Why, Madam Home Minister?



You are not Ershad’s home minister. You are not the head of some thuggish student movement. You are not the caretaker government that sent the Army to Dhaka University and faught with the students.

You are the home minister of a democratically elected government. You have personally faced the business end of a police baton, and know what it feels like.

Then why does the police force that takes orders from you behave like this?

Police club activists of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, Image by Adnan, DRIK News
Police club activists of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, Image by Adnan, DRIK News

By all reports, the police attacked a peaceful procession of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports. No one threw a brick to provoke the police. But now 70 members are injured, and Prof. Anu Muhammad, a professor at Jahangir Nagar University, has fractures in both legs.

The government has issued a very nuanced apology, calling the clash ‘unexpected and sad’ and promised legal action against the cops if they were to be found guilty of having overstepped their limits.

Madam home minister, the apology is a goodwill gesture and makes a nice change from the previous tactic of outright denial, but if you expect us to believe that the police acted without specific order from its chain of command including the home ministry, you have to try better next time because we are not buying it.

Every time something like this happens, regardless of the party in power, the apologists come out and label this as a conspiracy against the government. Sometimes they even see the fingerprint of foreign agents.

Lets not complicate things by looking at conspiracies. I mean, isn’t it as simple as calling the officer in charge and asking him who gave him the order (or clearance) to physically assault the procession? Then find that superior officer, ask him the same question, and repeat until you find the guilty party. Then decide if it was a conspiracy or not.

You may or may not be personally involved, but you can not escape responsibility for police actions like this. For democracy’s sake, please clean it up. Or Resign.


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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    It is not accpetable in a democratic society that police will beat University teachers or common citizens in the streets for voicing their opinion aginst government policy.We may all differ with what OGPPC is doing. But they have right to say what they feel.They should have been allowed to rally peacefully . There were no reason for police to be agreessive. .Mrs Shahara Kahtun, you faced similiar actions when you agitated aginst Jamat posioned 4party government.But that was a brute government , that was asavagery.
    From recent police excesses it apperas that You are gradually losing control on the police. Your deputy Sohel Taj resigned for some reasons. Did you try to know from him? Some police persons are still on job who are creating situation to tarnish your image governments image.Please find them out. One of the reason of Sohel Taj resign was wholesale posting of corrupt OCs from different places of the country to Dhaka on recommendations of some party heavy weight. Mrs Home minister check them and act quick before it is too late.

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    S M HAfizur Rhaman

    I am S M Hafizur Rahman 21, Khan-A-Sabur Road, Khulna 1st I start the activities with Bangladesh police and RAB to eradicate terrorism and corruption and I 1st raised a case against X mayor of Khulna city corporation the great corrupted person and the god father of terror. I many times write many letters to the government but no action has been taken , so I am now in danger, I want the help of security force.
    Mobile-01715031467 Tp-041-720074 E-mail hafizkng873@yahoo.com

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