Ordinary(?) request to Tanjim Ahmed Shohel Taj

Rasel Pervez

Rasel Pervez

Tanjim Ahmed, who resigned as state minister for home, is returning on Wednesday after a seven-month stay abroad. [1]

There was wide speculation on June 1 that the Tanjim would resign. Some dailies published news stating that he had, in fact, resigned due to conflicts with his senior, Sahara Khatun, the home minister.

He left for the USA on June 9 to spend some time with his family. On July 19, News World, a Washington-based news agency, said, quoting Taj, that he had submitted his resignation before leaving Bangladesh.

But as he did not mentioned any particular reason behind this resignation, speculation ran wild, ranging from the internal feud between the factions of Awami League leaders over power sharing up to a death threat over phone by Mafia Don Daud Ibrahim, whose close associate Abdul Rauf was arrested in may.

According to AKM Shahidul Haque, Abdul Rauf came to Bangladesh to set up a network of Daud Ibrahim.[2]

Tanjim denied disclosing the reason specifically, “Ethics, philosophy and self-esteem are important to any human being.”

Now all those orphaned partisans, especially that of Kapasia Chatro League, the locals would go to the airport, although there was no arrangement as such.

But so far the people are concerned they are less bothered about who is returning after a 7 month self exile or 7 month long vacation. People is less bothered about who is assuming power or if he is in the country or away for his or her personal business. They took it for granted, once you elect some one to public office they will forget about their presence until the next election bell rings. So mostly it is those partisans, who want to show their loyalty towards the elected personal, is busy in finding a way to show their loyalty. They believe it will help them financially; they will get a lion share of that development budget that is allocated to the member of parliament of that particular constituency.

But Tanjim Ahmed, who led us with an example, was the first ever man in the parliament , resigned as a state minister because he thought ethics, self esteem is important for any person. But remaining abroad for 7 month is a negligence of his duty as a public officer.

I am hoping, again he will lead us by example by giving back all his salary as a MP to Treasury of Bangladesh as fine for neglecting his duty. It will set up an example for those elected members of parliament who have boycotted parliament meeting for nothing but taking all the benefits that is given to them as elected MPs. They should either give up their post or be responsible because people have elected them as their representative.

Dhaka city is already clogged by traffic jam and when Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh after she had received Indira Gandhi prize, this whole city literally stand still for hours. [3]

Any public reception of elected members of parliament or that of Prime minister has a heavy toll on the traffic system, so any public reception of elected members of parliaments should be banned in this city. No matter if he is a MP of governing party or he is a leader of opposition.

Home minister Sahara Khatun, airport fell in her constituency, could start this practice from home, she should ban all the public gathering or procession or any public receptions by those greedy partisan.

We are expecting another fearful day, when Tariq Zia will return home from forced exile. All of the BNP leaders and partisans will flood the city roads with procession and banners, but again I will say, this public anarchy should be stopped by any means. So we could start with Tanjim’s heroic welcome party.

DMP has the right to issue permission for public gathering, procession and meeting. They should refrain themselves from issuing any permission for this kind of public mockery and ban all the peaceful assembly near airport.

If we could ban that procession or reception by enacting that particular section forcefully have a cause ready in hand to be utilized in future.

Rasel Pervez, prominent blogger in Bangla blogsphere who is famous for his political analysis. Mr, Rasel Pervez completed his MS on Physics from the US and awaiting PHD.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    Do not forget Shohel Taj is also son of great Tajuddin Ahmed who actually led Bangladesh government in excile during those hard days of liberation war in absence of Bangabandhu .He was cornered by his opponents misguiding Bangabandhu ,.But he was commited to Bangabandhu ideas till his death in the Zail . But those who conspired aginst Tajuddin were also involved in the conspiracy of killing Bangabandhu.Some beneficiaries of those sad incidents are still active in power corridor.
    Sohel Taj is well eduacted person or self esteem. He could not compromise with the ideals he learnt from parents. Perhaps a bit emmotional. But he is lot better than many in the present cabinet.

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