Bangladesh with the provision of Quaran and Sunnah. But let there be credible analysis of Womens policy.
    On the otherhand we find no problem in letting out Probe Commitee report . We have to see whether their report conforms with TOR of the committee? If tOR mandated them to identify criminals then Government must not dide any part of the report to protect the criminals.

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    Sazid Khan

    Mr. Highway,
    It seems that you are a porno freak. Congratulations. I think you could not understand my column. There is not a single section in the National Women Policy which is conflicting with Islam. But the Islam traders are misguiding the people of our country. I have a vast knowledge about Islam, Quran and Hadiths as my grandfather was a Moulovi and my family is pious enough. So please do not say anything which is ridiculous. ‘Bangalee + Muslim’ disease can be cured if and only if you can erase the Islam traders from Bangladesh. Otherwise this people will misinterpret religion and create a superficial idea of Islam.

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    When Bangladesh peoples are fighting to set up as neutral religion country then this writer has created new debate for Bangladesh

    Rape is an illegal activities virus Rape is a legal activities by Bismillah.

    Writer has come from Moulovi or Molla or Ultra modern family it can not
    be a discussion issue, If writer like Rabindranath Tagore then history or
    people will judge it.

    Where Woman’s right policy is like a burning issue, here this write is
    creating more confusion to mention “Women are entitled to only a quarter”!!!

    Who are women in property inherit?? Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Sister,
    Wife, Grand Daughter, Brother’s daughter – are all “entitled to only a

    Without vast knowledge it is very easy to write “Women are entitled to only
    a quarter”, Muslim rules did not established property rules by short cut, Muslim rules has secured all inheritances interest.

    It is not possible to cancel it’s (present Muslim property law) half a line even if present ruling party get power directly
    from Creator.

    Writer creating awful propaganda against Islam and trying to established to
    Rape a girl is legal act or noble work for Islam – if anybody say Bismillah
    before commence the Rape a girl.

    Writer supporting Prova’s sexual debuting and telling it Porno, Records
    says Moulovi’s grand son or son are very familiar as a porno film viewer, and a porno film viewer can say to others congratulation.

    When this writer has mentioned to say Bismillah before rape a girl and it
    will be Islam love making this type of writer definitely will take place
    after Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen etc.

    No matter, if this type of writers has many supporters in the world. Also it is no matter, if “Satan” has many supporters in the gravitational field.

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    A Raheem

    I think Mufti Amini in his opposition to the women policy being against Islam is correct. Especially in regards to the inheritence issue. I say this because 1)No big scholar of Bangladesh has opposed him on this issue, other than the government paid/bribed aalims 2) He has the support of all the four different factions of the of the khilafat majlis, he only leads one faction. 3) He has the support of jamiat ulame islam Bangladesh. They have about 75% support from the Qoumi maddrassas of Bangladesh. My reference for this information is The leader of this party Mufti Waqas who has been a a member of parliament on two occassions and and a two time minister of religious affairs including during the time of sheikh mujeeb.4) He has the support of Hefozote islam bangladesh.5)The support of Islami bastbian committee. 6) the support of Ulama mashaaikh porishod bangladesh.

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    Mir Mustafiz

    Who is this Mr. Highway? He is indeed a freak. He doesn’t have the guts to disclose his identity. He has been polluting this site with his nonsense postings defending his anti-women stand and promoting misdirected Islamic fascists and fundamentalists.

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    Niamul Islam

    One need to go at the root of a problem to shed light on it.
    Who are these madrassah-goers? If one has not been to a madrassah he would never know the dynamics of madrassah education. The students usually come from the most deprived section of Bangladeshi society. They are either orphans, dropouts, destitutes or the most neglected. Naturally, they become the right prey for the deviated mullah predators. Instead of teaching them their mother tongue they are forced to memorize the Koran in Arabic without ever understanding a single Arabic word. The Koran is presented to them in a manner the uneducated mullah interprets in his own way.

    The life of these boys and girls are very pathetic. Their entire days are spent in a closed space reciting the holy Koran day and night with scanty meals in between. Taking food is their biggest enjoyment. There’s no recreation. That is why one of my friends in the army was saying that he sees many of these children slipping into movie theatre in Kochukhet in Dhaka cantonment while the illiterate mullahs are away on weekends.

    They actually feel low down inside as they are never accepted as equals of students taking formal primary and secondary education. But it also has to be mentioned that we also have many progressive madrassahs that impart formal education. The funding mostly come from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Libya and fundamentalist expatriates living abroad.

    This is for the first time the government is trying to give them mainstream education by inducting compulsory Bengali, maths, science, computers, geography and social studies into their syllabus. It is also a welcome sign to see winds of change and reform sweeping through the middle east. Once women are liberated in those countries and given their due dignity with the fall of dictatorships flow of money into forceful religious indoctrination in Bangladesh will plummet.

    The government must do more to reform this sector and more funding should go into lifting up these innocent helpless boys and girls from appalling living conditions. The World Bank and ADB should also wholeheartedly help the government in this noble endeavour.

    One of the many Huji ( a terrorist outfit) leaders recently caught by the RAB for terrorist acts have been to Saudi Arabia, fought for the Taliban against the Americans and have pictures with top Al Qaeda members including Bin Laden.

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    The Obama administration has done a great job by taking out the world’s most notorious killer hiding in Abottabad, Pakistan jsut a few yards from the Pakisatni military academy.. This is indeed a great victory for the ongoing global fight against terrorists killing innocent people irrespective of race, belief or colour.

    The superb operation carried out by the US SEALS also raise serious questions about source of funding of these terrorist networks and their links with the Pakistani Army and the Saudi monarchy.

    Both these countries and many other Arab countries fund the madrassas Niamul has spoken about. The madrassas are basically brainwashing centres and recruiting places for Al Qaeda and its affiliates in Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh saw a resurgence of such terrorist cells during the rule of Khaleda Zia and her Jamaat-e-Islami war crimes criminals. During BNP-Jamaat’s rule the ISI in cooperation with the Saudis (the major source of funds) opened many offices in Bangladesh disguised as Islamic banks and businesses to train and produce terrorists mainly in the outskirts of Dhaka and also in Dhaka. But recently in the past two years the backbone of these terrorist networks have been severely broken by a series of smart operations by the RAB and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh which were previously run by Jamaat-e-Islami recruits in the army. The former DGs of both the NSI and theDFI had close connections with the ISI and are now in custody. They have revealed many astounding facts about the grenade blasts to wipe out the entire Awami League top brass and have disclosed the names of ministers of the former BNP-Jamaat government who ere also deeply involved in the conspiracy.

    These terrorists and their micro-cells have the ability to quickly switch the headquarters from one country to another. And they obviously target densely populated low-income undeveloped countries. First it was Sudan, then Afghanistan, Kenya and finally Somalia while Pakistan has always acted as a safe haven for them no matter where their HQ is situated.

    The Bangladesh and US government should cooperate fully to scan each and every individual moving into Bangladesh from specially Pakistan and the Middle East and India too. Recently, several Pakistanis along with Bangladeshis were caught by the RAB in Dhaka who were issuing fake Bangladeshi visas and passports for Pakistani nationals.

    There’s another area of concern that should not be neglected by the government. Khaleda Zia has recently moved to a house in the posh Gulshan residential area just a few blocks from both the Pakistani and Saudi embassies. It may be mentioned that during her rule in 2006 she and her family including sons Tarek and Arafat took 400 (four hundred) suit cases, possibly stashed with corrupt money out of Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia during one of her many frequent trips to SA. Saudi Arabian Royal family is the biggest financier of Khaleda Zia’s family and her party, and all terrorist and Islamic fundamentalist parties including the Jamaat-e-Islami.

    The head of the monster may have been brilliantly cut off by the US stealth operatiors with surgical precision but the venomous tentacles are still their writhing in pain. These tentacles too must be slashed off. That day is not far away. And it will surely come with democratization and humanization of the Middle East

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    Dear Brothers,

    If you are muslim plese follow the Islami Shriya properly. But if you dont want to follow it please dont claim yourself as muslim. We will not cry that we lost a muslim brother. Rather we will be happy that we got rid of a munafik.

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