Soft Talk with Maskwaith – Part-2


Mount Everest winner from Bangladesh, Musa Ibrahim, met with constant discouragement and disapproval of his mountaineering from several sections of society but his desperation and dedication kept pushing him forward on the Everest mission. His target was to conquer the summit by 2010, a promise he successfully fulfilled for himself as well as for his North Alpine Club Bangladesh.

A few organizations contributed financially but Musa had to borrow a major portion of the money from his sister Noor Ayesha, a UN employee. He left Dhaka on April 08, 2010, for Kathmandu from where he proceeded to the trail in Tibet. His preparatory stretches, which lasted till May 09, 2010, involved hiking sessions to base camp, advanced base camp and camp-1. Along with a 6-member international team and native sherpas, Musa waited till May 20, 2010, for the weather to turn favorable before heading for the final flight.

In today’s episode Musa Ibrahim narrates his days and nights before the final countdown.


The writer is an Online Journalist and Offline Media Educator.