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Musa and Bangladesh

Guest: Musa Ibrahim, First ever Mount Everest Winner from Bangladesh – Part ONE

For Musa Ibrahim the fact that no one from Bangladesh had ever been able to conquer Mount Everest was just another reason to go for this daunting experience. Even with his heart set on bringing glory to his motherland, the quest involved tedious training and heartbreaking struggle to raise funds for the expedition. He received financial assistance from a few organizations but the major share came from his sister. Musa’s desperation to achieve his target by 2010 took him on a trail fraught with risks and danger. Here’s the first episode of Musa Ibrahim’s exclusive chat with Maskwaith Ahsan, Editor of e–, in which he has narrated his adventurous flight.



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    Kazi Mamun

    Musa Ibrahim, Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin are chatting.
    Neil: I was the 1st on moon!
    Yuri: I was the 1st on space!!
    Musa: So what! I’ll be the 1st on Sun!!!
    Neil & Yuri: u’ll burn up IDIOT!
    Musa: I’m not STUPID! I’ll go at night, with a night vision vdo camera this time!!

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    Shame on you Kazi Mamun, first for having a class-5 sense of humour, and secondly for letting the world see that you are jealous of Musa’s accomplishment. To overcome the first, you probably should repeat 5th grade and learn some humility along the way, and as for your second hall of shame, try to get some personality…. FYI: the joke is really, really old, and it’s been told to death.

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