Gen. Moeen’s last act: Disciplinary action against some army officers



Amader Shomoy reported this two days ago, but it was strangely absent from any other newspaper in Bangladesh. As a result, we were waiting for some confirmation before reporting it.

If you heard the audio of the Shenakunjo meeting, you know that some officers behave like rowdy school children. We have also heard eye-witness reports of young officers manhandling Gen. Moeen, ripping out his insignia and epulates (not just their own, as reported above). But the absolute last straw was the recordings made during the meeting, which were then uploaded to various Internet sites, including YouTube.

We now have confirmation that Gen. Moeen, on his last day of work, signed the order that expelled some of the officers involved from the Army. President Zillur Rahman, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, approved the dismissals the next day. While the exact number is unknown, one source puts the number of officers at under 15, with ranks ranging from captain to at least one full colonel.

This is pretty significant. But what does this mean for Bangladesh?

On a short-term, Gen. Mubin inherited an Army free of known troublemakers, and the government showed some backbone here. But this was not done automatically. Throwing out an Army officer out of the Army requires due process, better known as a Court Martial. If court martials did take place, why is the government afraid to show to the nation and the world that the civilian elected government governs the Army and not the opposite? Why does this have to be done stelthily?

Lastly, what are the newspapers still afraid of? Come on, boys, grow some backbone, and report this properly.


J @ Shada Kalo [] writes using a pseudonym and is best known for exposing government, military, corporate foul plays through whistle-blowing investigative reports.

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    Engr Khondkar Abdus Saleque( Sufi)

    It is definitely a significant event .Government is yet to set up trial process of the killers of Army officers and Februray Massacare in Peelkhana
    BDR headquarter. But some colleagues of unfortunate victims of that deplorable incident are disciplined.
    We do not support the indiscipline and excesses of those officers. it was not correct to show disrespect to Elected Prime Minister at Darbar when she went there to listen to their grievances. They also did a crime to let the video of conversation on You-tube. If idenfied they should have been disciplined in proper manner . All actions of democratic government must be transparent . Why our courageous Newspaper editors are silent?

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    Shiblee Ahmed

    I wonder why everyone here is condoning the ousting of the Army officers…? Granted they were fairly ’emotional’ dealing with the PM at the cantonment meeting; but has anyone considered their state of mind losing their colleagues?

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    plz stop stupid journalism…..u stupid journalists..u may be an animal.but the army officers are not.The emotional outburst they showed that day is very natural for any human being…….

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    e-bangladesh …ur journalism like all others are anti-military therefore anti-nation…. death of 57 officers’ requires n calls for an armed reaction not just shouting or ripping of ranks…. army officers perhaps defence officers of bangladesh are your brothers n sisters, father or mother….they are ur cousins or relatives not someone picked up from africa n dropped here…not asking for sympathy from u after this incident coz believe me ppl with arms dont need that…rather looking for a smarter approach from your side for ur better future…ur journalism towards the defence forces is hereby noted n will be given with due share when the time is right n u shall never rise ur treacherous head against this great nation… a promise to you from a shodeshi

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