Promoting Bangladesh: God Bless Our Mother Land Bangladesh

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)

It was 1555 hours in the afternoon on 8th Dec 2010. People or in other words persons who were waiting inside the transport due to red signal at Gulshan 2 were laughing with surprise. The white jeep with number plate Dhaka Metro Gh 02-2029 was carrying dry paddy straw (which is called “Kher” in Bengali) inside. Some one went near the driver to ask for such including which department this defender belonged to.

The driver was little embarrassed and politely replied: “not all were Kher” but there were construction materials like basin, commode etc and those were covered by “Kher” for protection from damage. He also replied: “Biddud Bivag”, meaning that the white defender jeep belongs to department of electricity. The construction materials for the under construction private building of some “Boss” were being carried from Mirpur ceramic to some where Boshundhara or near by area to save some personal additional expenditures.

I think using departmental transport at the cost of office fuel to save some personal money is very common in Bangladesh, may be also in some other developing countries like us. But with such being continuously practiced, how easy would it be to achieve growth rate of two digits for Bangladesh? I know it is called misuse, but what difference does it make from corruption?

The “green signal” was on and the poor driver was saved from further embarrassment when his leg pressed to the accelerator of defender. ……. Being a silent observer in my driving seat, I just took a long breath and whispered to my self…”May God Bless Our Mother Land Bangladesh”