15th August and Khaleda Zia’s birthday



BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. Photo by W Hasan, DRIK News
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. Photo by W Hasan, DRIK News

Dear Mrs. Zia:

We hailed your kind gesture when you paid your respects to Dr. Wazed Miah by visiting Sheikh Hasina’s residence.

Even though you enabled and encouraged the criminal acts of your sons, we could live with that. There are charges of corruption against yourself, and given what the other politicians do, we are not singling you out for that.

But what kind of petty, vengeful and moronic thought-process led you to agree to start observing your birthday on August 15–the day that Bongobondhu was murdered?

We know leaders of your stature are surrounded by idiots; that is not unique to your party. But you are a leader. By definition, you should lead, not blindly follow any and all advice given to you by those who are supposed to follow you.

Shifting your birthday to the death-anniversary of the father of your political opponent was down-right mean spirited. When the dead person in question is the father of the nation, your transgression crossed the line of civility and entered the territory of questioning the history of the nation.

We know; we know; the declarer of independence is still not resolved.

So you continue to insult Bongobondhu’s memory by observing your birthday on August 15? Do you realize that in effect, you are lying to the whole nation?

Rise above this pettiness. If you are incapable of admitting your mistake, at least stop doing this. People will forget, and they might forgive, too.

One day, we all will be dead. Don’t let the next generation read about your idiocy in the history books when your time comes.


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    Despicable as it but her celebrating her fictitous birthday on Aug 15 should be scrupulously ignored. The lady thrives on attention. if she is consistently ignored it will be no fun for her

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    She should be rated the way her husband valued her.My only question to her is whether Bangabandhu had any role in keeping her conjugal life intact with fatherly intervention when Zia was very annoyed with her for not sharing his agonies during tle liberation war.
    Histrory will definitely curse her for the idiocity of choosing 15 th August as her birthday celebration.Perhaps she was born several times in that year.Crazy indeed.

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