Bangladesh regrets US request to deploy troops in Afghanistan

Saleem Samad

Saleem Samad

Bangladesh regrets United States proposal to deploy combat troops in war ravaged Afghanistan, instead mulls over sending military advisers for “engagement in restoration of peace and stability”.

United States sought engagement of Bangladesh in the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan and will render training facilities to Afghan security-and law-enforcement agencies, a statement of the Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

It clarifies recent media reports on the meeting between Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni and US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard C. Holbrooke held in New York on September 23.

Days after the publication of the news, the dreaded Taliban warned Muslim majority Bangladesh against sending troops to “Islamic neighbor” Afghanistan.

The authoritative terror-watch, SITE intelligence group broke the news quoting a jihadist website, in careful words argues that Bangladesh leaders have enough Islamic knowledge not to involve “in the fight against Islam and against the Afghan people by sending a few hundred soldiers to Afghanistan.”

Chris Blackburn, Jihad watchdog based in London told this correspondent that the threat does appear to be genuine. The Bangladesh government’s policies to address Islamist extremism has been very pragmatic, he lauded.

The government also indicated that Bangladesh will look at the scope of providing training facilities to various Afghan entities, the statement syndicated by wire service United News of Bangladesh said.

It assured United States that Bangladesh believes in peace and it will do whatever it can to restore peace in South Asia, especially in Afghanistan.

Sharing with ruling party advisory council members on Saturday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said her government did not receive any formal proposal from the US about sending troops.

Bangladesh combat troops were deployed in Haiti (1994) and Kuwait (1990) at the request of Washington, which invited public interest litigation in the superior court here.

Two days after the Taliban cautioned Bangladesh, the United States intensified its discussion on Bangladesh’s engagement in Afghanistan for global peace and stability, a senior American diplomat Nicholas Dean of US embassy in Bangladesh briefed reporters last Thursday, reports

In an early request by international community, Bangladesh is providing economic and development assistance and is engaged in rural education program for children, medical doctors in health centers and micro-finance for disadvantaged population in the troubled Kandahar province.

Bangladesh will soon become the fifth Muslim nation after Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Jordan to join the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) coalition troops fighting the Jihadists. Bangladesh is the largest contributor of troops to the United Nations peacekeeping missions, followed by Pakistan.

With the planned withdrawal of Canada, Poland, United States and United Kingdom between 2011- 2015, the coalition forces needs assurance that adequate international troops are replaced to ensure security of the beleaguered Afghans from the surge of Taliban attacks.

Blackburn believes that the majority of the people of this country have a strong history of rejecting Islamic radicalism and religious tolerance. Therefore, Bangladesh should seize the opportunity to help the crisis, he recommends.

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    Independent Observor

    What a joke by Current Leadership :sending troops to Afghanistan. The country is drowned in malice, robbery & killings & open enmity against all political parties. Poor people have no shelter, over 50 villages eaten by sea. Tigers are eating human flesh, BSF killing poor border people: Hasina entertaining children with the song” Gum Parani Mashi Pishi” what a joke of future Promise? Copying Bush style !!!!
    Amidst all frictions, clear sins, We are afraid whether ALLAH’s patience is over & diaster stikes them . What a GOVT, afraid to remember the holy words”Bismillah”. Where they see Religious people: call them terrorists: Who supported for poltical cause became Rajakars.
    World is striding ahead with “ALLAH HU AKBER” & these leaders hiding under”
    Secularism” FIE to them! They are afraid of Sharia Laws? What defect Sharia Law has? They want to glorify the deads with flowers? Arrogant Shamadi worshippers? inviting thunder” Baishak” with Sheekh group with dance?
    All will perish & name of ALLAH alone will survive.
    They are happy by adorning mornings with musical drama instead of Azan & Islamic teaching. ALLAH is the best Judge as HE gives respite to ALL.
    Thank you.

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    bangladesh should not send troops to fight against the taliban, they should send troops to fight alongside the taliban. they should send troops to kill americans and liberate that land. Why would the author right “dreaded” taliban. The people love the taliban and dread the americans.

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    khondkar. A Saleque

    Not only Afghanistan Bangladesh must not even think of sending Army to combat mission anywhere in the world.Bangladeshi Army can only participate in peace mission and can not engage in war to serve the interest of occupation forces. Moreover in Afghanistan US led NATO force is an occupation Army.In lame pretext they have invaded Afghanistan and is carrying out war against people .It is hardly trying to train Afghan Army , Police and civil administration for capacity building. Bangladesh must stand beside the friendly Muslim nation in training and capacity building. Bangladesh must not forget that Afghan people extended assistance to stranded Bangladeshis in 1971 in ensuring safe passage through their land.Bangladesh may support in Energy sector, Rural poverty alleviation. Recently while training Kabul University the students, professionals of Ministry of Mines , Ministry of Energy and Water It appeared that Bangladesh can assist in many ways. Bangladesh must send a delegation to Kabul to assess the ground reality there.BRAC Bank and BRAC are doing extensive works. We have set up SEBA[ Socity of Ex[patriate Bangladeshis there.
    Bangladesh must also set up embassy at Kabul.Bangladesh may also set up extensive business and trade realationship.

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    Saugat Lahiri

    Would agree on certain aspects of Mr.Saleque,with regard to more humanitarian forms of help.Even in India,we do not send troops(even when pak backed Taliban attacks our doc’s and engineers) to Afghanistan but rather help in enormously in area’s of education/schools/roads,infrastructure,power houses’s,buses,trucks,doctor’s & medical supplies(I know many afghan’s in delhi,right now,who are extremely thankful for the life saving treatment that their,children & family members have recd).Dr.Md.Younis concept of micro-loan can be very effective there. BUT do it because you believe in helping people & human being NOT because that they are muslim or not.

    Bangladesh was formed on the fundamentals of securalism & equality,pakistan was formed was formed on religion,selfishness & oppurtunism and look at their state of affairs,choose what you want to become.

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    would have been a wise decesion to send troops. Remember those talibans are killing innocent civilian and imposing shariah law against peoples will. bangladesh as a democracy and a us aly should have sent troops to help Afghan civilians

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