A baby named Cyclone



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[Photo: Cyclone, a baby born during the onslaught of Sidr.]

[Mashuqur Rahman, USA.]

Cyclone Sidr battered Bangladesh last Thursday taking an yet unknown number of lives in its path. The latest official reports put the death toll over 2000. No one really knows how high the death toll will climb since rescuers have not yet reached all of the devastated areas. The Bangladesh Red Crescent is warning that the death toll could top 10,000.

As Cyclone Sidr was killing the people of Bangladesh, a little baby was born in the southern district of Barisal — the district that took the brunt of the onslaught. The picture you see above is his proud grandmother holding the newborn in front of the debris of their collapsed home. They have named the child “Cyclone.”

I could write today about the horrible destruction that has occurred in Bangladesh. I could write about the many stories of death, the loss of homes, of essential crops, of the destruction of the beautiful Sundarbans. But there is a more urgent need today.

That need is that little baby in his grandmother’s arms. That little baby needs food, water, medicine and shelter. By the cruel chance of nature, that baby was born into a world of unspeakable destruction. We can change that.

Cash is what is needed most. And the tiniest amount makes a huge difference. It costs about 30 cents for a packet of oral saline, something that saves the life of one person. So literally a few dollars saves a lot of lives.

We have seen the power of the internet in bringing the world together, of fighting oppression, of changing lives. I urge you today to use the power of the internet to change the lives of our fellow human beings. The need is urgent and time is of the essence. The survivors of the cyclone will soon face water-borne diseases, hunger and dehydration unless help reaches them. Unless relief reaches the most at need the initial tragedy of the cyclone will have been multiplied many fold.

So today I ask you the reader to help the people of Bangladesh at their time of dire need. I ask you to consider helping


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    I have been living abroad for the last 10 years. I made couple of online donations yesterday to for the Cyclone Sidr victims. Last night, before going to bed, I started thinking how long it will take these international organizations to send support to Bangladesh. I don’t necessarily know how these organizations work but I had a feeling that the donations that I made would not be utilized immediately.

    This morning, I was about to make a SWIFT wire transfer directly to the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society so that they can utilize it immediately. I went to the bank and remembered all my bank accounts are frozen in Bangladesh. My whole family

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    I wasn’t clear on one thing on my last post. Some people might question even if my bank accounts are frozen in Bangladesh, why can’t I just make a SWIFT transfer from a foreign bank. The problem is that, my name is blacklisted in the banks and by doing a swift transfer, I am leaving a trace for this government to track me down. I don’t want to endanger my family by leaving a trace of my detail for this government.

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    Zulfikar Ali

    Someone help me understand this. So if I want to distribute relief in the affected areas, I have to notify government and go through their channel! What kind of ridiculous thing is that. This sort of non-sense rules by the CTG are being getting in the way of relief operation. I know people who are ready to go, but they have to wait for government permission. This is very sad.


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    For Zulfikar Ali, I personally collected few lacs taka from my friends and with some clothings went to Borguna to one of my friends village and distributed those among cyclone affected peoples. I neither took permission from any government authority nor I was obstructed by anybody. I mean there is no restriction like this. You can safely and unhindered go there and help those poor people.

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    Zulfikar Ali

    Mamun Bhaia, thanks for sharing your experience. I am working on organizing a relief trip as well. After doing some research, looks like it is a good idea to contact the DC office, so we can go to the right place.

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