Blogging ’71 – Part-3


Blogger Omi Rahman Pial believes that the online defamation and distortion carried out by the sympathizers of war criminals are being countered with arguments supported by rare documents and photographs. But this online historic information is not being disseminated properly amongst the masses. Neither is the mass media highlighting such truths and nor are there any governmental or corporate efforts to combat anti-state and anti-liberation war rhetoric. To maintain the sanctity of the historic war criminals’ trials, even culprits related to Awami League leaders should not be spared, Pial stresses. He pays tribute to Martyr’s Mother, Jahanara Imam, who led the struggle with her demand for such trials. Jahanara Imam’s mritunjayi squad still roams the streets of Bangladesh in quest for bringing the 1971 war criminals to justice.

Soft Talk with Maskwaith, Blogging 71, Guest: Omi Rahman Pial, Part-3


The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.