Need for Motivation and Leadership

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)


This was also published in The Independent dated 25 August 2010



Soon after reading on line the article titled “The relentless march of the dragon” published in The Independent news paper of Bangladesh, August the 17th, 2010, I had to go to Shanghai down town at the noon the 18th August 2010. Out of many road side attractions, the most common thing which attracted me was a single writing, “better city, better life”, the slogan of “Expo 2010 Shanghai”. It was written on almost every open wall where ever it was possible. I was trying to link up all my thoughts related to better city better life, the Chinese economy, the Chinese leadership, the motivation of Chinese common people etc.

Yes, China over took Japan as the world’s second largest economy during the second quarter of this year which became one of the top economic news around the world in recent days. However, such news was not an imagination to economists around the world even when China over took the economy of German back in 2007 to become the world’s third largest economic power. The world has also watched, after overtaking the U.K. and France in 2005, how China became the third nation to complete a spacewalk and also how she has hosted the Olympic Games in 2008.

The world is now watching another mega event “Expo 2010 Shanghai” which has commenced since 1st May and would continue till 31 October 2010. The country is also preparing to host 16th Asian Games between November 12-27, 2010 in Guangzhou which is China’s second city to obtain the status to host the Asian Games. Beijing earlier held the 11th Asian Games in 1990. Guangzhou Asian Games will include 41 events, the history of the events of Asian Games. I remembered very clearly that I first saw Beijing in 15th September 1988 and there after seen most of the parts of China during 1988 to 1990 while I was learning Chinese Language in the than Beijing Language Institute, presently known as Beijing Language and cultural University. I was thinking what I saw in the past and what I am seeing now. I was also thinking what made the country achieve so much in so increasing rates?

My thinking process was disrupted due to heavy rain while returning from the down town. I noticed to my utter surprise that a man, of course an employee from local municipality, was working on the street during heavy rain putting on his supplied rain coat. He was helping the road side dust to pass away along with rain water in to the drain main hole. I thought of talking to this person just for curiosity to ask him one single question that what has motivated him to work so dedicatedly during rain but the situation didn’t allow me to stop over there. Later on, after narrating the story, I asked the same question to one of my Chinese friends who simply and instantly replied me, “The Leadership”. Then my Chinese friend also explained that those workers were well motivated by their respective leaders to work dedicatedly to keep own area of responsibility always clean to up hold this year’s Shanghai slogan “better city, better life”. My salute to these dedicated workers and also to this sincere leadership.

While talking to my Chinese friend, I remembered another memory of 12th Nov 2009, at Beijing, when it had early heavy snow fall last year. I went out side to take some photos of snow fall but my camera was attracted to the activities of many old people who were working during the snow fall just to clean the leafs of Beijing trees out of fallen snow. After talking to them I knew they came for that noble part-time job voluntarily though local administration had possibly paid them with little hourly remunerations. During that time I was more surprised to know and watch that few very high governmental retired officers were also amongst those volunteers. Besides, there were also few grand fathers with the age over 80 years. Their main motivation was that they were protecting the nature for their next generations to have better life. No other leaders have motivated them to come on the road side during snow fall but they were self motivated leaders by themselves.
I think today I have learned the meaning of motivation and leadership in a different way which I may carry back to my countrymen to share with.

This write-up was once published in the editorial page of The Independent on 25 August 2010, however is also given here for interested readers:

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