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[Dhaka Correspondent] Journalist and human rights advocate Jahangir Alam Akash secured bail from a Rajshahi court and was later released from Rajshahi central jail Monday. Akash’s lawyer submitted a bail petition with the Rajshahi district and sessions judge’s court and the judge, AR Masud, granted Akash bail and posted the next hearing for Sunday. RAB picked up Akash, bureau chief of the CSB News and staff reporter of Sangbad, on October 24 as a case was filed against him by one Abdul Jalil of Kandra at Puthia on October 23.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Is there any specific charge against him? Surely reporting on someone’s alleged crime cannot be a crime! And what about cartoonist Arif? It’s been over two l-o-n-g months for god’s sake! Is he out on bail yet? He should just be free to go home…

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    Anybody know the address of Doorniti Domon Commission in Bangladesh? Thank you.

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    Noor Alam Pulak

    A Courageous Journalist Akash

    On December 1, 2006, RAB murdered Ahsan Habib Babu, a Chatra Leage leader from Durgapur. On May 2, 2007 Benazir (BNP, Contractor) was shot by RAB in front of his wife and minor daughter. On May 16, 2007 RAB tortured jail-guard Sahebul. RAB killed Majnu Sheikh in a litchi garden in Choto Bangram [a satellite town of Rajshahi] on May 18, 2007.

    Akash reported these incidents in CSB News, Deutsche Welle and in Daily Sangbad. When Benazir was shot on May 2,2007 it was reported by me in CSB News. RAB-5 commander Major Rashidul Hasan threatened me on May 2 and said RAB will take action against Akash. He complained to Amnesty International and Asian Human Rights Commission regarding this threat. Then an investigation was commissioned. Akash gave him testimony to NSI, SB and Police. For these reasons RAB was furious with him.

    On the April 9, 2002 and on the December 19, 2006 I reported about the corruption in the management of Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate in Rajshahi. On March 4, of 2000 He reported about Mahfuzul Alam Loton, the son of the sacked Motawali (of the Estate) Abdus Samad and his gang’s terrorist activities. Last April 25, 2007 Akash’s report on the corruption of this estate was broadcasted by CSB News.

    Working as a regional coordinator of a human rights organization, Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights, He did some fact-finding on RAB’s human rights violations. These facts were sent to the home minister, prime minister and the chief adviser seeking necessary actions.
    Reacting to his reports in CSB News and Daily Sangbad on corruption in Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate in Rajshahi, Mahfuzul Alam Loton, son the Motawali Abdus Samad filed a GD (General Diary No. 1160) on June 20, 2007 charging Akash of a false extortion attempt of Taka 50,000 in the Boalia model police station.

    On October 2, the same complaint was submitted in the same police station as Izahar and it was recorded as a case (No. 2, Section 385/386). He immediately applied to the high court and received an ad-interim. But violating the court ruling RAB arrested me on the October 24 at 1 am, late in the night.

    He was blindfolded with a towel, covered with a mask and was taken to RAB-5 office. He was beaten by RAB in front of his 5-month old son Fiman Farnad and his wife was also witness to this. At the same time when Likhon, the son of his landlord, asked about the identity of the persons arresting Akash. He was also beaten.

    After Akash arrival in RAB-5 office He was kept hanging from ceiling with ropes in his hands, with the mask on his face. In the morning the RAB commander Major Rashidul Hasan and Humayun Kabir (DAD) tortured me physically. They have sworn nasty words towards Akash. They handed Akash over to Boalia police station at 4:30 in the afternoon under section 54.

    Boalia police station put Akash on court under section 16 (2) of the emergency act. Akash came to know later that another false extortion case was lodged against Akash by the father of a rapist Chatradol cadre in the Puthia police station. The son of the plaintiff in the Puthia police station case was caught red handed while trying to rape a teenager girl. He was later released on acuited. Her father was murdered by poison because he refused to withdraw the case against the rapist.

    Mahfuzul Alam Loton, the plaintiff of the extortion case against Akash, witness Ziaul Haque Tuku and Asaduzzaman Asad all are working as a RAB sources. Akash filed a GD (No. 310) against Loton on March 7, 2000 because after his report had been published in Daily Sangbad on March 4, 2000 members of his gang tried to kill him.

    Later Asaduzzaman Asad, a witness in Loton’s case took Taka 30,000 as extortion from a local businessman but he used Akash name. This was reported in Daily Sangbad, “Extortion using the name of a journalist,” on January 19, of 2003.
    It is mentioned that, Akash was released from Rajshahi central jail on 19th November, 2007 on bail. Now, he getting treatment under Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims (BRCT) from 21 st November, 2007. Last 25th November, 2007 Third false extortion case filed against Akash by a BNP leader Abdul Latif Biswas with Puthia police station. Mr. Latif is a accused person of a sensational extortion case.
    Now, he has been suffering seriously economic problem. At the same time, he living unnatural life from last two months for false extortion cases. For this reason, at least three families feel in secured with his own family. Thank you very much.
    Please, come & help to Mr. Akash.

    Best regards

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