corruption of the people, by the people, for themselves

Nayeem Hossain

Nayeem Hossain

We are always proactive in making comments about political corruption. Corruption at the highest level is Government corruption. Corrupt ministers or Madams of the ministers becoming the ten percent couple. Every night they’ll fight on how much they should’ve made and how much short they are in making the full cash payment on that apartment complex in New York. You will be surprised how many of the madams actually live in their dream houses all over the world. They build their dreams brick by brick. The small useless pieces of those bricks sometimes cut our foreheads on a “Day of Judgment” or as some call“Hartal”or strike. We see one side of the spectrum rising against the Dark Lord and his Nasguls; the riders of Rohans taking streets. They want to save us from evil and tyranny once and for all. The Dark Lord has the hands of law spell bounded and battle for Middle Earth starts with tear gas against fearless warriors. Funny thing is, the Dark Lord and Rohan’s worriers change places in the theater to make it new and fresh for us once in a while. With that they change names of places, we read new history, and we learn about old stories in a newer limited edition versions in newspapers. Sometimes once in a while some characters depart. Some silently on hospital bed, some with suspense and surprise, with grand fireworks. We even bring in fireworks specialists from overseas to ensure the quality. The show goes on, the same storyline, same main characters, a little change here and there. We all live the drama everyday with great anticipation what’s next!!

Well that’s the grand masters opera, or the biggest spectacle like Broad Way. But there are hundreds of small theater companies that play an integral part in this game. Let’s look at those for once. They are the ones that quietly play their part, we hardly ever know their names but together they are the most important players. They are the Nazguls, unlike Nine in The Lord of the Rings we have millions of them. The biggest wizards seat in a castle called the Secretariat.

We all see the corruption of the politicians because still they’re the only part of the system that has to answer to the people to some extent. They either answer to their constituency, or to party officials or to the media. What about all the quite, silent intellectuals, in Safari suits? If politicians are supposed to make the policies, the bureaucrats are supposing to implement them. In a country like ours, where a minister might come from any background, bureaucrats always hold the key. If the government is a machine then the bureaucrats are the parts of it and politicians are the fuel. Do we ever ask them, if they are doing their jobs in time or not. What about their transparency and accountability? We all know corruption in bureaucracy is all over. The most powerful man in that corridor is the peon, because before an Oracle database can find out, he’ll know where your file is and who need to release it. It’s a place where you have to go to make everyone happy, “ektu khushi koirey den”, like a child in an amusement park; doesn’t matter how sad you might be. That is the system that all of these people work in year after year and we point to the men who go there for five years. As if they go there with a broom to clean dust that they can clean this corruption in a day.  Another trend is observed, all these government officials, who are supposed to be the educated section of our country will work under favorable governments in favorable posts, get ousted by the opposing force, get retired and start politics or a think tank organization. Some would work under all government, get retired and become the experts in media with their three magic analysis tools “could”, “should”, “would”. Now some would even become expert commentators to the government itself, they “advise” everyone. But none would point to change this bureaucratic system. None would say why our brightest and the bests of these generations not joining the system.

We see exclusive on television channels on how they caught a policy inspector taking bribe on the street or have a network of people collecting their share of the society’s wealth! We feel so proud of our ever growing, ever strong, everlasting Duracell media and share the video all over the internet. It’s a day of victory of democracy, and I did my part by clicking ‘share the video’ on Facebook to make it even stronger. I want to ask those news channel how come they never show any news program about the traffic police officer who has to ask for lift at twelve o’clock at night to a CNG passenger after a long days duty, because he has to go home by himself and has no money. I wouldn’t have believed it if it didn’t happen to me. How come nobody shares a story about how a Sub Inspectors position has a ‘fixed’ rate to get a job? If I come from a lower middle class family and had to spend money to get to that position, what job enthusiasm do I have to do any good? You expect him to be honest and motivated on a five thousand taka job with no respect in the social structure. Did anyone do a story on the constable who has his family in a one room house, only to protect and serve the ones whose pets spend more in luxury then that constable’s one month salary?? You’ll only hear about the SI who made millions or the habildar who owns a hotel.

We all talk about how student politics should be banned. Even many former student leaders show their disgust on paper articles and seminars. Newspapers show how many students died, and how many classes were canceled because of clashes. Fair enough, even I think it should be banned until reformed. Well how about the Red, Blue, Pink panels? Who’s stopping them to bring politics in classrooms? What about a little disgust showed on their dreams to get a little close to the “precious”? I always wondered people talk about our main two political leaders being illiterate or “BA paash”. But all these ex VCs, academics that surround them, what do they see in them? Some even wrote books on how great and important these leaders political zeal is. Do you ever wonder that they are more a courtier then advisor to these leaders? Who’s pointing out their roles in making these politicians blind in a clear bubble? I guess none.

Meter readers made millions and the entire country roared “banish these demons”. How about the people who paid them? You build five storied building in a place that was meant for two storied. You take two lines of electricity in your store. Aren’t these corruptions? You don’t want to pay the bill for the amount you used, and we only point finger to the meter reader. Did you go to Dhanmondi recently? I don’t see any two storied house with yards anymore. Overnight we have turned it into a slum of high rises. No one left an inch for roads. Shopping centers are built in housing plots. And people expect electricity, sewerage, water, and no traffic on roads! Who’s asking these land owners that you are the source of the corruption! Remember our valiant minister shouting at builders and condemning them as land pirates? That’s the maximum the poor man can do. Because we made sure those pirates can unite and become stronger than ever, I just saw an ad of a joint venture of Jamuna and Bashundhara group. That’s the reality and that’s your corruption.

Transparency International this time at least ranked us out of the top ten corrupt countries in the list. I thank them for that. They pointed out the lack of transparency in the government sector and over the board corruption. That includes us too. When we say, most of our population lives in village and they are hard working people and have no access to corruption then you haven’t heard or seen a village politician or businessman. Neither have you had lands taken by relatives or tin and doors taken from school and mosque by villagers. A system of corruption doesn’t start by just a handful of people. It involves the parent who supplied ‘nokol’ to his son in exam, to the doctor who just takes the salary from his village health complex posting to provide the service in a busy private practice in the city. It involves the teacher who takes regular classes at ‘home’ and the system that pays them 5000 taka and expects to live a decent life. It comes in black coats, olive caps or white beard. This system is powered by the corruption of the people, by the people only for themselves .

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    Fuad Hasan

    Over Population is the main reason behind almost all the problems we face in Bangladesh. Corruption is no exception. Basically resources remain less than the needs of the population. Generally every person want to live an ethical life. Usually people becomes corrupt when they ran out of options. It has been proven that even the most strict implementation of law can not prevent the people in a society from being corrupt, if the root cause- poverty remains undisturbed. And this poverty comes from lack of resources due to increase in population. But it’s also true that society’s elite, well-educated citizens can also be corrupt. We need to reform the justice system in such way so that, a few powerful, corrupt people can not manipulate or abuse law for their own gain.
    Lastly my favourite quote-“All that is necessary for the evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

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    Now corruption is being a phenomena for Bangladeshi politicians.Actually i don’t think so it’s politicians fault. Bangladeshi People give them opportunity to play with their fate long and long by politicians so they also don’t mind to do that…That’s why people of this country is passing an insecure life in this country.

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