“Friends of Grameen” is just a paid lobbying group!

Mohammad Arafat

Mohammad Arafat

As a citizen of Bangladesh I am surprised to notice that Dr. Yunus declared war against the Government of this country. Yunus doesn’t seem to want to abide by any rules or regulations of the land. The Government is elected by the people of the country and we have a sovereign parliament. Should we be listening to the foreigners and run this country according to their instruction??? Or we have dignity of our own that we want to preserve??

A foreign PR firm has been appointed to lobby and campaign against the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina.

The group of people who have formed ‘Friends of Grameen’ is part of the PR activities of Burson-Marsteller Paris a Paris based PR company.

Have a look at the page; click the link below to see:

Caption: Screenshot of the PR group.

The contact information is a company called Burson-Marsteller, their Paris office. They are one of the largest PR firms in the world and this is their website: www.bm.com. So Yunus has hired a PR firm to save his job and this “Friends of Yunus” is just a paid lobbying group.

Question: How are they being paid?

To downplay the image of the country and its Prime Minister, Yunus is spending tonnes of money!!

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE, totally UNACCEPTABLE.

I love to conclude by quoting one of my Facebook mates. He said:

Professor Yunus should form a political party and advocate his plans and ideas to the masses instead of hiding behind the cloak of a hippie executive. He is willing to pull all his strings and will spare none. It shows magnitude of his hunger for power.

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    Yes, Dr. Yunus is in war against the AL Government, but he did not started it. He is fighting the imposed war for a just cause. Hasina’s creditibility is alaready down to zero inside Bangladesh and in the world regrding Yunus and GB. Hasina wanted to make Yunus a villain, instead she herself is turned into the villain of the drama she started (just see the reactions in international newspaers in the last few weeks). As a citizen of Bangladesh, Yunus has every right to do politics and float a political party in Bangladesh. Clearly Yunus is winning.

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    Dear Friend,

    You failed to understand that Dr.Yunus is an icon and he has done a great job to the poors.Current govt of BD is trying to suck grameen bank money.

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    You talking about dignity? Do you think president jillur is capable be a president of BD at age 82?

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    and so as you, the supporter of the most corrupted politicians in the world, it’s because people like you the country remains as the worst corrupted and even the worst place to live!

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    You call it a “sovereign parliament” ? hhaaa.. a big joke. I don’t find any wrong in hiring a foreign PR firm when entire govt machineries are working against a single helpless individual and his institution.

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    I think Dr. Yunus is renowned person.But if he can do any illegal that is unexpected.

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    Dear Mr. Arafat,

    Do you have any evidence for followings ?:

    1. ” Dr. Yunus declared war against the Government ”
    2. ” Yunus doesn’t seem to want to abide by any rules or regulations of the land.”
    3.” A foreign PR firm has been appointed to lobby and campaign against the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina.”
    4.” The group of people who have formed ‘Friends of Grameen’ is part of the PR activities of Burson-Marsteller Paris a Paris based PR company.”
    5.” So Yunus has hired a PR firm to save his job and this “Friends of Yunus” is just a paid lobbying group.”
    6.” To downplay the image of the country and its Prime Minister, Yunus is spending tonnes of money!!”

    It’s a shame that people like you are allowed to teach in an university ! If you claim yourself a uni teacher , pls furnish evidences of your accusations. How can you even think of writing such garbage ? If you want to do the nation a favour, pls quote your refs and evidences. I am sure your grad school have taught you this minimum requirement for writing any report or research paper. You have wasted your time if they didn’t teach you those. By the way, I passed from Jagannath Uni College, and I was taught about providing valid references and notes. I don’t know how e-Bangladesh published your crap.

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    Jago Bangladesh

    E-Bangladesh and Arafat – Unleashing the crap.
    Hasina’s days are numbered, Mr. Araftat. I bet you are one of the beneficiary of BAL plundering of Bangladesh! Hasina will meet same fate as Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak. We shall get rid of all family dynasties in Bangladesh – get used to idea – its coming!

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    Even in our country most important person Home minister walking to take support with wooden device, here how 70 years old Dr.Yunus is problem to work when he is too much energetic, active and most popular figure in the world.

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    This is conflict in between Wise person & Foolish person and this conflict will not be ended within short period as it is now an international issue moreover USA Govt. now in “trouble”

    In BD City area Economics effected by Stock Market Now same thing is happening in Rural area, Poor peoples are now worried and withdrawing their hard earned deposit from their beloved Grameen Bank.

    Now Question is Bangladeshi People will be able to voice out to them who are telling “If anyone should get a Nobel peace prize in Bangladesh it should be Sheikh Hasina”.

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    Dear Friends

    As per Mr. Arafat – Dr. Yunus declared war against the Government of B. Desh. Once read his msg I recalled a story.

    A person who had gone in a War field for fighting with enemies, during fighting “that person” understood that within short time he will be defeated, to avoid halt by enemies He was shouting “Pls teach me how to Surrender Please”

    Just think how warrior he was !!! Who had no knowledge about fighting or war, May be we will see A war where fighters are like mentioned warrior who has no knowledge “how to Surrender”

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    Maniruzzaman Ranju

    The poor people who took loans from Grameen remained fearful after the exchange of monies. You have been claiming that our logics are words of war. These are the same type of people who throw grenades at ekushey shomabesh. i hope you will learn the true histories before making further such comments.

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    mukti joddha

    @Prince: student, Jagannath Uni College,

    I found fine it very funny that you are trying to teach a University Teacher like Mr. M A Arafat how to quote evidence with refs. What do you think he has become a University Teacher just like that??? He has been teaching for last 8 years. He taught in Universities in the USA as well and now has been supervising the intern students with their research work at his University. Now he has to learn how to quote in reference to his claim from you??? I guess he should have taken some training from you renowned Jagannath Uni College as well.

    Mr. so called Prince, go through Mr. M A Arafat’s post one more time. You might have missed the proof of his claims which have already been provided there.

    Click the link and see the contact information is given of the PR firm Burson and Marsteller on the document of ‘Friends of Grameen’ which is a clear evidence of Mr. M A Arafat’s claim. All over the world the criticisms against Sk Hasina is being organized by Yunus’s hired PR firm. Unfortunately Sk Hasina being the democratically elected Prime Minister of an independent, sovereign country have taken a legal action against just another citizen which was diverted into a different direction like jealously, vindictiveness etc and you guys are fallen into this unfortunately.

    Mr. M A Arafat has exposed some facts and try to have a look at it with an open mind. Let us all like Mr. Arafat stand by the Prime Minster and the interest of the country.

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    Mark Anthony

    Just ask yourself why is he been humiliated in Bangladesh when Bangladesh shows respect to the other nobel laureates like amartya sen etc??? what has Yunus done wrong that he is being treaded like this??? Instead of being blind think about it with an open mind… Govt. could have brought charges against him but did not do so and showed generosity because of his stature. But Yunus wanted to dictate all the term in his favour showing thumb to the rules of law and regulations

    He started considering him close to God and the height of insolence demonstrated by him in the letters sent to the Finance Minister humiliated the country and questioned its sovereignty

    Please do not fall into Yunus’s propaganda run by his million dollar PR firm, rather stand by the country and its Govt.

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    @Jago Bangladesh: You mentioned, “Hasina’s days are numbered, Mr. Araftat. I bet you are one of the beneficiary of BAL plundering of Bangladesh!” Lets have bet on this whether Mr. Arafat by any mean is a beneficiary of AL Govt. or involved into plundering…. Since you have claimed this to be true, you are obliagted to provide evidence. If you cannot prove it, you prove yourself to be a liar….. Like Yunus like his supporters… You guys either lie or don’t see the evidence/ proof against Yunus even if they are provided… This is so nasty..

    Jago Bangladesh you also mention, “Hasina will meet same fate as Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak. We shall get rid of all family dynasties in Bangladesh – get used to idea – its coming!”

    Such an ediotic comparison!!!! Mosr popular leader like Sk Hasina is compared with some proven dictators. Sk Hasina has people of her country behind her which was proven in the last election. Few individuals like yours keep thinking that some of your e-bangladesh or facebook posts will topple Sk Hasina…. ha ha ha

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    Russel Hafiz Polash

    INTEREST who deal with it he has raised war against Allah and curse of Prophet Muhammad for him.
    Our Prophet foretold that once it will be hard to live without interest.
    We have alternative, Islamic finance.
    The sin is equivalent to rape with own mother.
    This life is test for hereafter.
    Yunus are DAJJAL.
    If Allah and Prophet is superior than Yunus to youu.
    Go ahead. May Allah show you the right path or hell-fire for you is certain.

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    Sefat Ullah

    Please consider it seriously.
    Dictatorship of YUNUS remained for too long.
    Son of a goldsmith, friend of mine, is billionaire now.
    I as a role player of international politics talked with Younus.
    His activities are suspicious.
    He got mental shock.
    Please consider him from humanitarian ground.
    In psychology it was called psychopsedugynote previously.
    We need to support him with love. Hope he will come round soon and realize his fault.
    I apologize as a friend of him.

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    Abdullah Harun

    GOVT HAS RIGHTS TO REPRESENT 81% of Grameen Shares. HOW? Just read in cool brain.
    Talent and contribution of Yunus is unanimously agreed. So what’s the personal problem?
    Let’s find out implication of his ideas in action:
    Grameen Bank, bank of the poor, owned by the poor. Becoming a member means ownership of GB.
    • In fact, they are no more treated as owner but borrower.
    • Members deposit is considered as shares and they get dividend.
    No matter? It does matter:
    • Their action can’t be like other commercial institutions because it’s a specialized bank.
    • Being a specialized bank their activities were of conventional banking which was supposed to strictly supervise by Bangladesh Bank. It didn’t happen.
    • GB spread their business, as investor govt and 56% share holders/owners were to get equivalent facilities, profit margin and equity in other concerned bodies established due to GB. But actual fact is Yunus or his designated group was its beneficiary.
    Unanswered Questions:
    • 83 million members don’t know about their membership fee BDT 100/, forced risk fund they gave in terms of refund.
    • GB’s Grameen fund was to used only for poverty eradication purposes, but it was invested in many (officially 30, sources say 149) commercial companies. As a non-profit org it constitutes criminal offense, forgery, cheating.
    • If not non-profit company how come they got relief from Govt taxes, vats etc. It also constitutes offense, forgery, cheating.
    • Donor country Norwegian State Television broadcasted a report condemning corruption with their fund given to Grameen Fund.
    Role of Govt:
    • Banking regulation including specialized banking regulation requires approval of Bangladesh Bank prior to appointment or re appointment. Dr. Yunus is holding the chair of MD since 1999.
    • Once govt owned 65% of its shares but now its 25% which is enough to administer GB. In addition 56% members/owners are the poorest of the society. They don’t have that courage or knowledge to ask for accountability.
    • So peoples representative i.e. govt is entitled to observe even interfere into their activities.
    • Actually Govt represent 25% +56 % Total 81% shares/ownership.
    Bangladesh has all rights to take any action for its management.
    What’s Next
    Why Mr. Yunus reacted so seriously, it raises many questions. Is he afraid of corruption? He filed a case, but was rejected.
    Now he is gathering international lobbying group against this govt or Bangladesh.
    What’s wrong with him?
    His recent activities only growing peoples questions and doubt about him.
    His propagation war against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will ultimately destroying image, prestige, fame and reputation of a Nobel laureate as well as Bangladesh.
    Still now he can go for a mutual understanding with Govt and stop all nonsense act.

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    Are Bangladeshi peoples are free from Interest!!
    How present BD govt will settle USD one Billion loan’s Interest with India!! It is not Interest ? are people not binding their life with interest ??
    Poor people will discover many new Dazzal’s when Grameen Bank’s depositor will withdrawn their deposit from GB
    Now can anybody pls remove me from the contribution of Dr. Yunus’s Organizations, his reputation home and abroad and USA help?
    We want this soon, Pls help.
    Are Bangladeshi peoples are free from Interest!!
    How present BD govt will settle USD one Billion loan’s Interest with India!! It is not Interest ? are people not binding their life with interest ??
    Poor people will discover many new Dazzal’s when Grameen Bank’s depositor will withdrawn their deposit from GB
    Now can anybody pls remove me from the contribution of Dr. Yunus’s Organizations, his reputation home and abroad and USA help?
    We want this soon, Pls help.

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    Yunus did corruption that is crystal Clear.

    Now as Government caught corruption of the oposition of BNP Jamat took it in their field.

    If Yunus has a respect to the country then he would refused khaleda nijami gong’s shout in favour of him….

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    Dr Nazia Afreen Tahee

    Dr Eunus has taken too much interest from our poor people. 40%%%% Its unexpected from civilised society if they support him.

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    Dr. Yunus Never declared war against BD Government – Rather than some city people asking how poor people will face a war to survive their life, process already started, definitely poor people will be defected by poverty. In earlier no body sanction loan for them due to their poorness and so called elite class did not believe them even, Many scientific theory is coming today that poor people treating as guinea pig But more than thirty years back were was that theories like “guinea pig” or “sucking blood” Discussion will not be ended until people to see the boat sink in the river

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    Barrister Rakibul Hasan

    If he is that much respected person why Dr Eunus didnt honour when govt wanted him to go down. He seems to be man.

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    Barrister Rakibul Hasan

    some one here said to our prime minister counting the time. I believe you are follower of Tarek zia or Jamati jangi type person. you are crap …allah bless you to understand logic & reality. Mr Arafat showed the proof . He speaks with truth.

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    Maniruzzaman Ranju

    @ Barrister, Yes, I agree with you and I already mentioned that those are fanatics whose are telling ” Prime Minister counting the time “.
    @ Dr. Tahee, there is no discipline & control on Grameen Bank’s interest (Shudh Kahake Bole, Koto Prokaar o Ki Ki? GB Valo Vabei Poor People der Upor Proyog Kore Bujhiye Diyese).

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    Zahir Uddin Polash

    গ্রামীন ব্যাংক: এটি দরিদ্রদের ব্যাংক; বিশেষায়িত ব্যাংক। গ্রামীণ ব্যাংক এর মালিকানা তিনটি ভাগে রয়েছে।
    ১) দরিদ্ররাই এর মূল মালিক; গ্রামীণ ব্যাংকের শ্লোগানই Owned by poor.
    ২) উদ্যোক্তা ও ব্যবস্থাপনা কতৃপক্ষ।
    ৩) সরকার তথা এদেশের জনগণ।
    বিশেষায়িত ব্যাংক এর নিয়মানুযায়ী বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংক সরকারের ভূমিকা পালন করবে।
    = দাতা সংস্থা স্বল্পসুদে বা বিনাসুদে বা অনুদান হিসেবে দিতে পারে।
    প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর নিজেকে নিজে দিয়ে অবস্থান নিন:
    দরিদ্র মালিকদের অবস্থান
    ৭৬ সালে যাত্রা শুরু করে ৮৪ সালে লাভজনক হয়ে ওঠে যা অব্যহতভাবে বেড়ে চলে।
    ১। ইউনুস সাহেব নিজেও তেমন বিনিয়োগ করেন নি। তিনি ও তার পরিবারের সদস্যরা তো ব্যবসার পরিধি বৃদ্ধির সকল সুবিধা ভোগ করেছে। এ ক্রমবর্ধমান লাভে বিনিয়োগকারীরা অর্থাৎ সদস্যরা কি পেয়েছে?
    ২। ব্যবসার প্রসারে দরিদ্রদের মালিকানার অংশ কোথায় গেল?
    তাদের অডিট বিশ্লেষণে দেখা যায় তাদের রিস্ক ফান্ড, রিজার্ভ, নগদ, অন্য ব্যাংকে সঞ্চিতি, সদস্যদের জমা, লভ্যাংশ সবই ক্রমবর্ধমান। যাদের মূলধনে এ প্রসার তারা এ সকল সুবিধা থেকে বঞ্চিত এটা কি ব্যবসায়িক সততা?
    ৩। ৮৩ লক্ষ সদস্যের কাছ থেকে জনপ্রতি ১০০ টাকা করে নেয়া ফী এর বিনিময়ে কি চেয়েছে? ফোর্সস রিস্ক ফান্ডের নামে নেয়া ফেরতযোগ্য টাকা কোথায়?
    ৪। দরিদ্রদের মালিকানাধীন ব্যাংক কিন্তু নথিপত্রে তাদের পরিচিতি ঋণগ্রহীতা। অলাভজনক এবং দরিদ্রদের মালিকানা এদুটো শব্দ দিয়ে ৮৩ লক্ষ সদস্যকে প্রতারিত কি প্রতারিত করা হয়নি? সরকার তথা জনগণকেও প্রতারিত করা হয়নি?
    ৫। গ্রামীণ ফান্ডের লক্ষ্য দারিদ্র্য বিমোচন। ১৪৯ টি প্রতিষ্ঠানের কথা গেলেও গ্রামীন ফান্ড ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে এরকম প্রতিষ্ঠান ২৭ + ৩ = ৩০ টি। এগুলোর প্রতিষ্ঠাতো দরিদ্রদের বিনিয়োগেই হয়েছে। উক্ত প্রতিষ্ঠানগুলোতে এ দরিদ্র জনগোষ্ঠির মালিকানা কোথায়?
    ৬। গ্রামীন ব্যাংক গড়ে ৩০% লভ্যাংশ দেয় যা অনেক বানিজ্যিক ব্যাংকও দেয় যাদের প্রদত্ত লভ্যাংশ অনেক কম। গ্রামীন ব্যাংকের প্রদত্ত ঋণের ৯৯% ফেরত আসে। প্রায় ১৪০০% (২০০৯ সালে) লাভ করার রেকর্ডও তাদের আছে।
    এ ব্যবসায়িক প্রসারে দরিদ্রদের প্রাপ্য কি? প্রাপ্য না হলে কি করে দরিদ্রদের ব্যাংক হলো? মূল ধারণা থেকে সরে এসে দরিদ্রদের মালিকানা শব্দটির ব্যবহার কি প্রতারণা নয়?
    কিছু নৈতিক প্রশ্ন
    ১। দারিদ্র্য বিমোজনের জন্যই একে বিশেষায়িত ব্যাংকভুক্ত করা হয়। কিন্তু দারিদ্র্য বিমোচনের টাকা অন্যত্র বিনিয়োগ করলে এটি বানিজ্যক ব্যাংকের আওতাভুক্ত হয়। এ বিনিয়োগ তথ্যের অফিসিয়াল প্রমান আছে।
    বানিজ্যিক কর্মকান্ড করে কর মওকুফ সুবিধা ভোগ করা কতটা নৈতিক?
    ২। ১৯৯৫ সালে দাতা সংস্থা থেকে টাকা নেয়ার প্রয়োজনীয়তা ফুরিয়ে যায় এবং নো ডোনার মানি নীতিও গৃহীত হয়। এ স্বয়ংসম্পূর্ণতার একক ভোগকারী কি এককভাবে ইউনুস গং? গ্রামীন ব্যাংক কি ইউনুস এন্টারপ্রাইজ?
    ৩। নরওয়ের জাতীয় টেলিভিশন প্রদত্ত প্রামীন ফান্ডের টাকা দারিদ্র্য বিমোচনের বদলে অন্যত্র বিনিয়োগের অভিযোগ সহ দূর্ণীতির অভিযোগ কেন তোলে?
    ৪। আশাতীত লাভের পরও কোন শাখা খুলতে হলে দরিদ্র শ্রেণীকে নিজের উদ্যোগে প্রমান করতে হয় তারা দারিদ্র্য সীমারেখা অতিক্রমে সক্ষম। অতপর তারা যাচাই করে শাখা খোলার অনুমতি দেয়। দরিদ্রদের ঘাড়ে ঝুকি ফেলে এটা কি ধরনের দারিদ্র্য বিমোচন?
    ৫। সরকার ৬৫% বিনিয়োগ দিয়ে শুরু করে বর্তমানে তা ২৫% এ এসেছে। যেমন আওয়ামী লীগ তাদের গত শাসনামলে গ্রামীন ব্যাংকে একশ কোটি টাকা বিনিয়োগ করেছিল। ব্যবসায়িক প্রসারে সরকার তথা জনগণ কি পেয়েছে? ব্যবসায়িক প্রসারে সৃষ্ট প্রতিষ্ঠানগুলোতে শেয়ার হোল্ডার বা মালিক হিসাবে সরকারের অবস্থান কোথায় বা সরকার কি পেয়েছে?
    ৬। তাদের তথ্যমতে ৯৭% সদস্য নারী। আমাদের দেশের ৮০% দরিদ্র্য মহিলা অপুষ্টিতে ভোগে তাদের জন্য কোন পদক্ষেপ নিয়েছে তারা? অধিক লাভ সত্ত্বেও কর্মচারী বেতন কাঠামো কেন ব্যাংকিং খাতের মধ্যে নিম্নতম?

  27. Author Image

    Maniruzzaman Ranju

    Friends, I’m sorry to say here at this moment that I sympathize with Japanese. Thank you.

  28. Author Image


    @Mukti Jodda

    ” He taught in Universities in the USA as well and now has been supervising the intern students with their research work at his University. Now he has to learn how to quote in reference to his claim from you???’ – He may as well, if he hasn’t learned how to do it.

    ” I guess he should have taken some training from you renowned Jagannath Uni College as well.” – I would say , that will do world of good to him. At least he will learn how to write a fact based article, not crappy garbage.

    ” All over the world the criticisms against Sk Hasina is being organized by Yunus’s hired PR firm. ” – what’s your evidence that Dr. Yunus has hired the PR firm ?

    ” Unfortunately Sk Hasina being the democratically elected Prime Minister of an independent, sovereign country have taken a legal action against just another citizen ” – that’s a news to me. I thought Bangladesh Bank has taken an administrative decision, I was not aware that Bangladesh Bank can take leagal action !!!!!!!!!

    Yes, Dr. Yunus is not an angel. He has his share of faults. But here we have a person, who faught against the Mollahs to reach out to millions of poor women, and tried his best to inspire them to earn a better living, and may have succeeded empowing them them to a certain degree, and probably somehow contributed propagating Secularism better than the politicians.

  29. Author Image


    @ Mukti Joddha, Arafat – It’s evident that AL led government has unleashed it’s so called intellectuals to spread propagandas , like GB is a government organization, Dr. Yunus is campaigning overseas to damage image of Sheikh Hasina and the country!! etc. etc….

    It’s true that GB was created by an Ordinace, but that does not make Govt owner of it or it doesn’t make GB a government organization. Bangladesh Government owns a fraction of the total shares, majority are owned by the borrowers. They are the majority owners.

    I don’t know why Sheikh Hasina is in it. It should have been between BB and GB Board, Not even between BB and Dr. Yunus !! Why PM got her nose in it ? Why is she trying to make it between her and ” just another citizen” , who just happen to be a CEO of an organization ? Why is she dragging her so low ??

  30. Author Image

    Mondira Arman

    Dear readers,

    What the Government of Bangladesh has done to tarnish the image of Dr. Yunus, is just like a spitting up in the air – that has now fallen on its face! It has tarnished the image of the country at the international level!

    I live outside the country and everyday I meet many non-Bangladesh people and I feel very ashamed when they express their comments about our Government because of this personal vindictive attempt by the Govt./Prime Minister herself. We know Bangladesh is in the front line of the corrupt countries in the world, but this anti-Yunus move by the Government has further deteriorated the image of Bangladesh, at least in the context of corruption.

    Please note the following:

    – If Dr. Yunus was bad, if Grameen Bank (GB) was bad, if GB charged high interest rate, etc, – why these issues were not raised by the Govt. earlier? Why these issues were not raised the Bangladesh Bank before? Why all these have become issues after he made an attempt to form political party? Or, is Dr. Yunus the scapegoat for something else?

    – Those who claim that the Friends of Grameen is a “lobbying group” hired by Dr. Yunus are the “hired” by those who are playing games against Dr. Yunus.

    – There are so-called intellectuals in Bangladesh and blind supporters of the current regime who are blindly supporting what the Prime Minister is doing -this is attempt to get her blessings!

  31. Author Image


    When Prince Tareq Zia fall, all his buddies also went into hiding or in jail. We can recall Mamun, Opu etc etc…

    When Hasina & her son will fall, these Arafat gong will also go in hiding…this is must.

    Alas ! half of the people in Bangladesh are obsessed with Hasina, the rest half with Khaleda! So called literate people are more blind than the ordinary farmers…

    The way teachers (Are they really ‘teacher’?) in different universities been sold to these two ladies….don’t know how much weight their words carry now !

    50 years’ old Dhaka university (Oxford !) could not generate a single nobel winner ! But it produced junks, garbages like arafat etc… feel pity when we see all those White/Blue/Pink (Panels) faces ! None of those famous for research, invention, but infamous for being stooge!

    Shame !!

  32. Author Image


    Dr. Yunus has declared war against BD govt. What is the problem of Mr. Arafat!!! Here India will help, don’t worry same as 1971.

    We need to know from Mr. Arafat – is Hillary Clinton Also Paid PR !! OR Paid lobbying group !!!, USA govt now in “Trouble” by whom??

    We will request to Mr. Arafat to give an address to BD Gmts Manufacture that not to export any single gmts to USA, Present govt need to teach USA also like BNP.

    Who we are telling against GB & Dr. Yunus seems maximum are not clear how GB has reached in its present position!! When we visit rural area mails after miles still we see here and there one Logo or Branded building standing there and local people knows very well how impotence this bank in their life, especially village women’s life.

    To seated in city area to use Internet many person can comments lots against Dr. Yunus and some body still using GP phone service and writing against Dr. Yunus, Will request to them Pls come at village and realize GB Importance in rural economy including who are seeing dream to get Nobel price in Peace and who are telling “sucking blood”

    Hillary Clinton scheduled ( April 2011 ) to Visit Bangladesh since one year back, If she did not visit Dhaka next Month then Our Foreign Ministry will voice out that Our foreign policy has improved than earlier and will teach to people how importance to improve foreign policy with Russia and India, But our Foreign Ministry may be has forgotten that today India is the best friend of USA and India signed the contract in “Nuclear deal” that’s why USA administration frequently visiting India,

    That time Just BD Govt will see how Dr. Yunus has declared war against BD govt!!!!

  33. Author Image


    @ Mr. Arafat,Mukti Joddha,

    ” This is simply UNACCEPTABLE, totally UNACCEPTABLE.” – A gentleman does not shout in public. It does not tell good of his upbringing or training. You will be respected only when you know how to respect others, even when you do not agree with them. Let’s start with Basak’s Balloshikhkha where it says ” Bidda aahoroner bepar, Shikhkha aachoroner bepar”. Uni degrees don’t make you Shikhkhito, it just makes you Biddan. Let’s utilize our Bidda to learn how to conduct ourself in public and claim to be Shikhkhito.

    Re-sent with corrections.

  34. Author Image

    Mondira Arman

    In my view, this is not correct to say that Dr. Yunus has declared war against the BD Govt – the correct interpretation is that the BD Govt has done something very wrong (against him) and Dr Yunus has been protesting this, rather than swallowing this like a coward! His protest is fully justified! This is also morally correct becuse we have many such injustice in our society because people in many cases people do not stand up and protest. In order to stop this kind of personal vendeta by the politicians, the victims must protest and the others should suppport him/her.

    Why should Dr. Yunus swallow this humiliation? He is an international personality and a man with dignity! The whole allegation against Dr. Yunus is just a personal attack by the highest authority of the country and the the Govt supporters and the puppets like the Bangladesh Bank are being used for this purpose!

    I also feel that a large group of the inellectual community inside the country and abroad are disgusted by this anti-Yunus propaganada in such a naked way! But unfortunately, no one inside the Govt macinery has the moral courage to advise the PM to stop this. Possibly there are many who do not support this stance of the Govt but are afarid to be vocal! Such fear is understandable – because if anyone goes against the Govt, he/she will be in trouble just like Dr. Yunus! What a fantastic democracy we have!!

  35. Author Image

    Small World

    @ Mukti Joddha > With a MBA degree you can not teach at university in USA. Also, Mr. Arafat’s MBA degree from a crapy university . So, the gentleman from Jagannath college learned better than the USA MBA . Teaching at a private university is no longer an honorable profession . As I can see Mr . Arafat MBA is already a DALAL of current government.

  36. Author Image


    @Small world: Do not try to teach us who can and who cannot teach at the US Universities… As if we are all dumb sitting in here and will have to learn from you…

    Go and search Mr. Arafat’s resume onlie and see his contribution in research and in social work. There are lots of non PhDs who are teaching even in Dhaka uni… Mr. Arafat taught in the University where he graduated from… Not only this he was conferred with the outstanding graduating student award from his school, the school which has the recognition of AACSB for it business education…

    Unfortunately some liars and dumbs are trying to divert the focus some where else….. Like I can say Yunus was a very ordinary student in DU… is that going to do any good by saying this???

    Anything is crappy… everything is crappy…. how is that going to settle the matter…

    Stay focused on the topic. else we can say anything and everythig we want to which wouldn’t matter…

  37. Author Image

    Sushanta Das Gupta

    I dont understand why some of guys are talking about personal things of the writer. You should speak about the topic. If you want to stand beside Younus, then send an article to E-Bangladesh. We love to publish it. From now on, comments out of the topic wouldnt be published.


    S Das Gupta

  38. Author Image

    Shafqat Ullah

    Any group in western countries who supports a cause that requires professional PR, hires a PR agency to handle all outgoing communications carefully and professionally. This is a regular affair. There’s nothing exceptional here. That PR agency handles many other clients like Friends of Grameen group. Prof. Yunus has nothing to do with this.

    Please don’t accuse like a child. Don’t create unnecessary confusion.

    And to all others, do you know that Prof. Yunus doesn’t have a single ownership share in any of the Grameen entities? He dedicated his entire professional life, above and beyond his defined job responsibilities, to bring more and more sustainability to the poverty eradication goal of Grameen Bank and to approach the vicious cycle of poverty from multiple dimensions thereby creating all these other Grameen organizations. There was no other motive involved.

    We all should be ashamed because of the unimaginable mindless act of defaming our only Nobel laureate.

  39. Author Image


    Some bodies head buried in the sand and cannot think outside the box, they are always thinking legal govt was from 1972 to 1975, 1996 to 2001 and present govt will continue as ruling party from 2009 to 2021( 2021 Vision) .

    Everywhere some people turning their discussion topic to nasty and nonsense politics, Here topic – is Dr. Muhammad Yunus has declared war to Present govt OR not ???

  40. Author Image

    zahir uddin

    Here are the facts from the Bangladesh Government’s side on the Mohammed Yunus and Grameen Bank issue: Last year Norwegian Television uncovered documents revealing massive financial improprieties at Grameen Bank under Mohammed Yunus. Approximately US $100 million in donor funds to Grameen Bank were transferred out of Grameen Bank to a private corporation, Grameen Kalyan set up by Yunus. The Government of Norway raised this as a major concern and as a compromise $30 million was returned. The remaining approximately $70 million was never returned. All correspondence in this regard was from Yunus himself, You can download a copy of the letters from the BDNews24.com website at http://av.bdnews24.com/file/all/Yunus.pdf. I have also attached a translation of Norwegian Television’s response to the Norwegian Government’s recent review of this incident where the Norwegian Government cleared Grameen Bank of any wrongdoing. The original is available in Norwegian on their website http://www.nrk.no/programmer/tv/brennpunkt/1.7419927. Just as international lobbying and media is being used in this recent incident, no doubt Yunus lobbied the Norwegian Government as well. However, their explanation left millions of dollars unaccounted for. This became a major issue in Bangladesh and the Government was forced to form an independent committee to investigate. Yunus personally gave a press statement (no questions were allowed) where he announced that he undertook these transfers to avoid taxes, which constitutes tax evasion. However, this makes no sense since Grameen was at the time a nonprofit and paid no taxes. What is clear is that this transfer is completely illegal and constitutes a criminal offence of “conversion” under Bangladesh law. Further investigation uncovered other fraud, improprieties and illegal activity at Grameen Bank under Yunus. These include: 1. Between 1998 and 2002 all microloan borrowers were forced to pay an additional amount labeled “forced savings” which they were supposed to be paid back. However, this money was never returned to the borrowers, who are among the poorest of society! This is fraud and theft. 2. Donor funds were used to invest in a variety of private sector for profit ventures, all without approval from either the donors or the Government, which owns 25% of Grameen Bank. In several cases, the equity in these private ventures was held not by Grameen Bank, but by Yunus and his family members personally. This is completely illegal and constitutes embezzlement. 3. Loans were made by Grameen Bank to some of these corporations, which is completely illegal since Grameen Bank is not a regular bank. It is lending donor funds and is only allowed to loan to microcredit borrowers. 4. Grameen Bank charges up to 30% in interest rate on loans and up to an additional 10% in “forced savings” to the poorest sections of society. Their collection methods are draconian and collection officers who fail to collect payment have the uncollected amounts deducted from their pay. There are many documented cases which constitute abuse and the criminal offence of “molestation” under Bangladesh law. Since the financial improprieties surfaced in the media, some of these victims finally gained the confidence to sue Grameen Bank and Yunus in court. He is facing several lawsuits in this regard. There are several other legal issues concerning Grameen Bank. I have attached a brief from the lawyers of the Government of Bangladesh that detail them. I have also attached a brief that explains Grameen’s legal status in Bangladesh. Contrary to the popular perception, Yunus did not found Grameen Bank. The Government of Bangladesh did. Initially the Government owned 65% of Grameen Bank, which was whittled down over the years by Yunus. The Government still owns 25% of Grameen Bank and retains the right to veto management appointees. Despite the hype, there is no evidence that microcredit has in fact reduced the rolls of the poor in Bangladesh. Grameen Bank has been in the microcredit business for 30 years, yet Bangladesh remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Furthermore, the private sector investments made using Grameen Bank money have become quite profitable. Grameen Phone is by far the largest telecommunications operator in Bangladesh with a subscriber base of 28 million, annual revenue of over US $1 billion and profits of several hundred million dollars per year. Grameen Bank owns 35% equity in Grameen Phone, so why do they have to charge such high interest rates to the poor? Still, given his stature as a Nobel Prize winner, the Government of Bangladesh requested that Yunus step down quietly from the post of Managing Director of Grameen Bank. He refused and has engaged in an international lobbying campaign accusing our Government and in particular, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of engaging in political retribution. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yunus has no political stature in Bangladesh. During the brief military regime from 2007-08, under a state of emergency with all political activity banned and most political leaders behind bars, even with the help of the military he was unable to put together a political party and garner any public support. Politically he is a non-entity in Bangladesh and no threat to any political leader. Finally, please note that the Government of Bangladesh has not filed any cases against Yunus, criminal or otherwise. There is absolutely no punitive action here. Our only goal is to prevent further abuse of microcredit borrowers

  41. Author Image


    Yes, Bangladesh Govt. doing many thing from where we can get real story which has come out from Attorney General Mahbubey Alam (Part of govt) and he told to reporters following
    “”If anyone should get a Nobel peace prize in Bangladesh it should be Sheikh Hasina,”

    In 2002 On January 02, Former president Bill Clinton voice out following and Finally Dr. Muhammad Yunus awarded Nobel Prize in Peach
    Second example. The United States funded two million micro enterprise loans a year in poor countries, small loans to poor village people, a program pioneered by the great Bangladeshi economist, Mohammed Yunus with the Grameen Bank, a man who long ago should have won the Nobel Prize. I’ll keep saying that until they finally give it to him.

    The way Attorney General Alam is talking very soon present BD Prime Minister will get Noble prize in Peace.

    However, the moment workers and employees are returning from North Africa and Middle East and creating unemployment problem, increasing country wide food grain, Oil price. Increasing Trade deficit Billion (US dollar) to Billions (US dollar), increasing crises in power, Gas sector, increasing crises in law and order sector simultaneously increasing crises in our social society,
    Just to skip all Majors problem Govt created 60 years issue whereas all power full persons are above of 60 Years old.

    It was not necessary to hit GB in this (critical economy crises) moment, we think Govt. Will not realize even after July 2011.

    Many babies always tried to break rheir loved toy and do not get satisfied until broken the toy, same as may be our present govt will not satisfy until destroyed the Dr. Yunus founded Grameen Bank. which is “Branded” name in the World and Grameem America is doing well in Many parts of USA.

    USA or Many parts of the world at least followed one successfully economy model or method from Dr. Yunus and Bangladesh.

  42. Author Image

    Emanur Rahman

    Lets get one thing out of the way – using a lobbying firm to organize and propagate a message is nothing unusual or illegal. The writer’s indignation is ridiculous unless he’s never witnessed or participated in or had any knowledge of politics or commerce in the USA let alone anywhere else in the world. So innocent, it beggars belief.

    Lets also get some facts straight – the first globe-trotting compromiser, maligner and underminer of Bangladesh’s sovereignty (in Arafat’s speak) was Hasina herself while in opposition! She even went to the European and British parliaments to get our communal and terrorist activities into the record….is that ok with you? If it is, then why complain about Yunus who is only following the glorious example of the PM anyway. If it isn’t then explain why you are not (and I am sure have not) condemning the same.

    On Prof Yunus let me be clear – I put more trust in the words of Friends of Grameen any day of the week over ANY politician in Bangladesh. Do you want to compare achievements and qualifications? Go ahead – its pitiful.

    There is nothing so insidious as the corruption of fact by pseudo-intellectuals.

  43. Author Image


    I have checked the website of Burson-Marsteller (www.bm.com). They did not claim that Yunus hired them to save his job and this “Friends of Yunus” is just a paid lobbying group. Your false imaginative baseless claims surely puts in doubt your level of intellect. When will you stop supporting corrupt politicians? When will you wake up from sleep and help to change your country for a better future? How many miles do we have to walk to break free of the chain of family led politics and grip of their Rajputras? We can’t improve until you wake up from sleep. Wake up Arafat. Wake up.

  44. Author Image


    Sushanta Das Gupta on March 13, 2011 at 2:14 pm
    “I dont understand why some of guys are talking about personal things of the writer. You should speak about the topic. ……”
    Really amused to see the above message from Mr. Gupta. He finally wokeup and got the good sense back that personal attack is not good.

    sir, step back for a second. Look at the whole board and the topic. Everything here is dedicated to assasinate the character of one person— Dr. Yunus. Nothing more or nothing less than that.

    Are you really concerned about the high interest rate of grameen? No. if it were the case , we would see columns with suggestions to promote the law to cap the rate.

    Are you concerned how the poor people losing everything after they become load defaulters to Grameen? No. If it were the case, we would see discussion how to promote law so that bankrupt people don’t lose their houses.

    Is this board really concerned about upholding the law of the land? No, how many articles we saw when laws have been ignored by the govenrnment day after day. The whole court system are now in the pocket of the party who ever in the government. Want proof?

    Is this board cocerned about the retirement age in Bangladesh? No. I have not seen a single article where it mentioned the age of the president who is in the middle of life & death, Finance minister is 77, Retired secretaries got contract jobs….Hasina declared she wants to be in politics until she die…..

    All activities of Hasina govt. show this is personal attack. Read the letter of Joy. This is personal attack. Read all the statments of Hasina’s ATTACK DOGS— Muhit, DipuMoni, Toufoq Imroz Khalidi, Naimul Islam Khan… all are nasty attack on a person.

    It is said that the zionist in Israel first introduced this tactic to villify Yaseer Arafat. Bush Republicans accepted this strategy in usa. Now it has been popular everywhere. Hsina govt. and it’s associates are using the same.

    But this will comeback to them….After Hasina’s fall, we will hear many stories of theft, nepotism, swiss bank, Joy’s VOIP business etc etc. Remember, if a you dig a well for your enemy…

    Mr. Gupta, remove all stories pointing to Yunus. Start an honest discussion on microfinance, it’s odds, evens. If the name of yunus comes in referrence, we will accept that.

    We want to see in depth discussion from Mr. Arafat, not this kind of quotation, utter efort to humiliate the lone nobel winner from Bangladesh. We have hundreds of similar paid partisan writers in Bangladesh. Don’t need one more, Pls.

  45. Author Image

    Friend of Grameen

    ” Listen to 80 lakh owners
    Rehman Sobhan urges govt about Grameen Bank at micro-credit roundtable”

    ” The measure of a leader is the ability to transform her perceived adversary into an ally. The measure of a statesman is a leader who can join hands with her adversary in building a better tomorrow for the generations to come.” – Rehman Sobhan

  46. Author Image

    Friend of Grameen

    Qudos to ” Tired_of_BD_Politics ” for writing such a superb piece.

  47. Author Image


    If you review older comments about the subject many person passed their comments against Dr. Muhammad Yunus without any Judgement. Today hearing on Nobel aureate Dr. Muhammad Yunus appeal of a ruling upholding his firing was adjourned for two weeks by the Bangladesh Supreme Court, Earlier High court mentioned it was “Crystal Clear” but today no rules or court Judgment and stayed for two weeks. Bangladesh Supreme Court, taking time to review the issue but many people passed their comments without correct thinking, We need to be patience and need to wait up to Bangladesh Supreme Court rules.

  48. Author Image

    Saleh Tanveer

    What kind of nonsensical smear is this. Any one with an ounce of curiosity can google the profiles of people associated with venerable Mary Robinson and her group to understand that the claims made in the article are completely unfounded. Mary Robinson herself is a Nobel Laureate, famous and well recognized in her own right and does not need money to be persuaded to action against the evident harassment of Dr. Yunus. Nelson Mandela foundation has spoken out as well. Are you going now claim that Mandela is a paid lobbyist.

  49. Author Image


    Yunus ought to go! All his past activities should be probed and made public. In the name of helping poor through microcredit he is involved in lucrative business ventures. But he hardly pays any taxation thereby depriving Bangladesh government of millions, perhaps billions of dollars. He also has a stake in Grameen Phone(TELENOR) that profits billions of dollars in its Bangladesh operations. Paid lobbyists are trying to help him so that his three decades of corrupt misrule and megalomaniac ambitions do not come to the surface. He is part of a bigger global profiteering scheme manned by rogue brokers and fund managers.

    I am sure he is being used by an international racket to manage and squander taxpayers’ money in industrialized nations through sham funds.

    Grameen Bank under Yunus is a farce that has made poor Bangladeshi village folks and farmers poorer. The government managed microcredit operations are far superior and widespread among the have-nots. It also has a much bigger clientele.

  50. Author Image

    Friend of Grameen

    Mr.Ripon and gong. Read today’s Prothom Alo. Mr. Shahdin Malik too has spoken. The country is unfortunately now under fascist rule. Dr. Rehman Sobhan wrote few negating the fiscist’s positions on Dr. Yunus. We are entering a dark period. But sun will rise.

  51. Author Image

    shariar shaad

    Dr. Yunus should have been removed in 2008 when he launched a political party while holding the chair of Grameen Bank. He politicized GB by doing so. Had he been fair and ethical he should have first resigned and then created his botched up political party. That is the universal rule. He lost all legitimacy to head the bank then and there. No action was taken by the then illegitimate, unconstitutional and undemocratic government of Fakruddin Ahmed. The reason was quite obvious. Fakruddin was appointed as the chief adviser by Yunus himself so that Yunus could strengthen his fascist grip on power for ten years by killing democracy in Bangladesh. In the final analysis Yunus is antithetical to democracy in Bangladesh.

    Yes! It is true that democracy in Bangladesh was contaminated by Khaleda Zia and her Islamic fundamentalist allies Jamaat-e-Islami. They were openly indulging in acts of terrorism by sponsoring Islamic fundamentalist fanatic terrorist groups, the assassination attempt on Sheikh Hasina, the ten truck load haul of highly sophisticated weapons for shipment to a terrorist groups in foreign countries, butchery on minorities in Bangladesh soon after coming to power and the list of their evil deeds are endless. It is an irony that Khaleda Zia is now rooting for the same person who sent her to prison for two years. Maybe Moudud has advised her to do so to win the hearts of the Westerners.

  52. Author Image


    From which source some people are getting statistics that GB did not paid Billions usd to BD govt. as taxes, how it is figure out Billions usd (which is above of tk, 7000,00,00,000.00). Are we thinking how one women to two or three people to appx 80,00,000 people has improved in their life style. Few presentences or little part of from “8 million” can support “Blood Sucked” theory and it is not the base of comments, Pls go to village and listen about their successful life and their beloved GB.
    Where is some people’s voice about Appx tk.70,000,00,00,000.00 disappearance within few days from Stock Market, Here people are quiet, no voice for general investor who are now in the road after lost their everything.
    Per year how much taxes get BD govt. from BD people and organization – Why tax collect authorized was in deep sleep since last few decades .
    When poor people and women did not get any loan from any of bank (without GB) without deposit, asset then where was today’s new born anti Dr. Muhammad Yunus people.
    That day no body did not go to Village and even did not provide one Taka loan even to poor poor people and women, to live in the city area many people can discover many theory like “Blood Sucking” “Guinea pig”

    To established strong flattered, few people can come under one umbrella and can support or can say like Attorney General Mahbubey Alam (Part of govt) and he told to reporters recently following
    “”If anyone should get a Nobel peace prize in Bangladesh it should be Sheikh Hasina,”

    Is Dr. Muhammad Yunus paid money to Hillary Clinton, American Senators, American Congressmen, Honorable person of Europe?
    When BD is dependent on USA and European aid here it is very easy to say for some people paid lobbyists who do not know real situation in BD politics and village area.

    We asked to Anti Dr. Yunus group if they can avoid Grameen Phone? are they want to create unemployment and crises in phone business when world moving fast, are they want new generation will go to dark to unplug internate service through GP? Are those people are reading the corruption of airtel from daily news papers.
    Somebody Supporting India (who was always do that will support to India until their demise from this earth ) and wanting to protect Indian Economy from Bangladesh land as their views Indian’s economy going to tarnish due to Dr. Yunus invent micro credit system which is India following in their some state.
    Why today Anti Dr. Yunus group strongly talking too much this is not proper time to explain as in BD there is 5 Years and 5 yeas mandate and strategy alive.
    Definitely there in no death for learned person in the history and scenario will be changed very soon.

  53. Author Image


    As per BAKSAL No people has right to form a political party.

    Yes, Bangladesh People done great mistake to elect twice BNP 1991 to 1996 and 2001 to 2006, now Bangladehsi people should break their head by brick or wall and will shout return our BAKSAL BAKSAL

  54. Author Image

    Jesmin Suheli

    Yunus has a lot of propaganda machinery at work. Akbar Ali Khan, a former adviser who joined his failed political party, lawyer Kamal Hossain and family, Mahfuz Anam of Daily Star, Lawyer Rokonuddin Mahmud are just a few of those spending tons of money on behalf of vested interest groups to prop up Yunus.

    I fully endore Bangladesh government’s decision to sack this politically tainted person. Winning a politically motivated prize like the Nobel Peace Prize does not give Yunus or anybody the right to twist organisational rules and regulations.

    I also think that no organisation including political parties should be allowed to hold the PM’s post for more than two terms like it is in the US. Yunus has headed an organisation for 30 plus years. Its time he vacates the post so that new aspirants with knack within the GB can take over. i am sure there are many such people amongst the 160 million population of Bangladesh. But the subservient and defeatist attitude of the Grameen board of directors has disappointed me. If required the government should appoint a new competent and intrepid board of directors for smooth operation of Grameen affairs.

    No one is indispensable. The culture of hanging on to power forever must be discarded.

    People like Yunus not only destroys democratic practices including smooth transfer of power within their own institutions but also is a constant menace to flourishing participatory democracy in developing countries.

    Only God knows what next evil design is up his sleeve!

  55. Author Image


    Dr. Muhammad Yunus Propaganda is very small compare to his great job in the micro credit field which is worldwide acceptable and successful as “Grameem America” is doing well in USA
    Akbar Ali Khan, lawyer Kamal Hossain and family, Mahfuz Anam ,Lawyer Rokonuddin Mahmud all are renewed person in Bangladesh and they have established their position and field by their own achievement not from any family inheritance like famous politician.

    Same example also Dr. Muhammad Yunus he did not get anything from his family All learned person knows him as Brand name .

    If anybody endorse Bangladesh governments decision to sack Dr. Yunus then why they at first not giving their voice to present prime Minister who already exceed 60 years and hold her political party presidentship since 1981 and still no plan when she will vacant her post and when she will invite new generation to lead the country’s historic and most successful party.

    Peoples are too tired to talking about present democracy but they are too autocracy if anybody wish to perform a political party.

    At first we need to understand how weak OR is strong our economical strength, some USA Senators and Congressman pressurized to Prime Minister to settle the Dr. Yunus issue and they also thinking if USA administration need will impose some bindings on Garments export to USA Market.

    If no export, no foreign currency, no food, no job, then nobody will support them who are telling “Blood Sucker” and who are now against of Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

  56. Author Image

    Good Tree

    BD A. League leader Mahhabubul Hanif requested (on March 17, 20110 ) to intellectual people in Bangladesh not to discuss about Dr. Yunus in favor of his activities – From here Pls Judge the ruling party’s actual activity and see who are paid lobbyist.

    As per Mr. Hanif by cash Dr. Yunus tarnishing country’s image – to use thin strategy where present ruling party will be reached Many person can easily understand.

    Though in Specific issue foreign related USA high official is coming to Dhaka from USA beside he will discuss with ruling party about Dr. Muhammad Yunus. If Dr. Yunus issue not big why it is too much criticized in the international Media!!

  57. Author Image


    Dr. Muhammad Yunus Versus Development in rural area this cannot be a debating topic. Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Development in rural area is same topic and both are successful by Grameen Bank and it is worldwide well known. Here present ruling party created new debating issue while many debating issue alive in Bangladesh Such as former BDR trial, War Criminal trial, Power and Gas crises, Food price, foreign remittance crises, stock market crushed etc thousands issues.

    Same as Dr. Muhammad Yunus Versus Sheikh Hasina cannot be a debating topic – “to get awarded Noble prize in Peace”.

    Nobel committee is not a light-headed institution who will award any person who wishes to get Noble prize in Peace. As per Media Sheikh Hasina had tried to get Noble prize in Peace in 1997 in her first term ruling period.

    We will request to everybody not to compare with Dr. Muhammad Yunus with Sheikh Hasina.

    Dr. Muhammad Yunus has established his field worldwide by his own intellectual; Sheikh Hasina established her field only in the country and by her Father’s image.

  58. Author Image

    Good Tree

    BD A. League leader Mahhabubul Hanif requested (on March 17, 20110 to intellectual people in Bangladesh not to discuss about Dr. Yunus in favor of his activities – From here Pls Judge the ruling party’s actual activity and see who are paid lobbyist.

    As per Mr. Hanif by cash Dr. Yunus tarnishing country’s image – to use thin strategy where present ruling party will be reached Many person can understand much earlier.

    Though in Specific issue foreign related USA high official is coming to Dhaka from USA beside he will discuss with ruling party about Dr. Muhammad Yunus. If Dr. Yunus issue not big why it is too much criticized in the international Media!!

  59. Author Image


    Some flattered peoples have one wish that they do not want to see anybody has exceed fame or honor than their leaders.

    Leader got supported from flattered people and historical word thrown to Dr. Yunus as “Blood Sucker” and he is using GB as his “personal property” and Leader also accused him using poor people as “Guinea Pig”.

    After Leader’s voice out many people got strength and continuously started attacking to Dr. Yunus from his own country, But it is too surprise that Dr. Yunus getting enough support from various stage around the world. Now somebody telling Dr. Yunus has appointed Paid Lobbyist to work for him.

    We need to see to whom poor people will support – is present leader or Dr. Muhammad Yunus who has served his life for the Poor people where poor can earn few money and to get better life.

    Same ruling parties are coming and going after 5 years, 5 Years BUT who was standing to poor people since 1981?

  60. Author Image

    Good hope

    We think this is the time to reach in a conclusion and as per our judgement Mr. Arafat statement totally wrong and Dr. Muhammad Yunus supporter is not a Paid lobbyist.

    We are giving our support to Dr. Yunus’s all student and Micro credit borrowers who are in around the world.

  61. Author Image


    I have lost all respect for Yunus. Bangladesh need not be concerned with what Yunus or whoever is doing in to mitigate poverty.These hardly have any impact on the national scale. People like Yunus have been created to bolster fascism in Bangladesh. There are hundreds of Yunus’s around to fill in his vacuum. I hate one man hanging on to power forever.

    He has already tried to damage our relations with foreign countries. The US foreign policy also has become so cheap that Hillary has sent a US official to Dhaka to threaten Bangladesh on Yunuses behalf! Just unthinkable and unimaginable.

    What will Yunus give Bangladesh if he is put in power again through force? More misery and poverty for the poor and total anarchy. His conspiratorial experiment to undermine democracy in Bangladesh is still on. He has been rejected once for promoting illegitimacy in governing the country for two years and will have to flee the country this time for sure if he does so again.

  62. Author Image


    Not to respect Dr. Muhammad Yunus it is somebody’s personal matter, But around 1982 many people did not go to village and did not work with poor woman & man and did not sanction one taka loan even without security, Many person shouted today and want to see “Blood sucker” free Bangladesh, Pls give sometime to decide and let handle to history.
    Hillary Clinton is representing USA people’s mandate, What is their wish we can not Judge from here as a poor country (Country always dependent on donors fund or Loan)
    Somebody’s voice can be same as Saddam or Gadhafi but we can not stop our Garments export to USA or we can not return our all Bangladeshi to home from USA.
    Even many Bangladeshi enjoying their life in USA including Wazed Joy and his USA born wife.
    At least to protest the cheap US foreign policy still we did not see Wazed Joy’s to leave USA rather than holding USA pass port.
    the way many wealthy Bangladeshi sending their pregnant wife to get their new born baby’s USA citizenship in this way it is not wise to take cheap minded country’s citizenship.
    USA did not send Mr. Blake to Dhaka to assist behalf of Dr. Yunus, Rather than ruling party after long has understand they had put their leg at snake’s tail and seems will take directly “U” turn.
    before telling anything Pls avoid USA product, loan. aid and Pls follow Mahatma Ghandhi, the way he leaded India to avoid and burned British product.
    Dr. Yunus will give peace and economical freedom to Bangladesh until born another Rabindranath in this country.
    We do not want to debate on the issue We just want to secure our hard earn saving, our Job and little food at our mouth also do not want somebody’s toy.

    India and Russia both are not sufficient to assist Bangladesh to make poverty free Bangladesh.

  63. Author Image


    Mr. Arafat
    Let me ask you some questions:
    1. Where your sovereignty and pride was when around 300 innocent people including Falani (13 year old girl) were shoot at the border between India and Bangladesh by BSF?
    2. Where was your sovereignty when Indian BSF crossed the border and came into Bangladesh territory (Sylhet) and cut all crops that were cultivated by Bangladeshi farmers?
    3. Where was your dignity when our prime minister Sk. Hasina (first time of her Govt.) was called as Chief Minister in Calcutta by Indian presenter (at Book fair opening ceremony), which came on newspaper but no rejoinder or correction was made from our side?
    Do you have any idea that how Indian people pay respect to Rabindranath Thakur and Amartya Sen as being Nobel Laureates? Have you ever imagined that the amount of academic contribution of Amartay Sen and Prof. Yunus? Sen wrote a thesis on Economic welfare and developed a model, while Yunus made a practical application where from a theory and model emerged, though three might have some flaws. Flaws are subject to revise in accordance with context and time, and every social theory is subject to change and has some flaws. But, can you now imagine the difference of contribution that Prof. Yunus has made?
    Come out of the box of political belief, and think as a logical human being- what would happen if Govt. would have replaced him after discussing with him- as it was his brainchild?

    Isn’t it a gentleman and respectful way to deal with a Nobel laureate? Can you ever compare him with any person in Bangladesh? Now,— has this situation brought more dignity than what you had as a nation with a respected Nobel laureate?
    It is not the question of dignity as nation, rather world pays dignity to a Nobel laureate that you as nation could not pay- So unfortunate!!!

    Aalborg University

  64. Author Image

    Thomas Boone

    “A paid lobbying group”? What a bunch of hogwash! Because people with knowledge and expertise come to the aid of Yunus that makes them “paid” and a “lobbying group”. The Bangladesh government’s actions to vilify Yunus are an outrage and are rooted in petty, vindictive jealousy. Attempting to take Yunus out of Grameen is what would be akin historically to attempting to remove Clara Barton from the Red Cross. Please join the former President of Ireland and High UN Commissioner on Human Rights, Mary Robinson, and the Friends of Grameen now/ Please protest this egregious abuse of power by disgruntled former Grameen employees who now dis-serve the people of of Bangladesh as its government. http://www.friendsofgrameen.com/

  65. Author Image


    First of all No doubt Mr. Arafat was bias from somebody, that’s why he mentioned “Paid”

    It is no matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter, If needed she can catch Dr. Yunus leg to secure her power to get support from USA bosses, The way she visited China in 2009 whereas China did not cleared or accepted Bangladesh as an independence county until final death of Sk. Mujib and had applied Chinese Veto at UN during Bangladesh entry in UN Membership.

    It is no matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter if she is not well known to supper power countries; it is no matter for her if Dr. Yunus well known to them, Mujib Daughter is too much happy as she is known in Bhutan, India and Russia

    It is no matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter as she is only Eden college graduate Whereas Dr. Yunus got Doctor of Philosophy from vanderbilt university ( USA)

    It is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that Dr. Yunus did not visit Tongi Para, it is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that Dr. Yunus had got inspiration to do something in episode of 1974 famine

    It is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that if Bhutan supply electricity to Bangladesh; It is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that if her son enjoyed in USA with USA born none Muslim lady

    It is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that if her ruling party supporter catch her leg, It is matter for Sk. Mujib Daughter that if she get confirmation from India to live again rehabilitated life rest of her life same as before entry in Dhaka after 1975.

  66. Author Image


    You sound like another educated smart corrupted hypo, who supports all wrongdoings of a political party without listening to his conscious.

  67. Author Image


    Dear sir,
    As a French citizen, let me tell you that Maria Nowak, whose is co-chairwoman of the Friends of Grameen, is quite respected in France. She founded ADIE, a non profit very active in microcredit in France.

    Best regards

  68. Author Image


    Dear Mr. Arafat

    How can it be a paid lobbyist group? The people in that platform are highly respected and renowned all over the world. How can they be paid?

    Who will save Dr. Yunus from vicious attacks of ruling party leaders if they don’t come forward? The Honorable Prime Minister is surrounded by leaders and activists of Awami League. Again lots of goons and musclemen are there to protect Sheikh Hasina. But Dr. Yunus is not protected by anyone. Who will save him?



  69. Author Image

    Holly Mosher

    There are many pieces of misinformation floating around.
    Some of Yunus’ companies DO pay tax. Grameen Phone is the largest company in Bangladesh and the largest tax payer in the country. So it is not true that all of Grameen Companies are tax free. Grameen Bank has been given tax breaks because all of it’s work is to benefit the poorest of the country. ALSO, they do a LOT of charity donations with people who are not yet ready to run their own businesses. This month there are 89,179 members who are on their ZERO interest – No time limit loan program.

    Also, with their other companies, they give many students scholarships to study and they have amazing programs in healthcare and education. They put a lot of profits from Grameen Phone right into their social service work.

    And Grameen has the lowest interest rate for borrowers of ANY of the microcredit programs in Bangladesh. I spent 2 years following Yunus’ work, and all I saw was a tireless effort over decades to help people in as many ways as humanly possible.

    Any service can not help everyone equally, but I saw progress and improvement on so many levels, even on the ones who were struggling to pay back. However, a clear majority easily paid back and improved their situations.

    I will contact the PR company and see where they are getting paid, but I really doubt that Yunus actually hired them. There are many people that would happily donate to help on his behalf. Myself included.
    Holly Mosher

  70. Author Image

    a common man

    Deal all including author,
    It is obvious that for every issue there will be people who support and some will not. My point is very clear to me. i dont have any dought about the concept micro creit, how brillient it was. but do u all think it was implemented well enought. the process taken for is correct. i know all you are well educated and established enough, but i had a little qustion to u all, if someone offer u loan at not 13 at 30% or above interest rate, would u take. what u think, it is possible to get profit more than 30% at small business to repay the loan. how it possible to make economically solvent with mirco credit. i dont have any answer.

    please do a weak long visit at any village to know actual figure

    it is true as all you said indirectly, author humilating dr. yunus buy saying some rough words but dont you thing u are as same as author. because you are humilating author using rough even slang world.

    know more to give more

    a common man

  71. Author Image


    Dear tired man,
    weekly blitz can b compared with any port-site without traffic.
    Mr. s.shoeb, the owner takes 1000-5000 tk 4 any news-report in favor/against anyone.
    it has no authentic docs other than a name.

  72. Author Image


    Blitz is owned by such a person who is renowned culprit.
    Have a look
    যুক্তরাষ্ট্রে আর্থিক প্রতারণা

    সম্প্রতি অনন্তধারা কো-অপারেটিভ ব্যাংক এর ডেভিড জোনস এর কাছে ৫৭ লাখ টাকা পাবে এরকম একটি চেক দেখিয়ে যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের দুজন মহিলার কাছ থেকে টাকা নেয় সে। পরবর্তীতে নিউইয়র্ক পুলিশ তদন্ত করে জানতে পারে যে সেই চেকটি ভুয়া এবং এ নামে কোন ব্যাংক নেই। আর্থিক প্রতারণার কারণে গ্রেফতার করা হয় তাকে। মুক্ত হয়ে এখন টাকার সন্ধানে এখন আবার সংবাদের ফেরীওয়ালা হয়েছে

  73. Author Image

    Sefat Ullah

    Mohammad A Arafat is the most popular name of this time.
    People who knows Arafat also knows about his honesty.
    And the weekly blitz report is the joke of 2012.
    It was a good tricks of bastard Shoeb 2 get some visitors 4 his small website(not news portal) coz Arafat is an institution in online community.
    If they could have realized ab8 his popularity certainly they had 2 think 10 times b4 putting it on the web. Truth shall prevail and prevailed. The report just demolished the name nad credibility of blitz.
    Know more about fraud Salauddin Shoeb.

  74. Author Image


    Thanks to the readers who commented on my earlier quotation of weekly Blitz Link. I also got a note from Mr. Mohammad A. Arafat. Here is my two cents.

    I have 2 points to mention before jumping on the topic.

    I haven’t seen any rejoinder from Mr. Arafat either in Blitz, or in this board. Instead he sent me an e-mail. That indicates his unwillingness to go to public on this. To respect his privacy, I will NOT broadcast his e-mail here. I will only hint his opinion in my response if absolutely necessory.

    Secondly, i don’t know how Mr. Arafat got my e-mail address. The board’s rule says this “Your email address will not be published*. I did not get any message from any one asking my permission to share it. Can anyone educate me on this, Please?

    Now, let’s jump on the topic.

    We all witnessed the painful transformation of politics in Bangladesh in last 3 decades. It started with the clash between the secular democratic ideas vs the religiously conservative Machiavellian ideas. In the next 2 decades, we saw how this converged to a clash between two party-interests. And now, this is simply a clash between two families to grab & keep power. In doing so, the two families & their accomplices use all resources to assasin the character of others by false propaganda, false cases, continuous lies etc. We general people took it easy as this has been applied only to the politicians.

    But in the debate on Yunus/Grameen, it was shocking to see how Hasina applied same dirty propaganda using all state machinery against a non-political person. She simply unleashed all the attack dogs to humiliate a guy whose only fault was that he was surpassing all living and dead legends of Bangladesh. Mr. Arafat was a small one in that PACK. During that period, I warned in one my writings that this characterter assasination tactic will comeback to these attackers… here is what i said “But this will comeback to them…. After Hasina’s fall, we will hear many stories of theft, nepotism, swiss bank, Joy’s VOIP business etc etc.” Now, we started hearing such even before Hasina’s departure and looks like it started with the smallest member of the PACK, Mr Arafat.

    I feel sympathy to Mr. Arafat on this (if he is innocent) though I don’t believe he has that human heart to imagine how difficult time Dr. Yunus has been going thru in last couple years against such a massive false propaganda. Mr. Arafat’s e-mail indicates his rude inside.

    Now, Let’s look at the Blitz article. There are some elements which are merely personal attacks. What’s the point to add Mr. Arafat’s wife’s picture in the topic? Without mentioning clear & detailed evidence the article made him corrupt, owner of millions, engaged in VOIP etc. The article mentioned their sources few times as ‘The source’, ‘intelligent agency’, ‘editor of the newspaper’, etc. Blitz should publish details of all of these. I will suggest Mr. Arafat to go to court. The court is in Hasina’s pocket now, as a puppet he will surely get justice. (Last time the same court was in Khaleda’s pocket, we saw this in Iazuddin/caretaker case.)

    But the Blitz article raised two legitimate questions that Mr. Arafat needs to answer. One is about his income and the other one is his usage of his connection to Hasina’s son.

    Mr. Arafat is not a private citizen any more. He has been actively working to promote himself as a political commenter, talk show host. I am sure he is working according to his plan to move up politically. There is nothing wrong in it(Good Luck!), but he needs to learn how to lead a public life. People have the right to know his income source, his wife’s income, the balance sheet of his organizations. He needs to publish his tax files for at least the last three years to shut the mouth of critics. Didn’t Mr. Arafat learn this during his stay in USA?

    The second concern is grave. Per the article, not only Mr. Arafat used his connection (?) to Hasina’s son to promote himself, but also to cut the right of free speech of ‘a prominent political leader’ in talk show. (Is that person veteran Mahmudur Rahman Manna?). If that is true, this is serious punishable crime. Mr. Arafat needs to come out immediately and should explain those accusations before those spread and gets deep rooted in next 2 years. Both Princes will be survived, the sufferer are always the accomplices.

    One thing I should point strongly that all above are accusations only and before proof none has right to indicate Mr. Arafat as guilty.

    To the readers who commeneted on my quotation (Jewel/Azad/Shourav/Sefat Ullah…)…. The subject story started with false propaganda against Dr. Yunus by Mr. Arafat. Now Mr. Arafat is under attack by Mr. Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury. Looks like you are starting another one against this S S Choudhury. Who will be next? Where will that end? How can we come out of this vicious cycle of personal villification? Can we free our mind and debate on ideas rather than persons? Can we, Sir?

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