Sidr strikes Bangladesh



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  • [Rezwan, Germany.]

    According to latest reports by tropical super cyclone Sidr strikes Bangladesh at category 4 hurricane velocity.

    Latest updates from different news sources so far:

  • Hurricane SIDR struck Khulna-Barisal coast shortly after 5 PM Thursday, setting off driving rains in its path.
  • Hurricane triggered heavy winds speeding at up to 180 kmph through Heron Point, Khepupara, Dublarchar and coastal areas adjacent to the Sundarbans.
  • The sea turned “very turbulent,” the weather office said. Water level rose by up to 3 feet in the Bay.
  • The eye of the storm was still about 350 km (220 miles) from the coast and was expected to make landfall around midnight Thursday (1800 GMT). The eye of the storm has been static, but may suddenly move with super speed before it finally slams the shores.
  • Evacuated. A BBC team had to leave MV Aboshar after running aground in bad cylone weather. The vessel — MV Abashar hired for BBC’s river tour named “Bangladesh by river” — got stuck in Daulatdia, 25 kilometres off Sirajganj town.
  • Chittagong and Mongla ports suspended operations Wednesday and moved ships to safer areas.
  • All schools and colleges in Chittagong and other towns in the storm’s path have been shut down and fishing trawlers have been asked to return to port immediately.
  • Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong suspended its flight operations 10 PM Wednesday until further notice.
  • Zia International Airport in Dhaka advised to suspend all flights from 9 PM until further notice Thursday.
  • In Cox’s Bazar, a popular tourist destination, authorities evacuated nearly 200,000 people to about 600 government and private shelters and asked others to move on their own. Nearly 10 million Bangladeshis live along the southern coast.
  • Government is all set to face the disaster, chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed declared.

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    E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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      No need to worry. This government is on top of everything. They will fix everything. DUDOK is ready file a lawsuit against SIDR.

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      Any news on how successful the evacuations were? The forcasts had predicted that Sidr would weaken before landfall, but unfortunately it did not do that. I hope and pray people in its path have made it to safety.

      I was a little surprised when I saw the cover of the New Nation today with FUA attending Batexpo instead of monitoring and coordinating the evacuations. It reminded me a little of George W Bush fiddling while New Orleans sank.

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