Rang de Basanti racing against Bomb de Laden

Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

The Indian Sub-continent has faced all major religious intruders like Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. And no matter what PR slogan may have been used, all those invasions took place for one purpose alone: to create colonizer-friendly business environment even at the cost of distorting the prevalent socio-political fabric.

Thus, Indian culture has been repeatedly dissected and moulded to the will of emperors, and religious sentiments brutally abused at mosques, temples and churches for commercial and political gains. The game continues till date under the same primitive garbs: ruled by shadow emperors the Talibans and Shiv Senas of today are mutating sub-continental societies with their fear-games in order to fish wealth out of chaos.

At the same time, information boom has allowed present day’s smart generation to identify the roots and stems of such religion-traders. Conspiracies of Bushism, Ladenism and Advaniism have been unmasked and the game set out to satisfy the hunger for wealth and power of these muggers has been caught on tape. The have-nots have come to understand the tactics of coercion being used against them; they can now more easily identify the puppets and the puppeteers. But they seem helpless against a system that supersedes human beings. That’s why daily events have increasingly started to reflect the desperation of AmJanata.

So full of themselves, the satanic brokers of corruption are even trying to outsmart God, and so, God now lives with the marginalized majority. Corruption rules across South Asia. Politicians are occupied in useless TV news rhetoric, the middle income group immersed in the rabbit race of mediocrity and the lower income group stands cornered into walls of poverty and desperation. This inequity has turned South Asia into a beggars’ theatre being played out at traffic signals.

It’s because of raging middleclass mediocrity at all levels that the 12 satanic demigods of Dhaka Stock Exchange could bluff the rest of the shareholders. It’s quite easy to do so when the AmJanata is dictated by its own seven deadly sins and aspires for shortcuts to success. Rather than trying to address this issue as that lack of ‘culture of governance’ that can only be developed over years, the opposition party turned this stock-quake into a game of political point-scoring and once again resorted to outdated village mudslinging, thus effectively allowing the 12 DSE demigods to hijack the peace of Dhaka.

This nightmare on Dhallywood is a sequel of the almost yearly repetition of mugging at the Karachi Stock Exchange. In South Asia Stock Indexes are just like Las Vegas Casinos: the AmJanata can win some, even hit the jackpot once in a while to boost investor confidence but can never take more than the decreed money home. And tainted with corruption scandals that still haunt the memories of Asian Games, India again faces its satanic demigods as one of the hosts of World Cup Cricket.

Our societies live through the trauma of insecurity on Arcs of Noah: surviving economic cannibalism but barely. Penniless turtles are spared only to fuel the advantages of self-centered rabbits.

The silent majority of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan believe in secularism and having a liberal society of choice. Among them several generations are connected through the awakening of information. They can now easily cross over the barriers fixed by the Radcliff bureaucracy; any singer from Dhaka, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi and Lahore can overpower the myriad divisions of religion, race, culture or complexion and rock the entire region.  Even mediocrity can be effectively challenged.  These IT-connected young generations are ready to act as silent change-makers. They are the crossroads of change where they can clearly see that hypocritical haves are doing nothing but playing roulette with the lives of the AmJanata at the 21st century East India Company Stock Exchanges.

The upcoming cricket fiesta will definitely be one of the milestones that determine whether South Asia unites with Rang de Basanti or further divides through Bomb de Laden.

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The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    Most of the communities(such as Bengali) in the entire Indian Sub-Continent, are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty'(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.
    – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101, India.

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