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New Age runs a notice:

We apologise

When New Age was going to press on Wednesday evening, we had in our possession photographs of top-brass BNP leaders, including standing committee member Mahbubur Rahman, being assaulted by activists of their own party.

While we at New Age strongly believe that — in the spirit of freedom of the press and our readers’ right to information — we are committed to bring those photographs to our readers, a number of our journalists were repeatedly ‘reminded’, however courteously, that Mahbub after all is a former army chief and publishing photographs of him being assaulted may not go down well with his former charges.

Living in these times of ‘reminders’ and their untold consequences as they are, we, therefore, sincerely apologise to our readers for our inability to publish those photographs, and hence absconding, even if momentarily, in our responsibility to bring to you the whole truth in its full, graphic manifestation.

  • ASM Hannan Shah arrested.
  • The Daily Star: Saifur & Co. face wrath.
  • bdnews24.com: Delwar’s followers harass Mahbubur Rahman.
  • [The photo newspapers in Bangladesh could not publish today.]

    [Photo: E-Bangladesh.]

    [TV Grab: Channel 1. Courtesy: Bohurupi via Rumi Ahmed.]

    Former chief of Bangladesh army, BNP standing committee member, Lieutenant General (retired) Mahbubur Rahman came under attack Wednesday from angry BNP activists for his collaboration with the DGFI engineered coup in the party. Pro-Khaleda Zia activists got hold of Mahbub near the mausoleum of party founder General Ziaur Rahman. Mahbub was severely beaten with shoes, slapped and kicked as police stood by watching. BNP activists also chased BNP leaders Dhaka mayor Sadeque Hossain Khoka and ex-army officer ZA Khan. However, they managed to escape public wrath by jumping into their cars that drove away fast as activists threw brickbats and shoes. Leaders of Saifur-Hafiz faction in BNP were returning after placing wreaths at Ziaur Rahman’s grave, marking the “National Revolution and Solidarity” day. According to an E-Bangladesh correspondent present at the scene, JCD and Juba Dal activists “dragged out Mahbubur Rahman from his car, tore down his shirt and began indiscriminately beating him with their slippers on his face calling him ‘a traitor.'”

    “DGFI [military intelligence] collaborators inside BNP must take a lesson from this. It is easy to engage in conspiracy seating in Saifur’s [Rahman] Gulshan residence, but they will have to come out in front of the public at some point,” one BNP activist told an E-Bangladesh correspondent.


    E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

    26 Responses to “Juta pita”

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      Mainuddin Irfan Khan

      Very good reporting especially the “juta pita” photo of Mahbubur Rahman. E-Bangladesh made so many people happy. Thanks E-Bangladesh! Who is next ? Khoka, Hafiz, Saifur, Mir Zafar Mannan Bhuyain etc. ?

    2. Author Image

      Abu Baker

      Hannan Shah arrested by the junta just a few minutes back. Democracy being kicked and bayoneted around by the army ruthlessly. Bangladesh heading in the direction of Pakistan. Election engineering in line with the ISI-DGFI blueprint.

    3. Author Image


      Abu Bakar, I do agree with you. But what do you think: What can we do now, I mean, can we protest?

    4. Author Image

      Salam Dhaka

      It would be nice to see a comment or two from people who claim that the press is apparently so free these days. What does the Anam’s and the Hossain’s think of these types of regular “reminders”?

    5. Author Image


      What I want to know is who’s shoe is he using? He is not using his own shoe. Some DS reporter needs to get to the bottom of “Shoegate”!

      I guess the BNP grass roots is not too happy with the DGFI coup. Just my guess based on the picture above.

      Salam Dhaka, as for Mr. Anam, he was downright angry about the “reminders” and editorialized about it in the early days after 1/11. Since then I presume he has been “reminded” to heed the reminders.

    6. Author Image


      The Anams’ and the Hossains’ probably help DGFI and ISPR compile the list of reporters who may get too “uppity” and who deserve extra attention from the authorities.

    7. Author Image

      Badal khan

      We are so happy from all over the world that can’t express our joy by few lines of words/comments here. Thank you very much for publishing this more expected scene specially juta pita of General Mahbub. That should be an example for all the Mir Jafors in Bangladesh. Any Mir Jafor who wants to destroy a party like BNP or Awami League should have the same fate.

      From today onwards the BNP is organizing campaigns all over the world, in front of Bangladesh missions with effigies and placards identifying the traitors: “I am Mir Jafor… Hate me… Kick me… Saifur, Hafiz, Mannan.”

      Long live E-Bangladesh, for its support for the democracy struggle in Bangladesh.

    8. Author Image

      Jagoruk Manush

      Well it should be taken as symbolic and this chappal in fact looks so befitting and photogenic on the face of these generals. That historic photograph of a Shahid Nur Hossain reincarnate kicking a jungle fatigue army on a cowardly sprint, then this ceremonious smack on the General, time has come that the nation will be treated with more photos of the Generals being routinely roughed up by the public with wrath of chappal and on the run for a escape route. Knee-jerk Generals, better think twice before you fancy politics. However, the photo reminds me of an Urdu limerick; Araj hai… Behaya Ki Bala Door, Chappal Mare To Aya Noor…..

    9. Author Image


      The picture of juta peta appeared in Jai Jai Din. Ittefaq, Shamakal and Manabjamin have published sequential picture, both before and after juta peta.

    10. Author Image


      I saved this photo as desktop background at office and home. When someone asks me about it (photo) then I describe to him/her. Can you think what they think?

    11. Author Image


      I hope General Moeen and gong now realise what they can expect from the public once they leave uniform.

    12. Author Image

      Nizam M Selim

      “Mir Zafars”, Fifth Columnists, Quislings and Agent Provocateurs favouring, harbouring, patronizing, promoting and fomenting anarchy in Bangladesh for a “failed” and “dysfunctional” state presumably await the same fate, or even worse! Alarm bells: A shape of things to come for the conspirators and avatars of anarchy.

    13. Author Image

      Zulfikar Ali

      It is a shame to see where our country is heading today. I would hold responsible current military junta backed government for this shameful act to our ex chief of Army Staff. There are more “juta pita’s” in future to this so called reformist. Bangladesh needs a free and fair election within next three months. Otherwise, democracy will be a far-fetched dream for us.

    14. Author Image


      After the university incidence yet the people didn’t leave the road to get burst, this incidence is the evidence. Every problem has solutions. This army backed CTG has also the solution. i eagerly hope to those hired ultra intellectuals who are planning to rig the election in 2008 will get a lesson from it.

    15. Author Image

      Ami Yaba Khaina

      Mahbub just got what he deserved. The countdown has started. These dumbs have bought us embarrassment, tension and confusion. Now the time has come to pay them back and let them know…. that…. We don’t like dues: Amra baki khaite pochondo korina, jahai khai, upojukto daam diya kinia khai…

    16. Author Image


      Was Mahbub the main man behind DGFI engineered BNP coup? Or he was just caught unaware? If you marked he looks like “gobechara” and this time he was caught like a gobechara. A ha ha… However, it ensures one thing there may not be any DGFI engineered AL coup…

    17. Author Image


      However, is it not violation of human rights? Mahbub may be a gobechara, but he has right to speak and express his opinion. I am surprised nobody is now concerned about violating human rights or fundamental rights in Bangladesh.

    18. Author Image

      Desh Dorodi Bideshi

      Looks like E-Bangladesh is nothing but another propaganda machine for Khaleda’s BNP.

    19. Author Image


      Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to ensure rights of its citizens? Even if it is considered as law and order violation, isn’t that also fall on their responsibility? LGMR should ask the government about it!

    20. Author Image

      Mannan Islam

      Where was this right practiced when the mid night coup by DGFI got orchestrated? BNP Standing Committee members were forced to go to senile Saifur’s house and were compelled to agree on some pre-decided matters against their will. Delwar Hossain had to flee his home to avoid pressure of joining the meeting and agreeing with the DGFI dictats. He was even threatened that his life will be at stake. Election Commission was just waiting this drama to happen so that they can invite their “Master”s nominated people for their so called dialogue. Shamsul Huda with all his facade of sophistication has proved himself to be another “His Master’s Voice”! Are these called practicing human rights and good governance? Does this CTG and its army backers think that people of Bangladesh are stupids like them? I hope all these betrayers and their backers in CTG, Army, DGFI are exposed in order to face extremely dire consequences. When you have stopped all civilized ways of deliberation and protest then these angry outbursts are only more than natural.

    21. Author Image


      Juta pita is the scenario of the all BNP supporters those who are like Mr Tareq Rahman & His late Father who proposed new politics of Money is no problem & Difficult politics for politican. Also they support the girl friend of Falu Mrs Khalida Zia. The are the supporters of Baba, Milon, Mirza Abbas, Ba Na Na Huda ministers of Corruption .
      They have no minimum partitsm.

    22. Author Image


      Actually i m not support this situation, i think that man is freedom so his openion is open…..

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