Where liberty is a statue

Maskwaith Ahsan

Maskwaith Ahsan

The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

The frisking of Indian ambassador to the US, Meera Shankar, at the Mississippi Airport, is the latest American diplomatic faux pas towards civil liberty. Encircled in the revelations by Wikileaks, the US is facing a third world uprising on the World Wide Web. Operation Payback has been launched by the fans and followers of Julian Assange to counter the one-world hegemony. Shortly before Che Guevara was killed by a CIA agent in Bolivia, he shouted: “You can kill me but you cannot kill my ideas” – the idea to bring down one-world order and establish equity. Assange, a 39-year-old man from Australia, took up the challenge to unleash truth, to lead the netizen world and to reinforce Che Guevara’s dream. As Assange, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, dumped tons of classified documents and e-mails on the internet carrying evidence of Washington’s war hegemony and human rights violations, Interpol had to use an alleged rape case to hunt down this messiah of truth. This kind of shabby village politics is nothing but a conspiracy laced with clinical fabrication.

It is about time the Statue of Liberty started minding its own business and oiling its own recession-afflicted machine. Barak Obama is another believer of equity. He promised the American society old, recovered diamonds like truth, beauty and goodness. His silence over the entire Wikileaks and the bureaucratic post-event handling has disappointed me. Obama’s ‘Yes, we can’ seems to have convoluted into ‘No, we can’t’ establish equity within our own society. Assange is the Oedipus of this century up against an egocentric superpower that is killing civilians where ever it wants. It can harass Meera Shankar at its airports, kill children in Pakistan or eliminate Fidel Castro’s friend Mujibur Rahman from his socialist movement.

Assange’s truth has unmasked the hypocrisies of the statue of liberty. Washington now has no face to defend its war crimes. Wikileaks evidence should be enough to prosecute the post-holocaust neo-Nazis now marching their way into Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. Their attempt to get their hands on gold, oil and strategic control are a reflection of the same old tactics employed by the pirates of bygone eras.

The statue of liberty must know that the time of deception is over. Government address or corporate media promotionals no longer get hits on YouTube; the have-nots are more popular than American pride. Wikileaks is just the beginning of a worldwideweb revolution where information has outsmarted the shadow dancers of the one-world order. Americans have moved back to the time of Berlin in 1945 when movements like Operation Payback can bring down the ivory towers in Washington. Compared to the so-called democratic government model of the US, our governments in South Asia have been more tolerant and farsighted in ceding control over our right to information.

It’s time to accept, repair and reconcile the damages done to our civilization. The economic and technological boom in China, Japan, India, Brazil and Latin America clearly indicates that we are on a bumpy ride towards a global economy based primarily on equality. From Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela, Gandhi to Mujib, Confucius to Mao Je Dong all attempted to reinforce that very concept of justice. Sir Bernard Lee’s worldwideweb prepared the ground for a virtual life where the have-nots stand equal in their fight for info freedom against the haves. Assange’s trial looks like the same tragedy of Galileo or Che Guevara, he can be killed for his crime of revealing the truth, but the statue of liberty can no longer kill the idea of info-freedom.

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The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.

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    khondkar Abdus Saleque

    Americans are the most hated nation all over the world. Look at the atrocities they did in all the countries they choose at their free will to treach democracy. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Everywhere they experimented their sophisticated waepons of mass destruction on poor innocent n masses, destroyed infrastructures. Now they spend billions in reconstruction to please another group of idiots US Companies to employ incompetent Americans. Who told them to teach American style democracy to Poor Nation? Who told them to carry out mass destruction in beautiful Iraq and once beautiful Afghanistan?
    It is only a mockery that Statue of Liberty is still there in USA.
    Hell with USA and its imperalistic avalanche.

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