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[Update: Coup in BNP.]

— BNP secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain, from a hospital bed, has described to newsmen how he and his family are now under threat, The Daily Star reported.

— Akhter Hamid Paban, son of Khandaker Delwar Hossain, arrested Tuesday night, reported.

[An E-Bangladesh report.]

In an email to E-Bangladesh a close relative of BNP secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain has detailed how a DGFI team led by Brigadier General ATM Amin assaulted Delwar Sunday evening. According to news reports, Delwar himself told newsmen: “They came into my house on Sunday night and told me that I would have to agree to resign from my post, accept the new chairperson and secretary general of their choice, and would have to join Monday’s standing committee meeting, or else the lives of my family members and my own would be in danger.”

I had a chance to talk to him [Delwar]. He is seriously in danger both in health and in fear. Brigadier General ATM Amin [of DGFI] and some other high official threatened, abused him verbally and assaulted him physically.

Brigadier General Amin started slapping him and he fell down. Amin repeatedly told him to go to Saifur’s [Rahman] house and resign there from his post and accept Saifur as acting chairman and Mannan [Bhuiyan] as acting secretary general. If he was not on time then his sons will be arrested as Yaba dealers and will be killed in “crossfire.” Brigadier General Amin and others also threatened to kill him [Delwar] through medications/injections. Brigadier General Amin also threatened to put his two daughters in jail with false cases.

Delwar is ill and he had several heart surgeries. Last year, there was a lungs surgery due to cancer. So, under torture and intimidation, he felt sick. He has requested me to inform all patriots, nationalist forces that his life and his family’s life is really in danger.

He also requested to pass this message to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international human rights groups seeking intervention that can save his life and as well as protect our beloved motherland.

I have already called many news papers in Bangladesh but most of them said the felt sorry but have limitations. Therefore, I am here and asking for help.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Yes, Delwar’s son was finally arrested in yaba charges. The arrest was interesting to watch. TV crew were called. Paban was lined up with some others. His name was written on a piece of paper tied to his chest. Some young men (Nahid/Delwar) were arrested and RAB claimed they had guns. Paban was heard saying, calmly, “Yes, I know Nahid, he is my cousin. And Delwar is Nahid’s friend.” Then a RAB major says, Paban confessed he knows Delwar and Nahid, that means he confessed that he supplied them arms and ammunitions for conducting robbery and Yaba trade.

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    When my brother was in the army, I remember him saying that Golam Azam’s son was a Second Lieutenant in Bangladesh army. That was about 15 years ago. If that is true he must be a pretty high ranking army official by now. May be that’s why Jamaat has been left alone.

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    Ghulam Azam’s son is a major general in the army. He was a brigadier during the Hasina years.

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    What a twist of fate! Mr. Delwar, his wife and sons were torturing people of Manikganj (and old Dhaka) for quite long with impunity. Now they are being abused. Vogobaner leela bojha boro daay!

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    So now its clear the aim of truth commission & the result of election 2008, to the army & CTG.

    By the election they want to pick BNP in Power , a new manufactured BNP that will obey the Army & by the truth commission CTG will bring out some politician to fulfill this conspiracy.

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    Brigadier General ATM Amin is the Director of Counter Terrorism, DGFI. I guess I am a little confused as to what part of his job brought him to Delwar Hossain’s home.

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    When BNP handed over power October 2006, Brigadier General Azmi was the commanding officer of the very vital brigade at Ghatail. Incidentally, this Azmi, Golam Azam’s son, got the sword of honor during graduation from BMA. It was sometimes in late 70s. Brigadier Azmi was among the first few senior officers transferred after 1/11. He was removed from Ghatail Brigade and sent to posting with no strategic clout. Did he also get promoted during the recent mass promotion fiesta? May be, if Moeen, a un-decorated 75 graduate can become a 4 star general, how can a 78 graduate remain a one star general?

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    I have no sympathy for Delwar and ilk of his kind who participated in the mass rape of Bangladesh in the last five-six years, but at the same time, I do not condone the various coercive, illegal tactics used by government agencies under the blanket of emergency, even if meted out to Delwar.

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    Just after her courageous utterance “To break and form a political party is not the role of DGFI”, Sheikh Hasina was arrested without any genuine charge or warrant. If that sound had been echoed by 40/50 politicians of the country, DGFI could not dare what they did to Khandaker Delwar Hossain or BNP. In fact, there is only one courageous figure in Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina.

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    I echo what Zahir had to say. This is not about partisan politics, and Sheikh Hasina has made a number of grave mistakes, but still she does stand up for democratic norms, and has not participated in “conspiracy, carnage and coercion” that remain the ultimate method for all the other elements that have ruled Bangladesh in the last thirty years.

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    Zahir, I agree with you. But I also want to say that no crime remains unpunished. As Akash said he has no sympathy for Delwar, I think many among us will agree with Akash. Now, crows are eating crows’ body.

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    Nizam M Selim

    It would perhaps border on wishful thinking to judge Sheikh Hasina and Awami League just on the basis of her spur-of-the-moment brash comments on just one occasion. I beg to differ with the conclusion on her being courageous: she could plausibly have spoken out with the confidence that the 1/11 change was due to her and Awami League, and that army/DGFI were beholden and obliged to her, and would therefore let her be. Mind you, she was acting as the prima donna after 1/11 when BNP and Begum Khaleda Zia were under the cosh.

    Please consider the following facts:

    1. General Khaled Mosharraf staged an abortive coup d’etat in favour of the Awami League in 1975;

    2. General Manzoor staged an abortive coup d’etat in favour of the Awami League in 1981, killing General Ziaur Rahman;

    3. General Ershad ousted BNP’s Sattar government in 1982 by a military take-over in favour of the Awami League;

    4. Sheikh Hasina, Rashed Mosharraf and his mother brought out a procession on the streets of Dhaka in 1982 welcoming General Ershad’s military take-over that had ousted an elected government;

    5. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League made an alliance with Ershad and his Jatiyo Party and participated in the 1986 elections and gave legitimacy to Ershad’s military regime, though Sheikh Hasina had earlier declared that anyone participating in the 1986 elections under General Ershad would be branded as “Jatiyo Be’Iman”;

    6. Awami League, Jamaat, JSD and the Jatiyo Party joined hands in castigating BNP in the political wilderness;

    7. Begum Khaleda Zia and BNP alone initiated a 9-year movement from 1982 to 1990 against Ershad’s military regime, until his dictatorship crumbled in 1990 (Sheikh Hasina and Awami League were Ershad’s partners in parliament from 1986 to 1990);

    8. Sheikh Hasina sought out octogenarian Professor Golam Azam and Jamaat and formed an alliance with them in the 1991 elections against BNP;

    9. When BNP won the 1991 Elections, Sheikh Hasina/AL-Jamaat alliance boycotted the parliament;

    10. General Nasim’s abortive coup d’etat in 1996, instigated by Captain (retired) Taj of Awami League, was intended for the benefit of the Awami League;

    11. Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir’s civil service coup (“Janatar Mancha”) against the sitting BNP Government in 1996 was in favour of the Awami League, and he was later rewarded by Sheikh Hasina when he was made state minister under the Awami League government of 1996;

    12. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League claimed credit for the emergency and 1/11 change, and went en masse and attended the oath-taking ceremony of the CTG;

    13. Captain (retired) Taj of Awami League went public on Channel I “Trityo Matra” on May 9, 2007 and proposed that there be an allaince between the Awami League and the army/CTG to bring Awami League to win the next Elections and form government, and Awami League would legitimize all acts and deeds of the Army and CTG under the emergency of 1/11;

    14. Sheikh Hasina is the only political leader in the current crop who had declared “Ektar badale doshta lash fele dibo”;

    15. Under Sheikh Hasina’s baton and leadership Md. Nasim, Home Minister, had staged a “Laathi Michhil” against the High Court in 1997;

    16. Sheikh Hasina alone and Awami League only have such unconstitutional and undemocratic campaigns: “Jalao-Porao”, “Aborodh”, “Loggi and Baitha Michhil” and “Shara Desh Achal kore Dibo” (no other political Party in Bangladesh has ever been recorded or reported to have such destructive programmes)!

    17. Dr. Kamal Hossain, an ex-Awami League minister, and Awami League’s Barrister Roknuddin Mahmud and Barrister Amirul Islam led the vandalism of the chamber of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in October 2007;

    18. According to economists Sheikh Hasina’s “Aborodh”, “Shara Desh Achal kore dibo” and “Loggi, Baitha Michhil” in October 2007 alone cost the Bangladesh economy Taka 200.00 billion!

    19. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League continually smear and denigrate Bangladesh by making anti-Bangladesh statements abroad and by circulating anti-Bangladesh propaganda to ambassadors and diplomatic missions (Sheikh Hasina furnished a printed anti-Bangladesh tirade to president Bill Clinton when he had visited Bangladesh;

    20. Sheikh Hasina and Awami League vilified and smeared the parliament, high court, supreme court and the election commission, and also simultaneously undertaking a hate-campaign against the offices of the president and chief election commissioner, thereby eroding the foundations and fundamentals of democracy and a democratic polity (Sheikh Hasina did not even spare her own nominated President Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed)!

    So much for Sheikh Hasina upholding democracy and practicing democratic norms and behaviour. Give it a second thought before reaching hasty conclusions or jaundice-eyed postmortems .

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    Joto dosh, Nondo Ghosh!

    According to Nizam, AL/Sheikh Hasina is to blame for everything!

    At least, Sheikh Hasina and her family did not start “Chor” Corporation of Bangladesh. At least, they didn’t feel that they owned Bangladesh. Ziaur Rahman must be turning over and over in his grave nowadays. Can you imagine the entire Zia ghoshti today is in jail for sucking the country’s wealth. Zia may(?) have been honest but he turned a blind eye to all the corruption that his cohorts were up to. He is the one who rehabilitated the razakar’s and al-Badars not for the nation’s sake but for his own gains. The best part of all this is he is paying for his sins now and will be doing so until the day of ultimate judgment, the day he will be accorded more severe punishment for rehabilitating razakars who commited murder and Ziaur Rahman is the father of killer rehabilitation.

    No matter what way you look at it, Hasina is the lesser of the two devils.

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    Dear Imran: Please do some reading about the time between 1973-75. You will be astonished to find that how ill-informed you are! By the way, isn’t it time to talk about “The Devil” (junta) than the lesser ones? The two leaders (netris) with all their limitations, gave the best period of economic and social development of the country. Definitely we did not like their performance, so we removed them by vote. So we had a say about who should rule the country. The real “devil” doesn’t give that opportunity. I will take any of the lesser devils any day over the real one.

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    Pardon me, I am not vouching here for an unelected, authoritarian regime like the FUA-MUA one we have now.

    All I am saying is that some of us are showing tendencies to blame, mainly, Hasina and the Awami League for the ills of the country. Not only that I see an attempt to validate the rehabilitation of razakars like the so-called “octogenarian” like Golam Azam. What “octogenarian” Golam Azam? The guy is a criminal!

    We saw more development of the country during the Hasina rule (self-sufficiency in food for one). There was corruption during that period (Mohammad Nasim & company, a great example) but it wasn’t like all the “wolves” sucking the country’s wealth. Moreover, every time the BNP ruled, they consolidated the place of razakars and al-Badrs in our nation. Hey, even today, the so-called reformist group of the BNP is being ill advised by ’71 war criminals like Joypurhat’s Abdul Alim and company. Major Hafiz talks big about his support for trying razakars but has he forgotten that it is razakar’s who engineered his midnight coup? That is the travesty that the BNP has always carried out only to stay in power and suck the people’s wealth.

    Finally, I do not, in any way, support authoritarian, unelected regimes. Democracy is the only viable way to go.

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    I myself am a victim of Delwar’s son Paban. We had been in deep trouble when his son captured our only land in Manikgonj. His father Delwar threw us away from Manikgonj back in 2004. This is now the fate.

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    The real devil, indeed. As far as one can see, the political and national fate of Bangladesh has been engineered by the generals since 1975. And it’s a history of coercion and carnage in the name of upholding constitutional order. A true mirror of Pakistan. And look what happened there today.

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    Here is another news that is not getting much attention: Mufti Hannan admitting to the grenade attack on Hasina’s meeting that was planned with the BNP minister Abdus Salam Pintu. Another case of the culture of conspiracy and carnage much favored by the so-called “nationalist” element since 1975. And a day before was the Jail Killing day. What a shame that such a carnage could happen within the jail by “patriotic” elements and we have done nothing about it. We are a shameless nation, and we beget what we sow.

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    Iconus Clustus

    If we are going to be careful and mindful about the development of the country, we will have to face up to people like NMS — a self-proclaimed expert on the history of this region, who slyly and apparently with finesse and suave of verbal diarrhea, pushes forth his agenda of ripping down every last of bit progressive thinking in his over-zealous march against everything Awami League.

    The formula is very simple.

    Cut down everything that the current rule of the land doesn’t support or goes against the establishment. He is one of those who would uphold the rule of law, even if the rule is instated illegally and by means that are less than lawful — if you know what I mean. Ask him what he thinks of 1971 — you’d clearly find out what he has in his mind.

    Thousands of crores were being siphoned off into lands beyond the border of this country, and here this guy is complaining about AL’s oborodh! Is it clear that if there were no such oborodhs and boycotts and michils on the street that unfortunately turned violent, this country would be under those stooges who made up the caretaker government that became a sore-spot in the political landscape of BNP? Of course it would be… but this guy would have preferred that over anything else… why? Because, this stance spells anti-AL, nothing else.

    I don’t think he will call himself pro-Pakistani, but I am afraid his stance in exactly that… he will or would have accepted Pakistan only because there was no other way out at that point in time (though he wouldn’t probe why it came to that point — why, of course he wouldn’t — his little sinister plans would spring out in the open and he’d feel naked you know…).

    You wouldn’t hear these people talking about secular politics and how unlawful it has been that all those religious politics have been allowed in this country… but he would, only if he finds a way to vilify AL…

    No one here is trying to glorify AL or BNP — people are trying to cut through the maze of historical manipulations created and development and then furthered by these pseudo intellectuals… and of course army. And, keeping the BNP-AL debate alive, these intellectuals go behind the scene and let army do their dirty work… that is what they have been doing all their lives. Suddenly their love of non-violence nauseates me. Why — well — one major reason, they do not mean any of it, cause they will let dictators like Moeen rule over people and kill and maim and plunder at will any time any day!

    Sorry, if I came out too harsh.. but, if you are going to be objective, be so, don’t think people reading you are all no-brain or pee-brain illiterate individuals. They might have read and tried to understand history in their own way… yours is only one of those ways, and a pathetically narrow one at that.

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    Iconus Clustus

    In the rantings of NMS — did anyone notice how Barrister Amirul Islam has been implicated into the vandalism ordeal — as if it was nothing but vandalism! Audacity I say!

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    Why did you people cut short my comment and publish only your desired portion? Again you talk about freedom of expression? Huh! Shame on you.

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    Delwar who even can not control his greed for rice, grain and other daily needs from government budget. I do not know how a man can be in such position in a party like BNP. His sons are known to public for their misdeeds. We should simply throw them out from our mind.

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    Dewan Nuruzzaman

    ম্যাডাম খালেদা জিয়া,

    যথাযথ সম্মানের সাথে নিম্নের প্রশ্ন গুলো করতে চাই।

    ১.বাংলাদেশী জাতীয়তাবাদ কি ? এটা প্রশিক্ষনের জন্য শহীদ জিয়া যে ক্ম্ররসূচী নেয়েছিলেন যার প্রফেসর ছিলেন প্রয়াত এস .কে.ফিরোজ নুন।তার কি হল ?জনাব ফিরুজ নুন কেই বা কি সম্মান দেওয়া হয়েছে বা হচ্ছে ?

    ২.আজও কেন জাসাস সহ অন্যান্ন অংগ সংগঠন গুলোর পূণাঙ্গ কমিটি গঠিত হচ্ছে না ?

    ৩.শহীদ জিয়ার আদশে উজ্জীবিত বুদ্ধিজীবি,সাংবাদিক,শিক্ষক,আইনজীবি,ডাক্তার,ইঞ্জিনিয়ার,সহ সকল পেশার সকল বয়সের লোকদের জোড়ালোভাবে বিভিন্ন কর্মসূচীতে সম্পৃক্ত করা হচ্ছে না কেন?

    ৪.১৫ ই আগস্ট ঘটনার প্রকৃত প্রেক্ষাপট এবং এর গুরুত্ত কেন জাতির সামনে হাইলাইট করতে ব্যার্থ হল বিএনপি ?অথচ আজ আওয়ামীলীগ শহীদ জিয়া এবং জাতীয় সংহতি ও বিপ্লব দিবস কে ম্লান করে দেবার সামগ্রিক পদক্ষেপ নিয়েছে সফল ভাবেই।

    ৫.কেন বিএনপি আজও ১৫ ই আগস্ট এবং যুদ্ধ অপরাধী প্রসংগে তাদের অবস্থান সুস্পস্ট ও সুদৃঢ় করেনি ?জনগন অস্পস্টতা পছন্দ করেনা।বিএনপির এই ব্যার্থতার কারনে দলের নেতা কর্মীরাও আছে বিভ্রান্তিতে।প্রতিটি ব্যাপারেই আমাদের প্রয়োজন সুস্পস্ট অবস্থান আর এসংক্রান্ত বষয়ে সঠিক সিদ্ধান্ত হবে শহীদ জিয়ার এসব ব্যাপারে কি ধারনা পোষন করতেন তা থেকে নির্দেশনা নেওয়া।

    ৬.দলের ত্যাগী পরীক্ষিত সিনিয়র নেতাদের নিয়ে “Core” কমিটি গঠন করুন যারা সর্বোচ্য ক্ষমতাধারী নীতিনির্ধারক থাকবে কিন্তু কখনও দল ক্ষমতায় গেলে তারা রাষ্টীয় ক্ষমতার কোন পদ নিতে পারবে না।যাতে দূঃসময়ে সব ভেসে গেলেও তাদের কেউ স্পর্শ করার না পায় ।
    ৭.বিএনপির নায্য অধিকার গুলোর ব্যাপারে জোড়ালো ধমক বা কর্মসূচী হয়না কেন?মাডাম কি ভূলে গেলেন বাস্তবতা হল শক্তের ভক্ত নরমের যম?

    ৮.সর্বোচ্চ রাজনৈতিক মেধার পরিচয় দিয়ে বি এন পি থেকে ছিটকে পড়া অংশ গুলোকে পূনরায় দলে সংযুক্ত করে নতুন ও পুরাতন এর সমন্নয় ঘটিয়ে নির্ভূল গন্তব্য নির্ধারন করুন।বিষেশ করে বিকল্পধারা ও এল ডি পি এর দিকে নজর দিন।ভূল সিদ্ধান্তের কারনে আজ মুন্সিগঞ্জের অবস্থা দেখুন।

    ৯.্সরকারের অভ্যন্তরে এবং প্রসাশনের অন্নান্য পরযায়ে জাতীয়তাবাদী যেসব লোকজন আছে তাদের সাথে অনতি বিলম্বে যোগাযোগ স্থাপন করুন।সরকারের ত্রুটি বিচ্যুতি সনাক্ত করুন।সকল পরযায়ের নেতা কর্মী ও সমর্থকদের গুরুত্ত দিন তাদের মতামতের মূল্য দিন।
    ১০.বি এন পি বিরুধী মিডিয়া যেমন চ্যানেল আই, এ টি এন বাংলা, আর টিভি, একুশে টিভি এবং যুগান্তর, জনকন্থ,ভোরের কাগজ, এসব পত্রিকার ব্যাপারে নেতা কর্মীদের সদা সতর্ক থাকার নির্দেশ দিন ।জাতীয়তাবাদী মিডিয়া ও পত্রিকা গুলোকে আমাদের নীতির পক্ষে জোড়ালো ভূমিকা রাখার তাগিদ অব্যাহত রাখুন।

    ১১.যে কোন টক শো কিংবা অন্ন কোন অনুস্টানে আমাদের মহান নেতা শহীদ রাষ্টপতি জিয়াউর রহমানের নাম যথাযথ সম্মানের সহিত ব্যাক্ত করার বাধ্যবাদকতা নির্দেশরুপে জারি করুন। এবং প্রতিপক্ষ সম্মানের সহিত না বললে তাত’ক্ষনিক তীব্র প্রতিবাদ করার নির্দেশ জারি করুন।

    ১২.্মোট কথা দলীয় সকল স্তরের নেতা কর্মীদের দলীয় আদর্শ,নিয়ম নীতির প্রতি একনিস্ট ও নিবেদিত হতে হবে।যারা এসবের প্রতি গাফলতি দেখাবে তাদের অনতিবিলম্বে সনাক্ত করে ছেটে ফেলুন।

    আজ এখানেই রাখছি। অনিচ্ছাকৃত অপরাধ ক্ষ্মমা করবেন।শহীদ জিয়া জিন্দাবাদ।বি এন পি জিন্দাবাদ।বাংলাদেশ জিন্দাবাদ।

    ———– একজন দেওয়ান নূরুজ্জামান।
    (একনিস্ট জাতীয়তাবাদী ,শহীদ জিয়ার সৈনিক)

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