Call for show of hands for Cartoonist Arif, his mother & his art


Cartoonist Arif became a target of mullahs for his allegedly blasphemous cartoon. Surprisingly, a similar childlike cartoon was published in the party magazine of a religious student organization that didn’t create any controversy. This contradiction is a clear demonstration of how the mullahs used Arif’s cartoon to weaken liberal society.

Arif is not alone in this struggle against religious mercenaries and their attempts to push Bangladesh towards darkness. Arif has online friends who are his companions on the journey towards artistic freedom. His mother is fighting death in the hospital. Arif requests his friends to buy his cartoon and save his ailing mother.

He is overwhelmed by the response of his unknown online friends. Arif conveys his gratitude to those who extended their hands to save his mother and his art.

Anyone willing to stand for a mother’s cause is requested to get in touch with cartoonist Arif.

Here is the final episode of his interview with E-Bangladesh.

Soft Talk with Maskwaith, Guest, Cartoonist Arif, Episode Final


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