Sino-Bangladesh Relations:Friendship Unbounded

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)

Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd)

This was also published in The Independent dated 22 Oct 2010

Bangladesh and China established diplomatic relations on October 4, 1975 and the same date in this year was its 35th anniversary. To mark the importance of this long lasting relationship, lot of activities were observed at both Dhaka and Beijing in this year, specially in the month of October as 1st October 2010 was also the 61st anniversary of Peoples Republic of China. In connection to this 35th anniversary, Bangladesh Cultural Academy (BSA) Foundation also held one seminar titled “Sino-Bangladesh Relations-Friendship Unbounded” at VIP lounge, National Press Club, Dhaka on October 18, 2010 where I had the opportunity to listen to speeches delivered by many famous scholars like Professor Mozaffar Ahmed, Professor Emajuddin Ahmed, Mr. Badruddin Umar, key note speaker Lt Gen (Retd) M. Mahbubur Rahman and others from Bangladesh side and also The Ambassador of Peoples Republic of China in Bangladesh H. E. Mr. Zhang Xianyi. I think the audience like me has understood deeply regarding the importance of better Bangladesh future cooperation.
To mark the event little symbolic in terms of friendly relationship and cooperation between Bangladesh and China, it was also really my honor and privilege to speak few words in both chinese and english languages in that seminar regarding my understanding about the developments of present China as well as the importance of better Bangladesh-China cooperation.

It was 15th September 1988 when I first landed in Beijing being one of the foreign students to learn chinese language and have had studied Chinese language for two years staying in China. That was my closest opportunity to know China and its people when I was very young. Since then I had been visiting China regularly and have seen the changes in last 22 years. I have seen the China from Herbin in the north to Hainandao in the south and also in between many cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen, etc, and almost whole China accept three provinces. I wish I would soon complete seeing those places too.
During my every visit to China I was always very surprised seeing her continuous developments and progresses. Every time I took a long breath and answered to my self, “it is China and they are Chinese and so it is possible!”. The achievements of China during last few decades are known to all indeed and as such I am not going to express about any of those.
During my every visit to China I also had the opportunities to be in close touches with many Chinese leaders as well as very common people in the official as well as business and private capacities from which I have learned some thing for my self. Of course, there are many related factors associated to the success of present China, however, I would like to express my personal opinion as to what all major factors had possibly been contributing to these continuous successes. In my opinion, major factors were the political stability of the nation, the discipline, motivation and willingness of people to develop the country, and of course the special Chinese leadership to take the country ahead. The pride of the Chinese people that, “we are Chinese and it is China and of course one China” was the main motivation behind all success in my understanding.
During past 22 years I had the opportunities to listen many top ranking leaders of China and Bangladesh regarding the Sino- Bangladesh friendly cooperation. I have also heard many peace loving common people of both the countries. I have learned and now believe from all those talking that China Bangladesh relationship is the relationship of long history, not only this formal 35 years, however, now it has taken the shape of the relationship of connectivity, relationship of trust and confidence, relationship of inter dependability, and the relationship of future hope and continuous cooperation for mutual benefits.
Considering the time limitation of the seminar, I have expressed only one hope on behalf of common peace loving people of both countries so that the authorities at both ends may consider facilitating easy access to each other’s country and their people for the continuous promotion of culture, sports, tourism, trade and other sectors. I hope the concern authorities would soon do some thing more positive in this regard. Long live China Bangladesh continuous developments of friendly cooperation with future hopes.

(The speech delivered by Lt Col Md Shahadat Hossain (Retd), at the seminar titled “Sino-Bangladesh Relations-Friendship Unbounded” at Dhaka Press Club on 18 October 2010)