Soft Talk with Maskwaith – Part-5


In this episode Musa Ibrahim, the first Everest conqueror from Bangladesh, talks about his reasons for undertaking this monumental journey. It was while studying at the Education and Research Institute, Dhaka University, that he and his friends vowed to work towards educational reforms in order to liberate the task of learning. Musa believed that if he could reach the top of the world people would support him in his endeavor for educational reforms. During his second Masters in Environmental Science from BRAC University he realized the futility of any achievement without having a solid piece of land to live on. Once again, he resolved to start a re-forestation movement whereby convincing the 160 million people of Bangladesh to plant one tree each. This would be enough to save the country from sinking into the Bay of Bengal. For Musa winning the Everest is just the beginning of his journey in leading the youth of Bangladesh towards the height of their potential.

Soft Talk with Maskwaith – Part-5


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