Happy Bangla Blog Day is Celebrated



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Photo: Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal is opening the Bangla Blog Day.

The first day of February, the beginning of the month in which the primary foundations of Bangladesh were launched in the year of 1952. It was the month and the day 21st of that month when our language was salvaged from the new-fangled regime’s foremost oppressive touches. It was the month and that devastating yet glorious day 21st of February, we can safely say, when the dream of Bangladesh began its journey : A dream at its infancy, a dream greatly fragile, but a great dream nonetheless.

To relate the parable again of sacrifices made by the martyrs on the 21st of February for our mother tongue seems quite redundant because it is embedded deep in our identity and entity. Hence, when in a festive mood, but also all the while keeping in mind the great loss we incurred, the bloggers community of Bangladesh celebrated the first day of February as the ‘Bangla blog day’ 2010, it should not come as a surprise, rather it seems it was meant to be.

Like many ever-persisting nightmares that follow our beloved country (such as the loud arrogant presence of the War Criminals), the selection of this day also could not remain unanimous. The bloggers are aware that another blog declared the day 19th December last year as the Bloggers’ day without exhibiting any sound reasons for doing so as that month is mainly about celebrating our victory, not really our language. Quite rightly, this call failed to gain the support of the rest of the bloggers who write in Bengali. The bloggers of ‘Amar Blog’ one of those that differed and that difference was justified in the sense that February is the month which we remember for our language, the struggle for language and it is undeniably true that Bengali Blogging is mostly about loving that language, to express one’s dreams, thoughts and frustrations in that language. ‘Amar Blog’, with the support from other Bengali online communities, felt 1st of February would fit the day most. With the opening of Boi Mela, Amar Blog bloggers also celebrated the honor of the first blog community with a stall in the national book fair ‘Ekushe Boimela’ which increased their reasons for celebration much more. And, the programme was not limited to Dhaka.

In the first part of the day highly esteemed Dr. Md, Jafar Iqbal declared ‘The Bangla Blog Day’ cutting a cake from Shahjalal University, Sylhet. The programme was rendered live via blog and cheered by bloggers. Later, in the afternoon, many of the bloggers met in the Dhaka University Campus close to ‘Boi Mela’ and celebrated the Bangla Blog Day as well as the opening day of the Book Fair. The celebrations continued till the fair was closed for the day. Live video streaming was arranged to showcase the programme online, and those who couldn’t attend and the bloggers living abroad joined the celebrations with posts and comments. A bloggers’ meet was also arranged in London near Whitechappel Art Gallery where several bloggers living in UK shared the fun. This was, indeed, the right way to start this great month.

Happy Bangla Blog Day to everyone!


E-Bangladesh is a News/Headlines service and a group blog aimed at bringing the news and analysis from Bangladesh to its readers.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    Let this be the pledge of the nation that by February 2011 Liberation war criminals and all killers and collaboratos will be tried, It is great that Bangla blog day is clebrated and a proud son of Bangladesh is in the centre stage. We NRBs feel proud of Bangladesh, Bangla. Let Bangla academy publish an aunthticaly researched history of Language movernment .Why not rename the Bangla academy cahttar as ekushey chattar.

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    কিন্তু লেখাগুলো কেন বাংলায় নয়!!

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    how to write blog in bengali font that can be seen by everybody in bengali

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    Anwar Hossan

    It’s very good news for me that Dr. Zafar Iqbal open a Blog Site. Thanks.

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    MJ Zaman

    Let me congratulate you for launching the Bangla Blog Day website.

    I am trilled after watching the spectacular ICC World Cup inaugural function @ the Bangabandhu stadium. I think Bangladesh has established herself a world class performer in arranging international events. The true history of Bangladesh and our rich culture and heritage and diversity of religion and race was beautifully depicted through it and broadcast live to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

    It also sent a message to the world that Bangladesh welcomes friends and guests from abroad. The superb video clip was true to its core.

    I think we have a bright future.

    Finally, I would request this progressive and secular government to build a cricket stadium in Cox’s Bazaar modeled in line with the ones we have in the Carribeans. We can then have one more at Inani beach in the future. That would be grandiose and attract tourists to boost our tourism and parjatan sector.

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    Congratulations! But we must not rest. The war criminals must not be allowed to derail Bangladesh’s progress by funding Islamic fundamentalists. They had done in the past with help from BNP to float criminal organisations and terrorists like JMB.

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    Arup Barua

    Bangla blog should be in bangla.Otherwise it will be testless.

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    Ferdous Sarker Sumon

    Ame bangla ke valobashe, Banglar prokete ke valobashe, Bangla Vasha ke Valobashe, tai banglai kotha bole, Bangla lekte valobashe.ame tomake amar ma ar porei jaiga diyece Bangladesh.

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    পৃথিবীর সবার কাছেই বাংলা অন্য রকম একটি ভাষা। বাংলায় একটি অনলাইন পএিকার শুভ সূচনা হল। পএিকাটি বাংলা ভাষার নতুন দুয়ার উন্মোচন করবে, প্রকাশ করবে সত্যকে, বদলে দিতে চায় বাংলাদেশকে। পএিকাটির লেখক, পাঠক এবং এর সাথে সংশ্লিষ্ট সকলের প্রতি রইল শুভ কামনা।

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    আমাদের দেশের মিডিয়াগুলো ব্যস্ত আছে রাজনিতীর মায়াজালে আবদ্ধ হয়ে কাদাছোরাছুড়িতে। সংবাদ মাধ্যগুলোর এখন প্রধান খবই হচ্ছে রাজনীতি।আর সেখানে আমরা এসেছি বাংলাদেশ, তথা বাংলাদেশের মানুষের কথা বলতে এবং শুনতে। আপনিও আমাদের সাথে যোগদিন। জানিয়ে দিন আপনার মনের গভিরে থাকা কথাগুলো যা আমাদের দেশকে নিয়ে যাবে অনেক দূর……

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