Rights based movement in Egypt signals: its time for civilizer not for ruthless corrupt

Rubayat Ahsan

Rubayat Ahsan

A 9.9 magnitude earthquake had hit Tahrir Square in the city of Gods. Epicenter was the heart of thousands of people who were desperately seeking way out of 30 years imprisonment under corrupt government. It is, in fact, people’s revolution under the guise of democracy movement. Egypt’s economy is not that bad despite global recession but thick gap between few rich and mass poor is getting thicker, which is a common phenomenon in typical developing nation states. People’s anger and disappointment turned into wrath of God that had chased away bewildered Mubarak. Just like a born dictator he did a last-minute job by deploying his loyal anarchist to disperse protesters, allegorically deploying faithful wild dog to decimate sheep but surprisingly wild dog failed this time to secure their master.

There is a demand for wide economical and political reform. So called successful police state having restricted political freedom and corrupt elite despite steady economic growth appears no more a success model. President of Tunisia fled to Saudi Arabia with his family. A street vendor had set himself on fire and paid tribute to fellow poor people’s livelihood. Violent protest erupted and police shot at them; according to Tunisia government 78 people were killed, thus, the number could be higher. This story answered Edward Lorenz’s question in terms of butterfly effect of chaos theory, “Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?” Unemployment and livelihood crisis of youth and mass are issues in both cases of chaos in Tunisia and Egypt.

The flap of butterfly’s wings creates ‘wind of change’ in Sana and elsewhere in Middle East. Yemeni young demonstrator have been chanting slogans and they do not want to see their president in the government. Pro-government wild dogs, as always very much devoted,  are doing hard work and carefully protecting their master besides dispersing crowd. Authority has been feeding lunch, money and rewards to keep government supporters cheered up. Wind of change is blowing across Bahrain, Libya, Algeria and Iran. Crowd in Bahrain are chanting, “Mother, prepare my coffin, because I’m going to free my country.” Inspired by the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt protesters are on the street of Tehran, opposition and civil society groups in Libya are preparing for a ‘day of rage’ against four decades of tyranny and protesters in Algeria no longer want to live in fear because they have feared enough.

People want freedom from fears such as fear of unemployment, fear of poverty, fear of expression, fear to live in a police state, and fear of being deported from host countries. Fears under many guises have just jeopardized human lives. Unfortunately ruling elites in apparently police states create one such atmosphere of fear to have better life for themselves at the cost of scaring mass people who just thrive to have freedom of expression and right to livelihood. So called economic growth does not really show the microscopic picture of each household, though booming economy in China is exemplary and spiraling down of western economy is noticeable, it does not mean that police state with economic success should be role model than states who respect human rights and dignity of citizens.

Rise of  phoenix from the ashes indicates that beauty of human lives lies in freedom from fears and enjoyment of dignity. There is no point to sacrifice one’s well-being for the sake of few ruling elites by being eternal slave. Hot magma in the human hearts pushing the boundary of earth crust crossing the line of fire and spews forth from a volcano with great explosion. Its time for  humanity to accept change, transition and transcendental events that advocate love, freedom and symphony than hatred and exploitation. Let the phoenix create ‘intense excitement and deathless inspiration’ across boarders. Probably internet, world-wide web, and social networks out of new media have formed the wings of rising phoenix and the flap of these wings will bring fearful beings out of fear and rest them in quantum leap with enough freedom of expression. It is more and more clear from Middle East uprising that people do not like malevolent rulers; they want some civilizers like Viracocha of Inca era who taught techniques and knowledge for a meaningful life and led with great kindness to develop civilizations.

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