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BBC Bengali service has covered the crackdown on internet users in Bangladesh with 3 interviews. BBC has confirmed that Bangladeshi authorities are compiling a database of internet users in the country and all the ISPs [Internet Service Provider] have been instructed to submit their client details: name, address, usage details. We attach audio clips of these interviews. Considering the public interest on the story, Rezwan has translated rush transcripts/excerpts of the BBC Bengali coverage.


BBC Bengali, Parikrama, October 4:

Bangladesh Telecommunication regulatory commission [BTRC] has taken some measures to regulate internet usage [in the country] after a meeting with the Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh [ISPA]. BTRC has attempted to create a database profiling the internet users in Bangladesh.

ISPA general secretary Russell T Ahmed tells BBC Bengali: “The most important thing is security. You know that people are threatening with emails, using email for various things. If these are not controlled from a central point you cannot trace them. The whole thing is to establish a control mechanism. We ISPs have corporate clients as well as individual clients. They [BTRC] have expected the details of these clients from us. How much bandwidth they use, what are their IPs, what are their usage patterns? These are basically the requirements from us. What we can fathom is that this is to monitor and prevent people from doing anything outside the legal boundary with bandwidth purchased from ISPs.

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    I wonder why Bangladeshi media is not picking up the story. Are they not concerned about it or something else has been keeping them?

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    Bangladesh is being captive in the hands of a few people — not a single one of whom are elected by the people. It is indeed very ominous for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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    Bangla Forum

    Yes. I like the way you are thinking. I also used to think like that.

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    Razaie Rafin Sarker

    Well, it is better to enhance security on Internet, it ll give internet more reliable way of communication that is becoming the indispensable of countries like Bangladesh.

    it is eventual ISP’s have their subscriber’s basic data becoz users are not using internet in empty air. Any time any one can find anybody’s history on the softwares.

    So what is really problem getting somebody’s history from an ISP. And why BTRC is so loudly seeking this, do they want ISP’s to send them a hard copy.

    In which country or in the world which IP can not be tracked. however ow hother countries do that ?

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