Apocalyptic disasters and the human miseries

Rubayat Ahsan

Rubayat Ahsan

Scientists have named it once-in-a-century flood. 20 million affected people just thriving out there in Pakistan to back to their every day normal existence, more than 1000 people are believed to be killed, millions have been displaced, villages are washed away, children are fighting water-borne diseases and thousands of women and men crawling towards vehicles carrying relief. Ban Ki-moon said that he has never seen anything like the flood disaster in Pakistan. The scale of such a flood has astonished international community.

String of disasters in china caused by floods and mudslides killed thousands and displaced many. The recent mudslides have leveled an area and raised death toll. China’s proud of becoming the nearest economic power to US is dismayed by these disasters one after the another. Cyclones devastated Bangladesh for many centuries and the latest ones are Sidr and Aila. Floods destroy crops and livestock on a yearly basis in this nation. Many around the world perceive that this nation remains under water.

Aid effort is slow in the context of Pakistan. Non government agencies working round the clock with their limited capacities. While governments of developing countries are seemingly accused for their inefficacy to handle tragedies, existentialism boost humanity to revive as it happened in the post Tsunami’s communities in the Asia-Pacific. Political leaders often appeared alike celebrities delivering relief to the distressed people and having snap shots in the media. Mainstream media apparently broadcast tragedy with enormous enthusiasm. However, people survive, grow and revive in the face of difficulties. This is the spirit of humanity that overcomes trauma of losing livestock as well as relatives and repeatedly ‘pushing the boulder up the mountain’.

Nature’s fury is observed from Pakistan to China leaving thousands to mourn for their loved ones. Scientists are searching for causes of such a monster flood and they mostly blame ‘climate change’ in line with IPCC’s hypothesis. IPCC has tons of scientific materials along with lots of graphs and tables to explain changing climate and the future of the planet. Other group has claimed some sort of cyclical process of earth changes through couple of thousands of years. Whatever the hypothesis is, human miseries out of these apocalyptic disasters are quite visible in the recent days.

Policy thinkers tirelessly developed mitigation and adaptation strategies besides organizing conferences. Cop 15’s climate change accord is one of the outcomes of international community’s effort to hold governments accountable. National plan of actions are out there in the hand governments containing nice words as well as lots of commitments and strategies to protect citizens from adversities of such disasters. Multilateral and bilateral donor agencies are quite busy to negotiate with governments of developing countries on how to accumulate  and spend fund as well. Rights based organizations are busy how to hold these governments accountable and transparent to be little kind with their citizens.

Natural disaster is no more a national concern. The scale of catastrophe disturbs global conscience. Volcanic eruptions, frequent earth trembles, heavy monsoon, floods and super cyclones have hit nations indiscriminately for last couple of years. Some may worry that none of the strategies, policy measures and fundings could be much worthy if nature demonstrates such a havoc. People, governments and markets are racing against time to air the bubbles of economy. Making money is the indicator of progress and prosperity in the chase pool of modernity. Thus, reduction of carbon emission appears to be an issue that governments do not like to think or talk much. Adaptation is a humanitarian talk in the down town. Climate change undergoes academic rigour and investigation. Time is ticking, wider scale apocalyptic disasters are causing more and more casualties, which gradually threats the very existence of human species.

Pakistan Burning in Water