BNP leadership implicated in Aug 21 pre-meditated Murders



First, a question to the journalists in Bangladesh. On August 21, 2004, 22 people died in a grenade attack at a AL meeting. The wife of the current president of Bangladesh was one of the victims. Hundreds of others, including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina were injured. But Daily Star is calling it “Aug 21 Attack on Hasina, AL Rally.” Prothom Alo calls it “২১ আগস্ট গ্রেনেড হামলা মামলা”, Amader Shomoy called it “২১ আগস্ট গ্রেনেড হামলা মামলায় লুৎফুজ্জামান বাবর গ্রেফতার”, Ittefaq sings the same tune: “২১ আগস্ট গ্রেনেড মামলায় বাবরকে গ্রেফতার দেখানো হলো”.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the 4th estate in Bangladesh, if you look at the severity of the crime, which one is higher? Is a grenade attack, or an unsuccessful attack on the PM more sensational than 22 murders? In terms of law, there is nothing worse than murder either. Then why is this clear-cut case of premeditated murder still being labeled the “Grenade attack case”?

Can you, for once, call a spade a spade, and this a murder case? Do not give us the excuse that the Police calls it a grenade attack case. Of course they do–you just reported that the then state minister for home affairs was involved in the cover up. By calling it the grenade attack case, you are still aiding and abetting the cover up.

The case related to 15th August is the “Mujib murder case”–no one calls it the 15th August shooting case. Can you journalists do the same for August 21 and help the departed get justice for their killing?

Oct 27th’s newspapers carry major news regarding this. Daily Start has, citing anonymous sources and direct review of documents implicated a major BNP figure. But like a shy village bride who dares not call her husband by his name, Daily Star leaves out this BNP big-shot and just calls him “a top Hawa Bhaban bigwig.”

Since Hawa Bhaban was not the center of power for Bangladesh Magna Khawa Shomity, perhaps Daily Star can explain why a top Hawa Bhaban bigwig is also not a BNP bigwig?

The paper rightfully points out that “investigators are not sure as yet if the hair-raising conspiracy was designed with or without the knowledge of the then prime minister Khaleda Zia.” Elsewhere, it mentions various alleged illegal activity by Tareque Rahman. If so, it would logically follow that Tareque is not the so-called bigwig, because obviously DS is not afraid of linking him to criminal activity.

So it was not Khaleda Zia, it was not Tareque. Who was it that the Star can not name him? They also did not name an apparent killer of Sheikh Mujib who is absconding from Justice. Who is this fugitive who can not be named?

Why not?

It is an otherwise damning report:

On August 14: At Hawa Bhaban — the alternative powerhouse of the BNP-led coalition government. At least nine people sat to discuss a recommendation coming from a series of meetings in the past. The Awami League was branded as the archenemy for the country and Islam, and it was recommended that its president Sheikh Hasina must die.

State minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar, deputy minister Abdus Salam Pintu, prime minister’s political secretary Harris Chowdhury, a fugitive killer of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a top Jamaat leader, two Huji founders and one leader of Al Markajul Islami found no reason to disagree. In the presence of a top Hawa Bhaban bigwig, they chose to kill.

On August 15: At the same office, the same group sat again. This time they discussed how to accomplish the mission. The fugitive killer suggested Hasina be attacked at her home, on road or at a rally. They settled for a rally, just six days away.

Now it was time they chose weapons. “Grenades are no problem,” said Babar. Earlier on April 2, 10 truckloads of smuggled arms and ammunition were seized in Chittagong and two more trucks reportedly went missing.

They decided to use grenades and rifles in the operation that was to be carried out either at Muktangon or in front of AL’s central office on Bangabandhu Avenue. The government was dithering over the permission for the rally.

The Daily Star obtained a highly privileged document in which a top accused of the grenade carnage gave some descriptions about how the killing mission had been organised. Most of the people whose names surfaced in the narration are either in jail or on the run and could not be contacted for comment.

Amazing. If even half of this can be proven in a court of law, the political landscape is going to see a major change in the next 4 years.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    22 innocent people were murdered in the braod day light in a rally of the leader of the opposition-shadow PM in the heart of the capital city by hurling Arges Grenade used in war field . Hasina narrowly escaped death.Can this happen without active involvement of praty in power? Can it happen without the knowledge Home Minister-Prime Minister? Ausgust 21 st carnage must be investiagted properly. Media must have the courage to tell the truth. There is nothing called half truth. Why Daily Star after extensive investigation could not uncover the name of Hawa Bhaban Bigwig, fugitive Bangabandhu killer? Do you think the lives of 22 kille were less precious ?
    I must thank Shadakalo to raise very pertinent querries here. We hope nation will witness justice here. Scotland Yard and FBI officials who were mobiligised may also be source of additional information. Whip Babar , he will tell the truth . If neceassry Tareque an even Khaleda should be taken on remand.

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    You cannont be more right. Are you suggesting that BDR incident couldn’t have happened without the knowledge of Home Minister-Prime MInister? Perhaps it could have without their knowledge.

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    This was clearly an act of state-sponsored terrorism. Babar should give a confessional statement if he wants to save his skin. I am sure Tareq and many others inside the BNP-Jamaat alliance government were involved.

    With what we are hearing about the notorious activities of former DFI, NSI bosses it is now clear that these agencies were behind all attempts since 1975 to destroy the Awami League at the instruction of war criminals and Jamaatis.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    Mr Awal Mahajote formed Government in January 09.BDR incident happened within few weeks of forming Government to destabilise the country and create challenges for new government.
    PM Hasina’s cool actions saved further damage. It was an intelligence failure no dought- failure of Army Command as well.BDR command also failed to anticipate the massacare.
    Let judicairy process uncover killers. If found guilty none should be spared.We condemn all killings and demand punishment of killers and conspirators.

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    Irfan Syed Ahmad

    It is now crystal clear that a faction of the Bangladesh Army within its DFI wing are actively engaged in a 1975 like conspiracy to topple the Awami League government. These killer assassins have connections with the ISI of Pakistan, some foreign Arab countries and the absconding self-confessed assassins of Bangabandhu hiding in Pakistan.

    All these plotters inside the Bangladesh Army should be court martialed and the fugitive offiers immediately nabbed. These killers were also behind the BDR massacre.

    The Awami League should immediately seek international assistance to track down these killers having ties with the Taliban and the dreaded ISI of Pakistan.

    The government should also move Khaleda Zia out of Cantonment as she is definitely behind this plot. She is desperate to hide her son and many former BNP minister`s involvement in the August 17 grenade attack against Hasina.

    These same officers along with fugitive generals hiding in the US were directly involved in the assassination plot against Hasina.

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    Frankie Jones

    Pakistan is a glaring example of terrorism bred by the intelligence apparatus of any underdeveloped country. The ISI’s excesses have taken Pakistan to the brink of total fragmentation. Pakistan is a failed state which will be torn into pieces. Pakistan is now a haven for the worst criminals and terrorists from all over the world.

    The assassins of Sheikh Mujib have also blended with the ISI terrorists involved in anti-US operations.

    Bangladesh’s DFI follows the Pakistani ISI model and have been used to introduce radical fanatic terrorist Islam in Bangladesh since August 1975.

    It is time that US and other global powers defang and disband it to prevent reemergence of another demon ISI in the former East Pakistan. Otherwise, after Pakistan’s imminent destruction ISI’s clone in Bangladesh will continue to wreak havoc in the civilized world.

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    The involvement of a number of children & close relatives of the killers of BongoBondhu Sheikh Mujib is indeed a matter of concern. Reports that they were also on ISI and Islamic extremist payrolls is noteworthy.

    I believe that we should learn from this incident and keep track of the whereabouts and activities of the children and close relatives of the War Criminals too.

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