“No war criminal in Bangladesh”



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[Dhaka Correspondent] Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh Thursday claimed there was “no anti-liberation force or war criminal” in the country and doubted the polls would be held in time. “There is no war criminal in Bangladesh. Only 191 war criminals of the Pakistan army were identified and the Awami League government granted amnesty to them,” JeI secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, said in a dialog with Election Commission, where newsmen participated as observers.

“There is no anti-liberation force in the country, either. January 22 election was forestalled because some parties made irresponsible remarks on the issues,” Mujahid added. Asked what role Jamaat played during the 1971 war, he avoided a direct reply, “You find that out and evaluate.”

Earlier, Abdul Quader Siddiqui-led Krishak Sramik Janata League, Ganotantri Party, Jatiya party (Monju) and JSD (Rob) during their talks with EC demanded disqualification of the anti-liberation forces and war criminals including the Jamaat.

Mujahid said that the slow progress of EC work put implementation of its election road-map in doubt. He said political parties should be allowed to run with the election symbols they had traditionally used.

Both the Awami League and BNP recently called on the EC to stop Jamaat using the scales of justice as its election symbol.

Mujahid proposed that the voter registration with photographs be completed by next June through increased cooperation of members of the armed forces, teachers, Imams of mosques as well as members of the ulema.

He also called for steps to remove “fear” among politicians and involve the media in election publicity work in a bigger way.

On registration of political parties, he said EC should adopt a more liberal policy. Any party willing to contest the election should be given the opportunity to be registered at least this time.

CEC ATM Shamsul Huda, and two commissioners M Shakhawat Hossain and Sahul Hossain sat on the first day of talks with Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat leaders Delwar Hossain Saidee, Muhammad Qamaruzzaman, Abdul Quader Mollah, ATM Azharul Islam and Abdur Razzak were present in the talks.


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    A mass protest should be arranged and definitely a mass movement is needed in order to get rid of these hypocrites once and for all and there will be no better time than now. Do we need any more evidence of their heresy sins? If a mass protest and movement is not arranged against these fanatics and war criminals… than Bangladesh with its all freedom fighters will turn out just to a be bunch of losers. If Bangladeshi people do not even have this much of self-respect than this country definitely deserves to be dysfunctional. You reap what you sow… Very, very disappointing.

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    Why doesn’t Moeen take a bold step against these murderers? Isn’t he the self-proclaimed savior of Bangladesh? Instead of going on a pleasure trip to Macao with the family, he should be at home, swinging his guns to check the price spiral of food. He should stay home and do what is necessary to stop these Razakars from talking big.

    Come on General Moeen, help us get rid of these war criminals. I hope you are not saving them with an ulterior motive to use them toward your hidden political agenda. Won’t be surprised. Your intelligence brass is itself manned by a Razakar bloodline!

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    Iconus Clustus

    All this is happening much too fast. I fear and have always feared the rise of the religionist forces, but given the history of our country, I figured though they will rise, if will take them more time in which they’d patiently proceed. But no!

    With active “pats on the backs” from the CTG and various advisers on their own accord, these religionists are waking up to, what at this time seems like an inner call [literally… since the call is being made behind the curtains and under the rubric of emergency rules!].

    Mind you all, this statement to the press came right after they had concluded their first day of talks with the EC. Notice the audacity, the confidence, the forthrightness!

    All the parties on one hand with their flimsy little demand of trying the war criminals and disqualifying the proven ones from the elections, and on the other hand the Jamaatis, who are the most popular anti-liberation forces among all such dols, conduct press conference to dispel any “misappropriated” idea that Jamaat-e-Islami was in anyway an anti-liberation force. They go as far as to deny the existence of any such parties altogether. All this — right AFTER having a conversation with the EC…

    Let’s talk about the EC for a while here… if I may. The Election Commission: Just like the Judiciary, the EC is supposed to be independent as well. Like it is hard for me to judge the merits of separation between the judiciary and the executive, so it is for me to judge the independence of this EC as well. No one will ever find out what is the truth for real. Bu the fact that certain parties are free to interpret and reinterpret history according to their whim and vested interests, it just doesn’t feel all that independent. When juxtaposed together with the disproportionate and selective arrests pertaining to the DU and cartoon incidents side by side, the doubt starts to get grounds — if you know what I mean.

    So again — why now?

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    Jaffer Zeehan

    There were more than 11,000 war criminals in Bangladesh before Mujib’s assassination in 1975. Mujib never pardoned the collaborators. It was Zia who did so. In December, 1975 Ziaur Rahman pardoned these killers, rapists and arsonists and inducted collaborators and death squad assassin masterminds in his cabinet. That trend has been continued by Zia’s wife and son. War criminals even became ministers under Khaleda’s corrupt government. Zia even brought nefarious Golam Azam from Saudi Arabia and gave him Bangladeshi citizenship.

    Does anyone know who was the Chief Justice of Bangladesh when war criminal Golam Azam was granted citizenship and what was the composition of the appellate division judges (who were they?) who gave the verdict in Azam’s favor. I think the then Chief justice and the judges of the appellate division at that time were either opportunists and cowards or Jamaat-e-Islami sympathizers. I am very eager to know who these conscience-devoid lawyers were who let the war criminals of 1971 go scott-free. Why didn’t the chief justice resign or the judges speak out against injustice?

    Information about Golam Azam’s mysterious return to Bangladesh is almost unavailable over the internet. Can someone please provide the information in this regard for record keeping of facts.

    Secondly, I am disgusted with the CTG and the law adviser. Their actions are suspicious and they seem to be guided by donors and the US. CTG is making us too dependent and indebted to foreigners. The recent forceful despatch of priceless museum pieces to Paris is tantamount to fraudulence and treachery.

    The CTG is acting unconstitutionally and there’s no reason why it cannot take up this task of barring Jamaat-e-Islami from politics. This CTG will soon be held accountable for their their misdeeds and acts that shouldn’t have been performed by an unelected unconstitutional set-up. Do they have an exit plan? Or do they want to follow the screwed up Pakistani model at the insistence of disgraced and savage US policymakers.

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