An impassioned account of revulsion for BNP and Tareque

Rasel Pervez

Rasel Pervez

The opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party or BNP has decided to observe 7th March as the Jail Day as on this day, Tareque Rahman, now senior vice-chairman of BNP, was taken into custody by caretaker government for corruption and abuse of power. Zealously BNP also termed it as “Black Night” on their posters. These extolling actions of the senior BNP leaders merely give us some ideas about the lack of personality in them – the spinelessness of the Bangladeshi partisan politicians. Most of the politicians in Bangladesh lack a respectable character; they basically try to go in the raptures with all their might to remain in good terms with the family members of the ruling and opposition party leaders. Basically, it appears that many of the party activities are spent trying to entertain the families of the ruling and opposition party leaders who have virtually turned the democracy into a bi-family tradition-democracy.

A senior BNP leader has remarked, Tareque is a diamond, and its brightness could not be shadowed. EmazUddin Ahmed praised Tareque Rahman, and wrote and published a book on Tareque, and Khaleda Zia, chairperson of BNP and also Tareque’s mother. BNP lacks a healthy balanced political culture but this is way off the road, 7th March is a significant day in the history of Bangladesh, and the idea that any political party out of political hatred and rivalry could observe this monumentally important day in the history of Bangladesh as the Jail Day is unbelievably outlandish. Any political party which does not respect the history of struggle for freedom of Bangladesh has no right to claim itself as peoples’ representative. These tendencies are abominable and nauseating.

While in the jail custody, once Tarek Rahman slipped on the wet bathroom floor. After hearing this news, Chatrodol, student wing of BNP and other partisans ran havoc on the streets of Shahbagh and from this outrage and chaos, a life was claimed. Those who lead this heinous disorder, amongst them, were the student leaders of DU, who have enough political capability and credentials to lead BNP in future if our traditional family oriented political hierarchy can be somehow bypassed. Such is the picture of the future leadership!

Our respected intellectuals have sold their souls. They are not intellectual any more, rather they convey the political dogmas of the two main political parties and act as active partisans, raise their voices and polish their visions according to the political propagandas of those political parties they are affiliated with morally or ideologically. This deference has gave them earthly possessions but in that same process they have lost their public acceptance. The intellectuals who are backing the new coinage of 7th March as the ‘Jail Day’ are actually the examples of the celebration of pathetic personality whose vow is to get promotions and plots of land.

Tareque Rahman lacks political visions and he is immoral and unethical. I personally don’t think he is capable of leading Bangladesh; his only plus point is he is the son of Ziaur Rahman, former president of Bangladesh, and Khaleda Zia, former primer of Bangladesh. But he has inherited all the bad qualities of his parents and lacks the good ones. He is not brave, almost always he failed to lead by example but like all cowards, he is shrewd. The way a gutless and dastardly person is corrupt and hypocritical, Tareque is also a person of the similar kind of besmirched political ambitions. His political aims contain horrifying vilification and malevolence and after polluting the politics and political culture colossally, at his own hands, BNP will dwindle away.

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    Khondkar A Saleque

    Tareq is a toddler in the big fish. An insignificant person., half literate , extremely corruptand allegedly plotter of some major terrorist activities.What identity he hads other than son of a miltary autocrat and an illeterate arrogant controversial lady. In another few years no body will keep any notice of Tareq .But 7th March 971 will always remain as the brightest day of Bangladesh history for the immemorable clarion call of Bangabandhu.
    No sensible persomn should even note of what the politically disgraced people are doing.

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    This is nothing new. I was watching the Bangladesh Parliament live on Bangladesh Television. The PM delivered an eloquent speech. One of the many interesting facts she revealed was the twisted, tampered and falsified birth date of Khaleda Zia.

    It is recorded in the Pakistani Army archives and also in the red passport she used to hold as the half-educated wife of one of the most brutal and cruel dictators in history. But interestingly both the records are in complete discordance with her perverted August 15 birthdate. She was born in September 5 and 15 according to official records. This clearly reveals he corrupt immoral conscience of the sick lady.

    I was surprised to know that she had executed hanged killers Farukh and Rashid appointed as MPs in the fake parliament she imposed on the nation by rigging the elections in February, 1996. Ironically, Rashid was given the seat as leader of the opposition which has now been occupied by herself! As usual she was absent from the parliamentary proceedings.

    Therefore, Khaleda Zia as she is a habitual, perpetual patholoigical liar she will have no qualms on smearing the historic 7th of March with something that has to do with her terrorist,corrupt son. No one knows this boy better than me. Is he not the one who was thrown out of Saint Joseph High School at Mohammadpur, Dhaka by Brother Thomas Moore for flunking the annual exams in the seventies. One can only guess what awaits us if guys like him find their way into power! APOCALYPSE NOW! FOR SURE!

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    The truth of the matter is that Khaleda Zia and her sons have no qualms about lying right to our faces.

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    Taraque is a great theaf in bd. I hope you write more about him to know his crime& corouption. thanks.

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    Abdul Qader

    My only comment: In civilised countries when a political leader fails once he or she resigns from politics, but in Bangladesh’s case it is not true at all. Hence we see the faces of Khaleda and Hasina again and again and now after all proven cases of money steeling / autocratic roles, Tareque’s return is on the agenda. if Tareque gets rehabilitated in Bangladesh’s politics, all corrupted people will be encouraged and there will be no way that Bangladesh will come out of corruption whether it is politics or economy.

    The only way to prevent this is to drive away all corrupted members of BAL & alliance from the current government that will lead to build up a morale across the country and Tareque’s support will not stand. Dear Hasina take this historic step and be on the top.

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    Zafar Iqbal

    Tareq is a criminal. He is a swindler and a thief. Like mother like son. Tarek has been behind many state-sponsored assassinations that included the August grenade blast to wipe out the Awami League leadership. He has got this killing instinct from his ruthless father who used to beat Tareq and Koko mercilessly and is the man responsible for killing thousands of Bangladesh army soldiers and officers.

    I request Malayasia,Singapore, EU and the US to divulge and expose the foreign bank accounts this corrupt crook and his family and his mother holds abroad. All international crime fighting agencies should make public their evidences about Tareq’s direct link in the killing of AL leaders.

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    Rasel Pervez

    Its a matter of regret that BNP and its ally had selected 7th March as Black night, taking Tareq in to custody could not be compared as same as the sufferings of those frightened people who had lost their dear ones on 25th March 1971and onward. Such a senseless disrespect of struggle for freedom out of political hatred could not and should not be tolerated.

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