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Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

The situation in South Asia today is a clear reflection of the domino effect that has its roots in the British and American Game theories. Religion traders and poverty contractors have taken over the mantel of elites in the cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities of this region like Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Islamabad and Karachi. In effect these hubs have been turned into cities of bandits, prados and palaces.

Karl Marx can be seen begging for bread at almost every traffic signal, while the Haves rush towards red carpet TV shows, contractors stubbornly proceed to consulate balls and religion traders crossing the speed limit to meet with important ambassadors behind in closed doors.

These are astonishing times in this region given the fact that governments in Delhi, Islamabad and Dhaka claim to be secular and strong believers of democracy and development. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knows how to bring back the glory of India, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani knows how to handle a fragile democracy in the face of fear games played by Islamic radicals and Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has emerged as a strong believer of western-style democracy. Ideally, it should be a difficult time for occidental and oriental launderers to create social confusion and promote conspiracy theories in their smoke filled rooms. But sadly, this ideal situation is also dictated by social delinquency.

On the other side of the canvass, there’s Barack Obama who knows where to go, what to say and when to focus on his peace building mission, there’s Hillary Clinton who appears panic stricken at the state & direction of American economy, there are the western business cartels which are fighting a losing battle against the growing power of China. The iron curtain that was successfully taken down in 1989 has come to be replaced by several smaller steel curtains, even if a few of them exist in the minds of lazy intellectuals and sold-out souls of brokers. Brazil, Russia and a few European Union states are struggling to materialize the lost dream of equity and sustainability. And the ASEAN block has repaired the damages of Vietnam War, working hard to bring back nonviolent orientalism.

But South Asia continues to stifle under the weight of Islamic and Hindu radicalism. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi identified Hindu extremists as the greatest enemy of India, Awami League member Sajeeb Wazed Joy is trying to implement his digital Bangladesh road map to bring transparency to Bangladesh governance and in Pakistan Punjab governor Salman Taseer sacrificed his life for moderate Islam, peace and freedom of expression. It’s not an easy task for these three governments to break the spell of shadow dancers and religious mercenaries bent upon encashing the misery in South Asia. Knowingly or unknowingly they are facilitated by the nouveau riche who are driven solely by their need for immediate benefit. All this is at the cost of marginalizing the honest segment of society and making them targets of political criminalization.

In the western world teachers and journalists are still valued as positive influences on social secularism and democracy. But in South Asia, the criminalization of politics and military has distorted this very fabric threatening the dignity and existence of those very elements that have the ability to function as social balancers.

Hasina-Manmohan-Gilani led governments appear keen to rectify this imbalance, but terrorists are equally desperate to keep the trauma of Kashmir and Bengal divisions alive. Radcliff’s lines drawn in 1947 have not only grown strong, they continue to eat at peace efforts in the region. It’s now only up to civil societies to undertake the uphill task of reknotting the fabric.

South Asia

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    Zubair Ali

    Poverty breeds communalism and pettiness. Religion takes the center stage. The new breed of leaders-to-be have reasons to abhor politicians who exploit religion to cheat the illiterate and the uneducated. Rumors spread like a wildfire amongst the illiterate. But in most cases the initiator or source is a so-called literate who does that intentionally to harm someone’s reputation. These ‘educated’ fellows are nothing but scums of the society.

    I am sure Joy has something to do with the Digital Bangladesh concept. He has rightfully advised her mother to propel Bangladesh into the global infobahn by embracing IT in all sectors of governance. In that regard Joy is way ahead of Rahul. A patriotic son of the soil using a golden opportunity to advance Bangladesh amongst the most advanced nations on earth! IT will definitely help us fight poverty that blinds our intellect through e-education in the far-flung villages and graams of Bangladesh.

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    Maskwaith Ahsan

    Cliche is cliche because it works. The same goes for rhetorics. And an article I write will definitely carry my opinion. That’s why it’s an article, not a news report. As for you foaming at the mouth, well, that in itself carries your bias. Dr Momen is doing a much better job of highlighting Bangladesh than the likes of you can ever do. As for Joy, he has at least provided a roadmap for digital Bangladesh in a professional manner. So, what is your achievement other than going green with envy. I am sure if Shiv Sena in India reads my opinionated article it, too, will start a tirade against Rahul Gandhi, just as it does against the victims of Gujarat massacre. It’s the same with Taliban against Salman Taseer in Pakistan.

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    khondkar Abdus Saleque

    The writer has given his own opinion in his write up.Readers may differ and give comments. Sajeev Joy has joined politics as a mere member.He has his own vision of Digital Bangladesh and is advising her mother.India is world leader in IT.Why we should try to find faults all the time what one does? We should try to assess one through the impacts his/her efforts create> My contacts in Bangladesh confirmed that Digital Bangladesh vision has started creating impacts.
    Sajeev like any citizen has right to do Business and can have any partner.Whether or not Dr Momen is his partner is a matter of investigation.But one must agree that PM’s son has not set up a Hawa Bhavan style alternate powrer house.He is not trying to identify anti government persons in beauracracy and service organisations.
    Bangladesh can merge ahead if it judges persons through their achievements.

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    saugat lahiri

    I think your article is pretty ok,would only like to add that Shiv Sena does not have much of a support base in India besides in certain labour class pockets where is pushes local reservations.Whatever rhetoric they certain don’t blow up schools & sport Kalashnicovs and rocket launchers like Taliban.Further,rarely,if ever, has any unnatural line/divisons/boundaries been created artificialy among a society in any country of the world,that also by a firaangi who has no knowledge(in less than 4 weeks) of the culture and ethos of the people and soil he is dividing-that is the Radcliff line and its legacy is that we are still following.Its side effects like a domino’s are affecting our present day issues.In an age where a France,Germany and England(who have been fighting for centuries) can forge a Union,what else is stopping us but religon.Can might as well keep fighting with American and British guns.
    Deftnly agree with Mr Zubair on his point also,and wish to my Bengali brothers from the other side of the Bangla border that lets make this region at least another Asean and give our theeming masses a better chance to live life.Joi Bangla

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