Learning things the hard way

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

[Strawberry, Bangladesh.]

For last two days, things are looking much brighter. Just a few days ago, I was frustrated, said a lot of cynical things such as we are done for good and that there is no way out from this incredible pressure that this army-led caretaker government is putting on general people like us.

Kicking the hawkers, spitting on slum-dwellers, shooting the jute-mill workers — what not have this government done so far? Hungry, homeless kids are standing there on water for weeks, hoping when the generals would come and give them few pieces of biscuits. And when they do come, they do not forget to preach us with a few sophisticatedly placed patriotic words as if they are our birth-mothers. What they always forget is that they are playing the reign of fire.

Yesterday and today’s screaming students, wanting their space and freedom back, are not any particular party’s so called little-put leaders. They went to study, earn a degree, with hopes that someday they would stand with their heads held high, dignified. They are not thugs. These are
people with noble pursuits, not hoodlums who would prefer to be at an online casino. They have been holding their breaths. Hoping things will change, eventually. But it did not.

Being positioned in a close proximity of the incident that took place today, I came across couple of professors and students who sang their songs together. With an utter shock, the professor did not hesitate to tell me how a young girl, full of joy and free spirit, who never raised a finger to anyone let alone shouting obscenity, told him.

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    It is a must read thread for the people who love and back the evil deeds of ARMY backed CTG.

    — Kicking the hawkers
    — Spitting on slum-dwellers
    — Shooting the jute-mill workers

    Yes, these are the facts in Bangladesh now. Thanks Strawberry, tnx.

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    Bangla Friend

    Looks like the army is counting on their regular civilian cohorts again. I am talking about Ershad’s Finance Minister, Syeduzzaman, who has always sided with military regimes during his civil service career. This guy was close to Ziaur Rahman’s military regime, Ershad’s regime and now, looks like vouching for Moeen’s so-called emergency government. Wasn’t surprised to see him sitting next to Moeen and trying to help him overcome the economic/financial mayhem created so far. This time, the “Syeduzzaman’s” need to be kicked out too. These are the kind that prefer authoritarian rulers because democracy doesn’t serve their interests.

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    There is a chance of declaring curfew from 6 PM today. Advisors’ meeting is to start from 2:30 PM today. Students-police clash leave 1 dead, 2 dozen people injured in RU.

    Rajshahi, Aug 22 (UNB) – Rajshahi University campus virtually turned into a battlefield Wednesday as students and police fought pitched battles, leaving an unidentified rickshaw-puller dead and around two dozen people injured. Campus residence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Altaf Hossain and a police box in the campus were also set on fire during the melee.

    Traffic on the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway, situated beside the university campus, came to a halt as the agitating students put up barricades on the way and closed the university main gate with burning tires.

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    I came to know from Dhaka that situation is even worse than yesterday. Now college students of Dhaka have come out in the street.

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    Thanks who are commenting. I’m pleased with your positive attitude. A curfew’s been declared from 8 PM today. I’m not sure how long it’s going to go. Would be interesting if students try to defy the ban. The decision came urgently after Square Group offices were attacked. The students are now targeting advisers’ properties, offices and close contacts. I’m fearing the worst really.

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    CSB hightlight:

    The female newsreader made a fool of Mainul H. He was on live news with her. He said all the students from the dorms asked to leave their rooms. She asked is it practical to ask them to leave now when it’s almost 5PM and a curfew’s being declared from 8PM? How will all the students from very far able to go home? He just went silent and cut off the lines. Then a clap ws heard in CSB news studio! CTG is plotting to arrest students tonight. Since most of them will not be able to leave their dorms, police may attack them later at night. They are planning to switch off power of DU area from 8PM.

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    Students are chanting that they will NOT leave the halls. Teachers said if any student wants to leave, they could as it’s government’s order. However it is NOT their decision, so they won’t force them out. Their syndicate body will decide later this evening of what should they do. There’s no end to the clashes yet.

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    ALL CELL PHONES SHUT! No one can make a single call. BTTB lines not working in most areas. My internet was down as well but I fought with the provider to give me the service back. It may go down ANYTIME. Media aren’t allowed to broadcast/publish anymore of the DU related news. They already started censoring. I believe there’s going to be something serious happening in DU area. Could anyone staying close-by report in? I tried calling international numbers but they wouldn’t go either.

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    Mobile operators have been told to keep the services shut till 8:30 Pm [ guess that would be extended … ] On the other hand, Adviser Mainul has briefed reporters from various channels. In simple words he’s asked them to censor their programmes and news to keep the government in positive light. He says “we have the power to impose censorship but we do not want to”. This guy is CRAZY!

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    It hardly matters what their lords think and not think, things are getting out of hand as it seems, might just not be what it appears to be. Learn? This military-led government is going to learn!

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