It’s time for South Asia!

Sazid Khan

Sazid Khan


For the last seven days my staple reading has become the world famous book by Paulo Freire’s ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”.  I just admire how a philosopher can make a brain storm by doing post mortem of the society.  Paulo Freire is simply successful in this regard. Political history says that we, the people of this sub-continent were suppressed. The symphony of suppression was nothing but a farce. The monopoly behavior of suppression of the rulers made us parasites. Oppressors showed sadism and we the oppressed showed masochism. Our culture was brutally attacked by the oppressors. Paulo Friere anticipated that whatever the cultural attack is it kills the unique character of the nation. And the worst thing happened in this subcontinent. We never could converge rather we diverged. And this bad philosophy was a great catalyst to suppress us.

However, I think day by day we are gaining confidence to overcome these. Let us to be optimist! I do believe that now we have ample elements to be confident. And this duty is to be done by the young generation of this sub-continent. When I talk to the young people of my age I see their eyes full of dreams. Last year I met some young people of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. They are the soldiers to make a united south Asia. Their aspiration was simply praiseworthy. This generation has the information technology. They will win the war. They will be the soldiers of democracy, discovery, peace and freedom.

This year we got the guts to arrange the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The vanguards of the world cricket are coming to the sub continent. This is the high time to show the world, the spark of our new generation soldiers. We will show the world that suppression could not make pessimist. We will make the new south Asia. It’s time for South Asia!