Khaleda rejects Saifur-Hafiz



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[Dhaka Correspondent] Imprisoned BNP chairperson, Khaleda Zia, has rejected the appointment of acting chairperson and acting secretary general and the proceedings of an October 29 meeting of the standing committee members which was held without her consent.

Party’s acting office secretary, Rizvi Ahmed, Friday at a briefing at his home said the BNP chairperson had conveyed them the message through her daughter-in-law, Sharmila Rahman, when she met her Wednesday at the sub-jail in the parliament complex, “The chairperson asked us to send the message to all unit committees of the party in home and abroad and reminded that she had appointed Khandaker Delwar Hossain as secretary general and is still sticking to that decision.”

“Khaleda Zia is an uncompromising leader. She had taken her decision knowing all things and made Delwar secretary general expelling the then secretary general and joint-secretary general from the party,” Rizvi said. “The recent happenings show that her decision was right and Delwar is the valid secretary general and proved his allegiance to the party in the face of threats to his life.”

Asked whether Khaleda was upset with the recent developments in the party, Rizvi said, “There is no question of her being upset. She had led the anti-junta movement along the 1980s and also being physically injured she did not compromise.”

Responding to Hafizuddin Ahmed’s claim of uniting the party at any cost, Rizvi said, “I am not clear about the ‘cost’ he mentions. Is it repressing the party activists and throwing them into jail to make their path smoother? The real intention of their failed coup d’etat was to ruin Khaleda Zia.”

“Now they are saying that they would agree with any decision of Khaleda Zia after she is released from jail. If they would abide by her decision after her release, why they would they violate her directive that she had issued before being detained,” Rizvi said. “They are simply working as tools for the initiatives to exclude Khaleda Zia from political process.”

“Every moment we feel that we are being followed by a shadow. But such situation would not last long. We shall not take revenge against them. As Karl Marx had said the oppressors make the weapon of revenge for the oppressed,” he said.

Acting secretary general designated by the October 29 meeting, M Hafizuddin Ahmed, meanwhile, rejected the opinion of Khaleda Zia, “I am not sure how the message was conveyed. The party’s highest body, the standing committee, had taken the decisions. The standing committee has the authority to approve or disapprove the chairperson’s decision but the chairperson has no such authority to reject any decision of standing committee.”


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.