Genocide, 1971


They claim it never happened: one of the worst nightmares of human history. They claim monsters never existed: those who feasted on their own brother’s blood. Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, Shah Abdul Hannan and their comrades in Oxford or the Bangladesh Election Commission have their agendas to propagate revisionist rubbish: “No genocide,” “No war,” “No war criminal” from 1971. Digging through archives, Mashuqur Rahman compiled a video presentation on Bangladesh, 1971: genocide, rapes, war crimes, war criminals. As Shada Kalo puts it, our agenda: “I will not forget. I will not let you forget.”

NBC News 1/7/1972: Dhaka University massacre. Video of Pakistani soldiers executing students, professors and workers at Dhaka University on March 26, 1971.

CBS News 2/2/1972: Evidence of mass graves and widespread killing in Khulna. Approximately 100,000 people were killed in Khulna.

NBC News 2/20/1972: Rape victims. Genocidal rapes of Bangladeshi women and girls during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The report interviews pregnant girls held at Pakistani army barracks and repeatedly raped. Some of the girls are as young as 13.

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    While there are tons of documents of the collaboration of Jamaat and other Islamist outfits with the Pakistan army in looting, murder and rape of Bengalis, thirty-six years later we have to listen to an arrogant and blatant denial. The reason Jamaatis get their arrogance is because we are bunch of spineless, whimpering imbeciles (and the cool strategists of Jamaat are playing their game well in the shadow of the emergency).

    Except for the flurry of documentation after the first few years after liberation, there has been zero activity other than sentimental posturing regarding authentic narratives of 1971. There has been no major literature (other than melodramatic pieces), no landmark film (the recent “Muktir Gaan” happens to be video footage of an American cinematographer), and no major memorial events (we have not yet been able to invite Ravi Shankar, Joan Baez to Dhaka for a tribute they richly deserve, and poor George Harrison is dead).

    On the other hand, the blame game is on. Bhuyian saheb rests the blame on the party that came to power after liberation, and not claiming the fatal marriage he and his party signed with the reptilian Jamaat, not just by election partnering, but for the first time installing them as ministers of the republic.

    I completely disagree to the forced equation of AL and BNP in restoring the Jamaat evil in our national polity. If AL went one step, BNP went ten-fold. One has not forgotten that the prime minister (Shah Azizur Rahman) of “muktijoddha” Ziaur Rahman was a noted collaborator. And it was Zia who legalized the politics of the then banned Jamaat. Also, to be clear, the amnesty given by Sheikh Mujib did not cover war criminals like the major Jamaati leaders. It does not matter if it is thirty six years after. It’s high time that they are booked once for ever.

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    Incidental Blogger

    I guess the “comrade in Oxford” in your piece is Dr Sarmila Bose (Director, Reuters Institute, University of Oxford), the niece Netaji Subhas Bose should be proud of from beyond his grave. Some cheerleader for war criminals like Mujahid-Nizami! It is beyond me how with such a shoddy research background she managed to land this job in the first place.

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    Thanks to the collector of the vdo’s.

    Can you tell me how can I download the clips to my pc?Please help me.

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