EC asks for list of war criminals

Tasneem Khalil

Tasneem Khalil

[Dhaka Correspondent] Election Commission has asked the political parties to produce a list of war criminals who were convicted by court before raising demand for disqualifying them from contesting polls.

“You are demanding that war criminals should be barred from contesting polls. That they should not be allowed to register as voters. But we have so far received no list of persons who were convicted of war crimes. If you have a list of the convicted persons, produce it when raising such demands. It will help us,” election commissioner M Sakhawat Hussain told the Jatiya Party (Manju) delegation at a dialog on electoral laws reforms.

JP secretary general Sheikh Shahidul Islam at the dialogue with the EC proposed that the commission should disenfranchise the war criminals of 1971, collaborators of the Pakistani occupation forces and those who had committed crime against humanity. Asked if they alluded to the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, he said they were not speaking about any particular party.

EC’s meeting with JP faction led by Anwar Hussain Manju was the fourth in a series of dialogs with political parties to finalize the draft of the electoral reform proposals before the parliamentary elections expected by the end of 2008.

Sheikh Shahidul Islam led a 11-member delegation of the JP faction. CEC ATM Shamsul Huda chaired the dialog. Election Commissioners M Sohul Hussain and M Sakhawat Hussain were present.

JP leaders tabled a 14-point charter of demands which included call for declaring terrorists and war criminals ineligible for the polls. JP team lent support to the EC proposal for 33 per cent female representation on political party committees and disbanding parties’ student fronts. JP supported the proposal for making registration of the political parties mandatory, but suggested that a separate law should be made for it rather than incorporating it in the Representation of People Order (RPO).

JP opposed the EC proposal for putting a ceiling on electoral expenditure. They urged EC to direct the candidates to deposit a fixed amount of money with the commission and spend the fund for campaign.

The leaders of JP, while chief Anwar Hossain Manju lives in undeclared exile in US, also suggested recognition of the registered political parties and their leaders at the state level.

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    Bangla Conscience Forgetusnot1971

    Everything is well documented. There were attempts after 1975 to wipe out the last remains of 1971 war crimes and genocide. But the list has survived the wear and tear of time! History cannot be erased. Crimes do not go unpunished. It takes time but it surely is meted out by the hand of the unseen.

    Sheikh Mujib never pardoned the killers and rapists of 1971. Most of them were put in jail while formal war crimes trial proceedings were being prepared. It was Ziaur Rahman who released all the accused killers and inducted a host of war criminals in his cabinet. He granted citizenship to the worst war criminal in history Golam Azam. Zia’s widow and son has also kept the tradition going.

    The politics of harboring assassins of Sheikh Mujib here and abroad by successive regimes and harboring destinations including the current one and exploitation of the aforesaid and the unresolved 1971 war crimes trial issue by national and international key players will keep us distracted from addressing major national concerns like coal, oil and gas and energy issues collectively.

    I wonder who was the chief justice of the supreme court at that time when this heinous crime of granting citizenship to a Saudi Arabia resident war criminal was committed on part of the nation slapping the face of the nation with the bloodied boots of the killers at Boddhobhumi on December 14, 1971?

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