Encounter at Jessore Road


The leftist movement of Bangladesh had a glorious past. After independence, facing harassment at the hands of Rakhkhi Bahini, the militia wing of the party in power, the leftists turned against the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. That widened the avenues for the defeated conspirators of ‘71 to assassinate the very symbol of the nation in 1975.

A leftist offshoot underground movement reared itself in the south western areas of Bangladesh. Abu Bakr Siddic, Editor of Kushtia based daily Shomoyer Kagoj joins E-Bangladesh to narrate the volatile situation of this valley of uncertainty.

Bakr sees no remnant of leftist political philosophy in this underground movement, only greed and lust for power. These extremists carry illegal arms, and local BNP-AL workers seem to have no strength in front of them. As a result, this movement has become a moneymaking casino in continuous alliance with whichever party is in power.

For cosmetic measures some extortionists are killed in the theatre of encounters or crossfire. Sinner dies yet sin rules over Jessore Road through terror and tender terrorism. With money as god, life has become only a matter of chance for the peace loving citizens of the area. And successive governments have failed to ensure security of its citizens held captive in these southwest underground primitive horrors, and Bangladesh remains hostage to a never ending fear game.

Here is South West Bangladesh update in two episodes.

Softtalk with Maskwaith,Encounter at Jessore Road, Episode 1

Softtalk with Maskwaith,Encounter at Jessore Road, Final Episode


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    Manirul Islam

    Hat off to Maskwaith for the substantial insight into the activities of the armed insurgents in south-west Bangladesh. Would you please touch on the assassinations of Comrade Mufakkhar, Tutul and Mahfuz; what was the time period of these killings and which government executed these assassinations. I hope further probe will unmask international connections to reduce Communist movement in Bangladesh as the movement of thugs and goons, which is the reality now. Thank you once again

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