An Ode to Peace, Blogging CHT, Final Episode


CHT dwellers are in black despair over the comatose Peace Accord, with the radical UPDF out there terrorizing the peace valley. Santu Larma is patiently trying to respect the peace accord with the government, but this very tolerance is being defamed as his weakness by the UPDF, thus making politics risky in the CHT.

The mountain people want rights over their own land, activation of the land commission, settlement of land disputes and delegation of power to the regional council and local bodies. The AL government signed an historic peace deal in 1997 accepting these demands.

But since then the accord has been placed on the back burner and the government seems indifferent to the plight of the CHT natives. 

Biplob Rahman appeals for anticipation of the peace deal in his talk with E-Bangladesh.

Soft Talk with Maskwaith Blogging CHT Guest Biplob Rahman Final 


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