Speech of Khaleda Zia : The road to bitterness



Photo: Opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia with BNP leaders (L-R) Salauddin Quader Chowdhury, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury and Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain at a BNP rally at Laldighi Ground. Laldighi, Chittagong, Bangladesh. March 29, 2010.ByDrikNEWS,Raj Anikat, Chittagong.

BNP Chairperson and leader of the opposition Mrs Khaleda Zia, widow of slain President General Ziaur Rahman, addressed a rally at Laldighi maidan on 29th March 2010. This is her first public appearance, after Mahajote Government’s assumption of power, on 39th anniversary of the glorious independence of our country on 26th march, a day which also saw the launch of the process of the much desired trial of war criminals. The meeting was peaceful as state took all required security measures to let the leader of the opposition criticise the government.

We can compare the similar situation on 21 August 2004 at Bangabandhu Avenue. The then leader of the opposition was addressing a similar anti government rally at the heart of the capital Dhaka only 500 meters away from Central secretariat. It is alleged that state sponsored terrorists almost killed Hasina hurling grenade and using snipper bullets. In that carnage a lot of party activists including wife of President Zillur Rahman got killed, hundreds of others including Hasina got injured. This comparison is given here to draw analogy between respective situations.

Madam Zia’s speech can be summarised below
• She termed the present government as lying, aggressive, efficient in signing agreements and prone to lodging cases.
• She alleged that PM during India visit has handed over Chittagong, Mongla Port and Corridor to India.
• She also claimed that some ambitious Army Officers with General Moin grabbed state power.
• She also claimed that Dr Fakhruddin and General Moinuddin set Awami League in state power.
• She also revealed that Care taker government plotted to send her abroad pushing sleeping injections in her veins.
• She also claimed that the government is corrupt from the top to the bottom.
• She also said media at home and abroad have said Zia is the announcer of liberation war.

We know every conscious citizen can make their own analysis of what Khaleda Zia said at a critical stage of national life. She is leader of the opposition in the parliament. The parliament is in session now. She does not attend parliament or attend in any proceedings off parliamentary activities. One must wonder, therefore, if she had credible supporting evidences to substantiate these claims, why she did not take these issues to the parliament!

For the sake of clarity, some parts of her speech demand further analysis. Present government has to deal with priority national issues with controlled aggression to confront crisis triggered from misruling of Khaleda-led-alliance government. This government is pledge-bound to citizens to try War criminals, terrorists and corruption-syndicates and that is why cases are given against them. Some of Khaleda Zia’s associates are making fabricated allegations. As a result, defamatory suits are being tried against them. Over the last few months, Government has signed some milestone agreements and initiated MOUs with two major regional powers India and China. Situation has been created to resolve many long outstanding issues and improve sour relations with neighbours. Bangladesh, a small country, can not keep its doors and windows shut for ever. PM Hsaina has been mandated to take such decisions and is accountable to the nation through sovereign parliament.

PM Hasina has done historic works in offering Chittagong and Mongla to India, Nepal, Bhutan and China. When this materializes, Bangladesh economy will get tremendous boost. PM has also removed bottlenecks to include Bangladesh in Asian Highway Network. It must not be narrowed down to offering transit only to India alone. Connectivity with Bhutan, Nepal and China are also included in PM Hasina vision.

General Moinuddin Ahmed and few Generals who backed care taker Government were beneficiaries of Khaleda-led-alliance-government. Khaleda made Moin Army Chief bypassing many senior quality Army officers. Another main Person General Masududdin Chowdhury is a close relative of Khaleda Zia. However the actions of these favoured generals stopped implementations of election engineering blue print of Alliance Government and saved the country from a possible civil war.

World Community and all conscious citizens know that election 209 was fair and free. No credible clues of election manipulations could be found by any local or foreign observers.

The allegations of Khaleda Zia about plot to send her abroad using sleeping injection must be investigated.

Her allegations against PM Hasina of Corruptions must also be investigated. If not found to have any evidence supporting the speech of Khaleda Zia, she must be asked to beg apology.
Zia is one of the several announcers of the liberation War on behalf of Bangbandhu. This does not make any difference to respective positions of Bangabandhu and one Ziaur Rahman. After historic speech of 7th March 1971 there was nothing left to formally announce commencement of liberation war. Yet the EPR Radio announced Bangabnadhu declaration from mid night of 25th March. Several other persons announced it through out March 26th. President Zia never claimed that he announced it.

What Khaleda did not say was how and why terrorists made Bangladesh a safe heaven during her regime, how so many Pakistani and Indian terrorist organisations could find shelter in Bangladesh to run operations in Bangladesh and neighbouring countries. She also did not mention why her government could not explore and exploit natural resources or set up power plants to meet growing energy crisis. She should have admitted her failures which are the main reasons why the country is facing power, water and gas crisis. She also did not mention why her government could not take required actions to find out the terrorists those killed ASM Kibria, Ahsanullah Master, some noted journalists in Khulna. Why she failed to track down terrorists who carried out operation killing mission to eliminate Hasina and other top Awami League leaders?

Our nation realises why she has started coming out of her nest now. She has to create situation to set barriers against trial process of her long term allies – War Criminals. She has been a long-time political supporter and friend of the noted War criminals. Why the widow of a slain President who was a liberation war commander is conspicuously silent on trails initiative of War Criminals is almost beyond the common men’s grasp.

Nation is not short sighted or the visions of all citizens are not so blurred. We only hope that Khaleda Zia will realise soon that ground is fast moving from her feet. She must re-evaluate her position and stop spreading venom or these will boomerang against her soon.

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    This article presented by the author Engr. Khandkar Saleque Sufi former Director Operation of GTCl truncated from his job brutally by the same leader of the opposition Begum Khaleda Zia while in power on the redolent ground that he was strictly honest, highly patriotic, uncompromising to corrupt practices and prone to Awami League naturally as a Freedom Fighter. Now he is mercilessly being denied his re-instatement almost on the same grounds by the present Govt. on the obstructive advices from the vested quarters around the Prime Minister. As such his article should have been worthy of being impugned for being inordinately harsh for both. But going through it meticulously one can find a very compatible article based on facts. He has summed up the namby pamby harangue delivered by the leader of the opposition very nicely with relative honour and explained them with answers and comparisons vividly for the better understanding of the readers. This brilliant author we think is a very valuable asset for Bangladesh. An expert in the Fields of gas and energy he can make priceles contributions in our troubling energy and gas sectors if engaged in his capacity and given a chance. We hope the Govt. will consider positively to utilize his talent for the benefit of the country.

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    Abdul Qader

    This is an objective analysis of the speech indeed.

    Re the declaration of Independence, I have written my view points in the comments to Maskwaith Ahsan’s 9th March article, “Much Ado About Nothing”. I clearly stated that importance now given to Zia’s declaration by BNP was not felt by us during that period. It was a canal added to a mighty river flow. Having said that I was not aware of what Dr Wazed Mia wrote about this matter which Khaleda Zia cited as an evidence. Can anybody enlighten me on this?

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    Habib Siddiqui

    I did not get a chance to view before the photo of the BNP meeting in the historic Lal Dighi Maidan in Chittagong. The BNP leader S.Q. Chowdhury is on the far left side (from viewer’s perspective) with the banner that pictures Tarek Zia. That really sums up the politics of the BNP! With such leaders, it is not difficult to understand where Bangladesh is heading, and the BNP is taking us.
    In recent days, at the dawn of the the new Bangla year and summer in the horizon, it is not difficult to understand people’s misery with shortage of gas, electricity and water. Not unexpectedly, the BNP has made such power and water issues central to its key demands against the current government. One simply wonders what was the achievement of the BNP government in those sectors! Like Kh. Saleque, as an engineer myself, I, too, am dumbfounded to notice that not a single power plant was installed in the long ruling years of the BNP rule in this decade. Our public wants to know – why? Should not a prudent administration look into future demand and take appropriate action so that such issues are not faced by the general public? The sad part in all this political jugglery is that by the time the new power plants are put into producing the needed power in the public sector, thanks to the MOUs signed by the current government, the latter may well be out of people’s favor and the BNP can take credit for having no shortage, when and if it comes to power next. The current energy crisis did not happen overnight, and will continue to become worse unless long-term measures are adequately taken now. And that requires vision and both long- and short-term strategy under a focused leadership. Sadly, the current government still has not concentrated on issues that are critical to our people. But if it is serious there are many concerned and honest folks with equally impressive skills and experience who can help the government in this long journey. It is for the administration to tap into such resources rather than relying on incompetent politicians, and opportunist and greedy technocrats who only give bad name to the current government. Is Hasina government listening?

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    কি আর করা যাবে, খালেদা বলেন আর হাসিনা বলেন, ওরা এ রকমই বলবে।
    যতদিন এই দুজন আছে রাজনীতিতে ততদিন আর যাহোক দেশের মানুষ কিছুই পাবেনা।
    ওরা দুজন অনেক আগেই তাদের expiary date পার করে ফেলেছে।
    তাইতো ওরা সবসময় ঐ অতীত নিয়ে টানাটুনি করে,
    আসুন সবাই মিলে এদের ত্যাগ করি, আসুন সবাই মিলে ভবিষ্যতের জন্য কিছু
    কথা বলি,আসুন সবাই মিলে জন্ম দেই নুতন নেত্রিত্বর,আসুন সবাই মিলে
    শ্লোগান দেই” বিদায় হাসিনা, বিদায় খালেদা, বাংলাদেশ আর তোমাদের চায়না”

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    who will bring awamileague & BNP leaders to juctice?
    How people are buying those luxury apts whic are being sold at 10 million taka or more than that?
    who are those people?
    How did they get so much money to buy these apts?
    What did the tax depts are doing?

    The western countries or even India, tax dept always
    look for for the source of your income, but Bangladesh
    is an exemption, hey bros, he bro Sufi,Mollah, Habib,
    how in the earth you expect something in Bangladesh when
    the very important dept like tax dept are so corrupted,
    when this very main revenue earning dept is being manipulted
    by those black money makers?
    Gen Moin did start very well by catching those thiefs, but
    he squandered those chances.
    Don’t know why.
    Hey bros, talk about these, write about these.
    When you will be able to bring this financial sectors
    under total control of law, then expect something.
    Thats why America, Europe, Japan & many more are so
    developed, you must work hard to make money, you must do something
    lawful to make money & pay your taxes, there is no short cut in America or Europe to be successful financially, if you do some short cut like Bangladesh, you got a big problem maan!!!

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    Khondkar A Saleque

    We must note the contradiction of BNP politics. Madam Zia in Chittagong speech claimed that Army brought Mahajote to power through election manipulation. But she now demanding deployment of Army for by election at Bhola. People must realise that KZ maxes hue and cry for nothing.

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    You call it a speech~! Ugh!!!
    Her oratory skills are well below average.
    She had to be repeatedly prompted from behind.
    She cannot deliver a speech impromptu.
    She has to read it from her notes.
    People are not all enthusiastic to listen to her boring monotonous speeches.
    She is the biggest benefactor of Jamaat-e-Islami’s hate politics.
    Since she is old now she should be wearing deshi sarees instead of the awkward red and pink chiffons!
    She should also use superglue to fix her wig on her scalp!

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    Her speech was what Jamaatis want her to do to spoil the war crimes trial. Jamaat is the source of all evils and money to destabilise the democratic government. Khaleda Zia is just a ‘putool’ that will dance to the tune of Jamaat-e-Islami dictat. All her outrageous acts will be directed by string pulling by the war criminals. The government must be very cautious and stern. Remember it was BNP-Jamaat fascist circle that killed SAMS Kibria and tried to kill Hasina and others of AL and the British High Commisioner by nurturing fake Islamic terrorists like Bangla Bhai et al.

    Jamaat’s prescription for BNP:

    1. Create street agitation against BNP-made energy and water crises in Dhaka.

    2. Sabotage government initiatives to address the crises through BNP-Jamaat cadres inside the government.

    3. Create chaos, terrorism and violence in Bhola to postpone the by election.

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    She is again singing the same old song at Dhaka. How irresponsible! She said that she expected whole of Dhaka would come to a standstill. She wanted to create chaos and confusion among the citizens. Is this responsible opposition politics. At the subdued rally she is even trying to activate her implants within the administration to defy the government.

    Dhaka’s 4/5th is alive and well and robust with activity. Even at Paltan, life is normal and business brisk.

    The main purpose of this gathering is to protect the war criminals. A huge section of the crowd are islamic militant cadres of Jamaat-e-Islami waiting for instructions from WAR CRIMINAL MOTIOR RAHMAN NIZAMI not KHALEDA ZIA to launch criminal acts in the streets if they feel they have enough public support. Otherwise they won’t resort to violence.

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    I know the BNP leader S.Q. Chowdhury since childhood till 1977 in London, England where I was a paying guest in his rented apartment. After 33years I have come across this website and surprised to note that he is branded as war criminal and what not. In 1971 he was a student who received bullet wounds in his thigh while being invited for dinner by a friend at his residence.He came to London for treatment and had to work for his survival with M/S Cottess & Co the Queen’s bankers. All along he was thinking to go to Bangladesh, to his people.

    History here in the website has changed calling him war criminal. It is Shameful.

    Syed Monawar Hoda

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    khelade zia amar pochondo mohela
    ami shudhu jani je khaleda zia konu kharap kaj kore na!!

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