There is no provision kept for the opposition leader to address the nation.

Sazid Khan

Sazid Khan

Professor John F Nash said, “The best result will come if everyone in the group does what is best for him and for the group.” This is the best way to achieve the desired goal of a society and at the same time of a country. Bangladesh achieved democracy. But it is really a farce to us that we have achieved it before learning the depth of its meaning. Our long struggle for democracy has put Bangladesh into Huntington’s “Third Wave” of current world – wide democratization since 1991. The ongoing process of democratization has rekindled the hopes and aspirations of the common people of Bangladesh. Following the formation of the parliamentary form of government in 1991, Bangladesh anchored the journey to democracy and now people are prone to see democracy flourishing everywhere in the state organs and institutions.

However, the path of democracy seems to follow a zigzag direction of development that proceed amidst both challenges and opportunities that lead some observers to view that the experiment of democracy and democratization in Bangladesh clearly suffering from  contradictory realities. Despite the fact that a number of factors seem to positively work for the slow and steady growth of democracy bearing brilliant prospects for democratic consolidation in our country, there are strong negative elements that also pose threats to achieving sustainable democracy.

A key element of any democracy is a strong logical, rational, insightful opposition party. The existence of the opposition party announces the presence of democracy. From the beginning of the democracy in Bangladesh we did not see a responsible opposition bench which could fight for the people. Rather it has uttered mere ridiculous rhetorics. After 1/11, the people of Bangladesh thought that the traditional political melodrama will stop. But they thought wrong. The main opposition party BNP is staging the same drama in each matinee show!

AL lead grand alliance has passed two years already. The prime minister delivered a speech to the nation elucidating the achievement of her government. The chairman of the opposition bench also delivered a speech to the nation refuting the prime minister. The opposition leader gave her comments on the prime minister’s speech at a crowded press conference at her Gulshan office in the city which the main opposition BNP called Khaleda Zia’s address to the nation. It is debatable if the people have given the opposition leader the right to address the nation. The opposition leader can only give her reactions or remarks on an issue by holding a press conference or at a public rally. There is no provision for the opposition leader to address the nation. The recent comments on the stock market crash given by BNP leaders are misleading. They are claiming that this crash is fabricated. They are also anticipating that money is being flooded to India. A person who knows the even the ABC of finance and economics will laugh at it.

The population of Bangladesh is large. It is not easy to ensure peaceful life for all. But it is easy to misguide these people. Economic and political theories collapse when the population size becomes larger. Then evil plan works out. But this is suicidal for any nation if insiders manipulate its citizen.

Khaleda Zia

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    khondkar Abdus Saleque

    There is nothing wrong if leader of opposition gives opinion on national issues.She is the shadow Prime Minister in democratic government.But does Madam Zia believe in democracy? Does she attend National assembly at all? Not only in the present parliament she used to remain absen most of the days even when her own front was in power and she was leader of the house.
    There is no denial that present government had many sucesses and some failures. But did Khalda talked at all about national issues at all? She is more concerned about protecting her own ill gotten property, her corrupt sons and party leaders? Can she substantiate all allegations she brought against the present government? What is her response to allegations aganist her son Khoko’s involvement in money siphoning to Singapore? What was the position of Tareq in her government? How Falu and Harris could dictate many policy making?Why she made two noted alleged war criminals in the cabinet? What was the reason behind her lenient attitudes towards SAQA Chowdhury? Can She defend the performance of Power & Energy Ministry performance from 2002-2006? Why her Government failed to authentically probe NIKO blow outs? Why her government allowed crisis at Phulbari? KZ is sitting inside glass house .She must refrain from throwing stones .

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    Kader Khan

    She doesn’t behave like a leader of the opposition at all. She has not attended the parliament for even a week since the Awami League was swept to power overwhelmingly 2 years back. Instead she chose to stay inside the illegally occupied government house inside the cantonment and carry out anti-government propaganda from there hoping that the army was behind her. She is getting her allowances from the parliament but has little concern for the welfare of the people. Otherwise she would have spoken out against the government inside the parliament. That would have boosted her tarnished image and helped BNP gain lost grounds.

    The peaceful pouroshova elections clearly show peoples’trust in free and fair elections. I personally want to thank the AL-led government for having extended all out cooperation to the election commission in that effect. The EC did a wonderful job and the AL accepted the results gracefully. Hats off to PM Sheikh Hasina.

    The PM is working very hard for Bangladesh’s prosperity. My recent travels to rural areas have noticed remarkable rural economic development. The purchasisng power of the village folks have increased appreciably and the local governments are robust and upbeat!

    Bangladesh cannot fall behind when two of our giant neighbors India and China are becoming economic powerhouses. The trickle down effect should easily enable us to record a 7-8% growth rate. We should ask China and India to pour billions of dollars into building the infrastructure connecting the Bay of Bengal with all our neighbors for Asia’s integration into the Silk Route of Ibn Batuta. Bangladesh could easily become a hub for the rest of Asia as a major port in 10-15 years if a democratically elected secular progressive government stays in power for a decade or so. Khaleda’s anti-Indian stance and communal feelings could spell a disaster for us. She had in the past chose to use the port as a safe haven for supplying black-market weapons for terrorists in the region with help from her war criminal Islamic terrorists the Jamaat-e-Islami.

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    In most democratic nations there is no scope for anyone other than the President/Prime Minister to address the nation other than through the media, which is exactly what the Honorable Opposition Leader does here.

    Yes, Bangladesh is large, however people will get the message through the media and via others. Other than that, perhaps the opposition leader should emulate Mahatma Gandhi and make a trip throughout Bangladesh via train to speak to the people.

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