Khaleda’s Mid Term Election Demand



Leader of Opposition in Bangladesh Parliament BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia recently started campaign for midterm election terming present mahajote government as failed government.  She first sounded this when high court dismissed her appeal against Cantonment Boards notice to evacuate cantonment house and her son Kokos parollextension was cancelled. In parliamentary democracy treasury bench and opposition [shadow government] have equal responsibility to make democracy meaningful. The country is going through a critical stage no doubt. Several issues of great national interest can be discussed and debated in the parliament .But Khaleda led opposition through minor excuses is abstaining from parliament although they are enjoying all benefits as parliamentarians. There are several issues like energy crisis, price spirals, eve teasing, traffic congestions which can be and should be discussed and debated in the parliament. Still instead of making parliament as forum of discussion opposition and opposition leader everyday are making laughable statements in media.

In Bangladesh there is no such instance of mid-term election excepting in one term when khaleda was forced to step out within few months of a failed election. The present overall situation of the country although not ideal is much better than what it used to be during 2002-2006.Terrorists are not carrying out grenade attack in the opposition rallies killing innocent people, main stream opposition leaders are not killed by grenades or gunned down . Whatever political harassment or incidents are happening in isolation may also be the creation of a particular vested quarter which is trying to destabilize the government

Just because Khaleda is the widow of a  Army Chief turned President killed by a group of disgruntled group of Army Officers cannotlegalize her life term claim on government property.On the backdrop of governments continued efforts for  trying War Criminals and nab all conspirators of several terrorists’ activities in the past such demand will only create confusion and contradictions.. There is no genuine reason to demand midterm election .If Khaleda has strong reasons she should go to parliament and move a motion of non-confidence against the government. Mere lip service and hue and cry may create some ripples and will go with the wind.

Traffic congestions and Energy Crisis are two issues which have reached such a crisis stage that unless s there are concerted national efforts these may not be success ‘fully confronted or mitigated in short time. Dhaka and some major cities like Chittagong have grown ion all dimensions without any definite city planning. Canals and waterways in and around the cities have been cruelly encroached. Without creating necessary roads and communication infrastructuresthousandsonf transports have been allowed to ply on the city roads. Without creating necessary utility infrastructures many times more than installed capacity demands have been created for water, gas, power and sewerage facilities. All previous government hasmiserably failed to make proper planning and effective implementation .It will be unkind to blame the present government square for all the crisis and issues.

Opposition leader is well advised to respond positively for dialogues with government on major national issues and use parliament as the main place for debate. Opposition has failed so far to elect deputy leader .Most of failed ex ministers and MP of BNP ispressuring Khaleda not to join parliament. They have also ill advised Khaleda to take hard stance on the cantonment house issue.

The cantonment house is a state property. Can President or any person allot a property to any person? Just that someone served as Army Chief for some yearscannot automatically legitimize her claim on that property. There has been some  other Army Chiefs before and after General Zia There had been some other valiant freedom fighters , liberation front commanders .Some of them were killed equally cruelly .Khaled Musharraf , Manzoor. Taher, Huda, Haidar had greater contributions. What their widows got from the state? Bangabandhu was the founding father; four national leaders killed in jail were among the leading architect of Bangladesh. What their orphan children got from the state? Moreover the High Court has given some verdict. It can only be challenged in court. In 1980s widow Khaleda and her orphan sons may have helpless situation. But not her sons are many say billionaires. They have allegedly siphoned huge ill-gotten property in different countries. People had sympathy for a widow and orphans but they have no sympathy for a failed state leader and her corrupt sons. There is no reason that she should still continue to occupy government property. Moreover, she is leader of a major political party. Cantonment is a sensitive area .She cannot do politics living in CANTONMENT.

Tareq was the king pin of Hawa bhaban which virtually run the government from 2002-2006. There are several allegations against him. Many of these are under investigations. Investigations of some major acts of terrorism are gradually surfacing his role in these. His sickness is not so serious that these cannot be treated in Bangladesh or he is required to say abroad for indefinite period. The acts of money laundering and other acts of corruption are almost established against Koko.His sickness is also not such that he cannot be treated in Bangladesh. If Khaleda must respect judiciary .She must not have  any reason to believe that judiciary will deliberately harass and punish her innocent[?] sons.

Cantonment house or legal proceeding againstTareq and Koko can not be reasons for opposition movement or Khaleda terming the government as failed government and demand interim election .

People are smart enough.Theyt fully understand that progress of trail of war criminals has rocked the foundation of BNP politics. People won’t buy their prescriptions. BNP cannot master any public support to agitate on the street for other issues like price spirals or Energy crisis as these are their own creation. BNP may gradually disintegrate as people from right , left , top and bottom assembled to walk on power corridor accessed through back door by General Zia .They are mostly winter birds. They will fly away to comfort zone like some already gone. Hence they have to either resort to violent politics or conspire .People are gradually getting concerned that opposition destructive politics is behind various crisis here and there. Opposition must shun politics of conspiracy and destruction and take all issues on the floor of parliament to keep government honest.

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    What midterm elections? She should immediately vacate the cantonment house and go to her Gulshan residence. The cantt house should be immediately demolished and made a residential complex for army officers so that Rupganj-like incidents of the army encroaching upon public land does not occur any more.

    The cantt house along with Hawa Bhaban has been the breeding ground of all evil acts by Tareq, Babar and Arafat Rahman. They were using this house as a haven to hatch conspiracies and assassination plots with renegade crooked army officers and terrorist DFI recruits. The recent punishment of a major and 3 captains in the army trying to assassinate the nephew of Sheikh Hasina clearly reflect the criminals and killers recruited inside the army by the BNP-Jamaat axis of evil.

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    Riad Ahmad

    The government had given her enough time to vacate the property owned by the cantonment board. She was trying to exploit the issue to materialize her personal interests of illegally occupying the government property. She owns many ill-gotten properties owned by Mosaddeq Hossain Falu and her sons both at home and abroad. She could have easily moved to one of the many houses owned by her legally married husband in Dhaka.

    I personally feel that she was using the cantonment area to carry out her political agenda while the civilians and public are barred from even using the roads running through it.

    The hartaal and agitation program by the BNP has been a total failure. Last night many private and public transports were damaged or set on fire by hired goons of BNP vividly shown on public and private television.The criminals should be severely punished and made to pay for the crores of takas to the affected public and private citizens.

    The police behaved with utmost restraint and responsibility. They deserve special mention in view of the brutality shown by the previous BNP and war criminals Jamaat-e-Islami government in similar hartaals.

    Finally, I deplore Khaleda Zia and her BNP party for the following reasons.

    1. When Turkey and Bangladesh are trying to work on a strategic partnership and at the same time the honorable Turkish PM is visiting Bangladesh with a 80 plus entourage Khaleda Zia should have refrained from carrying out such anti-state activities.

    2. BNP has created chaos and confusion among holiday-goers trying to go home on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr just 3 days away.

    3. Garment workers and others have been affected by hindrance to drawing salaries and Eid bonuses.

    4. Primary school board examinations have been affected by this irresponsible and callous call for agitation.

    The unjustified call for hartaal will have a very negative impact on BNP and the extremely selfish and greedy Khaleda Zia. Cars and buses in Dhaka have started plying on the streets normally which is a severe blow to Khaleda Zia’s evil conspiracy.

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    Rabeya Khatun

    It was disgusting to see the private items and alcohol in the possession of a former prime minister of Bangladesh. Shame on her! Shame shame. A chronic alcoholic and a chain smoker and a debauch like Khaleda alignining with fake Islamists is the obvious outcome.

    Many facts will come out that should be thoroughly investigated. How, when and who funded the construction of a three-storey building inside the government owned 168 katha land. How could his sons rent out government property to their friends?

    Log book documenting meetings of Tarek, Arafat and Mamun and Babar with international terrorists in the newly built grand residence within the compound should be made public.

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    Hamid Khan

    The government should deal the hartall program of BNP with iron fist if BNP hires goons and criminals to disrupt city life on Tuesday.

    BNP is in crumbles. An uncivilized uncouth war criminal like Salauddin Q Choudhury is their spokesperson. Today BNP has got the support of fundamentalist war criminals and international terrorists Jamaat-e-Islami for their terrorist activities on that day.

    Awami League has nothing to fear if BNP resigns from parliament. That would be a welcome sign for national development. New progressive parties with anti-Jamaat-e-Islamileaning would swoop in to fill in the vacancies along with the AL. Even JP will benefit from an impotent BNP’s presence in the parliament.

    The government should also severely punish and penalize those criminals who destroy public and private property. These criminals should be made to pay for the crores of takas lost on Hartaal days. The should be sent to prison with enforced labor until they are able to pay in cash the crores of taka in damage inflicted upon private cars, BRTC buses and businesses.

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