Denial will rewrite history soon



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Former Islami Bank chairman and Jamaat-e-Islam think-tank Shah Abdul Hannan has described the Liberation War of 1971 as a “civil war.” He denied that genocide took place in the country at that time and that war criminals exist here. Speaking on a talk show, Ekushey Shomoy, on private satellite television channel Ekushey Television Friday, Hannan also expressed doubts that three million people died in the war and supported a Pakistani report according to which only 26,000 people or less died during the Liberation War. The Daily Star has a transcript of his comments.

[Video: Student wing of Jamaat, Islami Chatra Shibir, participating in a rally posing as Muktijoddhas.This is how they are changing colors.]

[Rezwan, Germany.]

Now it is being claimed that no war criminal exists in the country. Maybe after some time they will say that the Liberation War never took place. All this will mean, we will be deprived of the real history.

— Former chief justice and chairman of the Law Commission Mostafa Kamal.

Bangladeshis were outraged by the Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islam’s leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed’s statement that “Jamaat did not work against the Liberation War in 1971 and there are no war criminals in the country.”

Before we go dissecting the above statement this contradicts with the Jamaat leaders statement during the liberation war in 1971, in which they sided with Pakistan and aided Pakistani army to kill and rape Bangladeshis which resulted in one of the worst genocides of the world. A few excerpts:

Addressing a gathering of Razakars in Jessore, Nizami said, “Every single one of us must identify ourselves as soldiers of Islam and we have to use all our forces to destroy the people who are involved in an armed conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam,” (The Daily) Sangram reported on September 15, 1971.

The next day Nizami urged his followers to “confront and reveal the true identity of the so-called Bengali-lovers”.

While visiting an Al-Badr camp on September 22, 1971 Nizami said, “Only the patriotic youths of East Pakistan can effectively annihilate the Indian infiltrators and their local agents.”

Golam Azam (the then Jamaat Ameer)at the party council of Kushtia district unit in the second week of August 1971 described the freedom fighters as criminals and directed the party workers to resist them. He also directed formation of Shanti Bahini (peace committee) in every village of the country. He told the meeting that very soon the Razakars, Mojaheed and police would be able to resist the “criminals”, said document No. 549 (159)-PL.S(I) signed by the then home secretary MM Kazim on September 14, 1971.

Here is the background of Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed.

So it is a call of the time to try the proven war criminals and bring proceedings against them. This is what war heroes are demanding.

This is required because Jamaat leaders are vowing that no case have been brought against the alleged war criminals so why should people call them criminals. In 1974 a general amnesty was declared for Bangladeshi collaborators of the invading Pakistani army as people were taking law in their own hand in those times of political turmoil. Later on Jamaat as a party was rehabilitated, which still contains some of the war criminals and they are even made partners of the government.

Dr. Zia Uddin Ahmed wrote a brilliant piece in 1997 where he said about amnesty:

Post-genocide traumatized society often has to make a dichotomous choice between two perilous options, should the perpetrators be prosecuted or should they be amnestied in the interests of national reconciliation. (Amnesty) is discriminatory application of criminal law, privileging certain defendants, which bread cynicism toward the rule of law.

States have the duty to prosecute violations of international law like genocide. Such crimes cannot be unilaterally forgiven; even a victim society cannot forgive crimes against humanity.

Zia Uddin describes in his article ways to deal with the past and how to systematically bring the war criminals to trial.

There is another theory that Jamaat wants charges be brought against the war criminals. Because of the complicated and corrupted judiciary and lack of evidence (after 36 years) they can get easily acquitted. So the court order will give them more power to deny the truth.

So it is imperative that the cases be brought in international tribunals. We need our Simon Wiesenthal who hunted for the Nazis all his life.

Even some individuals in the government are apologists for them. Jamaat’s Islamic militancy connection is widely known but neglected by the government.

Some documents in public domain allege that the military intelligence in Bangladesh is subverting political process to breed a new political landscape.

Read Washington Post’s article “A new hub for terrorism,” to see the documented linkage between Jamaat and the current DGFI:

What makes future prospects in Bangladesh especially alarming is that the Jamaat and its allies appear to be penetrating the higher ranks of the armed forces. Among many examples, informed journalists in Dhaka attribute Jamaat sympathies to Maj. Gen. Mohammed Aminul Karim, recently appointed as military secretary to President Iajuddin Ahmed, and to Brig. Gen. A.T.M. Amin, director of the Armed Forces Intelligence anti-terrorism bureau.

These are worrying signs but let me remind you the people cannot be fooled always. Well aware Bangladeshis will not let it happen that easily. The reactions I am seeing on the web is enormous. Statements like this from Jamaat will create a commotion among the public. And if people rise then the consequences will not be limited to war of words only.

Reminding you about the liberation war with this song of Joan Baez sang by a Bangladeshi:

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E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

7 Responses to “Denial will rewrite history soon”

  1. Author Image


    The Real face of jamat. By saying “civil war” they straightly disgaree our Great Liberation(kata ghaye Nuner site).

    More pathetic our media is about to silent. Newspapers published this news with a cheap place on the paper. Schoking .

    These animals show thumb to our nationality after 30 million murder .. They are not upset about genocide.

    After 36 years later of liberation they disagreed our liberation .

    This war criminals,rapist of our mothers yet not quite. How dirty these animals are !!
    Now we should also think deeply should we allow this Jamat to stay in our country.after 36 years they have again proved that they are standing on the same place where they were in 36 years before.

  2. Author Image

    Iconus Clustus

    All said and done… we let them be, don’t we!? Their real face, like the one in the “Annihilate these demons” poster, is the same as it was back then. They have been transparent… never really made any bones about their position, about the fact that they wanted Islamia-shariya dictated state and NOT the secular Bangladesh we fought for.

    They have been clear from the get go and still are… of course, under the active patronage of the ruling class — whoever that might have been in the past and whoever is in the seat at the moment. Everyone thought/think they were inseparable and essential… I don’t know how and why the politicians, who didn’t even think of shariya in their entire lives, decide/d to keep these religionists under their wings I don’t know… it completely beats me. But — what is true is true… this is going a bit too far…

  3. Author Image

    M. H. Rashid

    How dare they are to deny our liberation war. These razakar, albadar should be in a concentration champ for their war crime. These criminal should be ousted from the election. How they could deserved to be a representative of a nation while they did not want this nation to be born in the first place. Their country is Pakistan not in our ‘sonar bangla’.

    M. Rashid

  4. Author Image


    I beg to differ! This denial will bring their downfall and won’t ever rewrite our sad but glorious history. Don’t believe me? What happened after their extremely dumb statement?

    1. The whole country rose up to counter them,
    2. The people got more aware of their evil and unethical ways,
    3. More people have taken steps to learn the actual story,
    4. People are taking steps to put these creatures behind bars (or to have them hanged).

    These just a few things that have come to me, and I am sure that there are more that are happening.

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